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Radio And Gender Equality


From Martin Hadlow:

“She enters the radio field feeling that there is a great chance for her to show the world at large that no science or business is too complex for the feminine ambition.”*

(Radio World magazine, 1922)

History records that, from the very advent of radio, women have had a strong involvement in the development of the medium. When Reginald Fessenden made what is recognized as probably the first wireless broadcast of music and voice in December, 1906, his wife and her best friend were key partners in the event. Reports from the time indicate that, apart from the transmission of the inventor’s own violin performance and a recording of Handel’s Largo, this ground-breaking radio broadcast also included the voices of Helen Fessenden and her friend singing Christmas songs.

DW Makes Major Changes

Deutsch: Deutsche Welle in Köln.Eingang zum eh...

DW Cologne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Martin Hadlow via the DX Dialog reflector, reports from the ABU conference that DW has announced major changes to increase global reach.

More on this story from the ABU website.

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Shortwave Remains Essential – ABU


From Martin Hadlow reporting on the DX Dialog reflector:

The 10th global High Frequency Coordination Conference (HFCC) with the  Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU) and the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) 20-24th January 2014 meeting reported that shortwave will continue to be an important part of international broadcasting.

The story in detail is available on the ABU website.


Apps For SWLs


Thanks to the good folk at the Southgate Amateur Radio Club, apps (programs) for hams and SWLs are available:


The best Amateur Radio and shortwave apps for iOS and Android smart phones

Advances in technology have always gone hand-in-hand with our radio hobby – indeed, in many cases, those advances originated with our hobby.

Because of this, it should comes as no surprise that in a world where we are rapidly replacing home computing with mobile computing, radio hobbies are “app-ly” supported in the the mobile realm.

Check out our extensive list of Ham Radio apps:

Veteran SIBC Chief Passes Away

DXers who have previously QSLd the SIBC in Honiara, Solomon Islands will be saddened to learn of the passing of one of the organization’s most prominent announcers.
Patteson Mae died on Saturday at his home on Gela in the Central Province. Patteson joined the Government Information Service in 1972 and transferred to the SIBS and, later, SIBC. He rose from the position of announcer to General Manager of the SIBC and left the organization in 1993.
The “Solomon Star’ newspaper printed this story today:
A veteran broadcaster and provincial politician has died at his home village in Central Province on Saturday. Patteson Mae passed on after a long battle with diabetes and heart problem.

Mae started his career as a broadcaster with the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation in the late 70s. He went to become the station’s general manager in its later years.  While heading the station, he was elected president of the Fiji-based Pacific Islands New Association (PINA) for a term.

Eton Announces Additions to SW Receiver Range


Eton Corporation has released four new SW radios, the Field, Mini, Traveller III and Satellite  were previewed at the Las Vegas CES show. Details can be found on Eton’s website.

WRMI Joins The Big Boys Club

wrmiThis article from Radio World takes a look at WRMI’s transition from a bit-player to a substantial broadcaster. Just hope we don’t end up with another defacto “radio station” that is really just a carrier for anyone who cares to pay to have their opinion aired.