From the Ellesmere Guardian, Volume XLVI, Issue 3222, 25 May 1928, Page 6.

The owners of two two-valve sets have sent in the following reports. One uses a model A Geeophone 2-valve one radio and detector, and the other a model B set of the same make. The user of the model A set has had the following stations, all at excellent phone strength: 2FC, 2BL Sydney, 4QG Brisbane, 3LO, 3AR Melbourne, IYA, 3YA, 4YA, 2YA and 3ZC, New Zealand. The greatest volume of the above stations was received from 2FC which at times worked the small speaker in use quite well. The user of the model B set, whose aerial is only 10 to 12ft. from the ground, has received the same stations as the user of the model A set. The owner of this set has made a set of short wave coils and by various alterations and placing of coils, quite successful reception of short-wave stations has been obtained. Many morse stations have been heard, as well as 3AU and 3AJ Rangiora, whose phone tests have been heard at excellent phone strength several times during the last few days.