How Shortwave Looked in 1929


The Radio Listener’s Log 1929 -1930

 Short-Wave Stations of the World in Telephony

Mr. F. W. SELLENS has compiled tile following very complete list of overseas stations. The majority of stations are not audible in New Zealand except under the best conditions, but it has been thought advisable to include all as a check for any reader being lucky enough to log one of the weaker ones. This list is brought up to date; it includes a number of new stations, also old stations with new call signs. It is very difficult to obtain reliable data. The following stations with their schedules where given are the result of searching through English and Foreign periodicals, information from correspondents, and personal observation and checking.

The times given are based on standard time in the various countries, all shown in New Zealand mean time. Summer time is observed in United States and Great Britain during the summer months and allowance must be made for that period.

Abbreviations :

M., Monday; T., Tuesday; W., Wednesday; Th., Thursday ; F., Friday; S., Saturday ; Sun., Sunday.


Note that the time schedules have not been included as they are too difficult to scan and edit.


Call Metres Location Schedule—New Zealand Time

6WF 104.5 Perth, W. Australia. Most evenings from 11.30 p.m.

Call Metres Location
6WF 104.5 Perth. W. Australia.
EH9XD 85 Zurich (Radio Club)
F8AV 80 Nogent-sur Seine
RFM 70 Khabarovsk
WBZ 70 Springfield, Mass.
0HK2 70 Vienna
AFK 67.65 Doberitz
6XAL 66.04 Los Angeles (Cal.)
8X F 66.04 Ohio, Cleveland
2XBA 65.18 Newmarket (N.J.) S.W. of WAAM
KFBC 65.18 San Diego (Cal.)
WABC 64 Richmond Hill, N.Y.
KDKA 62.5 East Pittsburgh
6XAr 62 San Francisco, Cal.
9XU 61.06 Council Bluffs (Iowa)
F8GC 61 Paris (Radio L.L.)
3XL 59.86 Bound Brook (N.J.)
2XE 58.5 New York City; relays WABC
AGJ 56.7 Nauen
8XJ 54.02 Columbus, Ohio
2XBH 54.02 Brooklyn (N.Y.)
WCGV 54 Brooklyn, N.Y.
7XAO 53.54 Portland (Oregon)
WLW 52.02 Cincinnati, Ohio
AFL 51 Bergedorf, Germany
SAJ 50 Karlsborg, Sweden
RFM 50 Moscow
  44.4 Vienna
XC51 44 San Lazaro. Mexico
IMI 43.5 Rome (Italy)
EAR110  43  Madrid
8KR 42.8 Constantine (Tunis)
6AG 41.7 Perth, West. Aust.
YR 40.2 Lyon (Rhone)
Radio Vitus  40  
DOR 40 Nauen, Germany
FC L 38.8 Kootwijk (Holland
AFK 37.65 Doberitz
JHBB 37.5 Ibarahiken (Japan)
  37 Radio Vitus
EATH 37 Vienna
3BB 35 Sourabaya, Dutch East Indies
7LO 33.5 Nairobi, Kenya
2NM   Catterham, England (Gerald Marcuse)
2BL 32.5 Sydney, Aust.
7MK 32.5 Copenhagen
FL 32.5 Paris, Eiffel Tower
EH9XD 32 Zurich (Radio Club)
3LO 32 Melbourne
EH9OC 32 Berne, Switzerland
8XAO 32 Detroit, Mich.
4XD 31.43 Nashville, Tenn. (S. Wave WSM)
2FC 31.28 Sydney, Aust.
LGN 31.25 Bergen
PCJ 31.4 Hilversum, Holland
2XAF 31.4 Schenectady, N.Y.
2XAL 30.91 New York (S. Wave WRNY)
  30.75 Agen
EAM 30.7 Madrid
LGM 30 Bergen, Norway
  30 Posen (Poland)
2ME 28.5 Sydney
PLR 27.8 Java
8XK 27 Pittsburgh
2XAG 29.92 New York
DHC 20.2 Nauen, Germany
W8XK 25.4 (KDKA Short-Wave)
CJRX 25.53 Winnipeg
5SW 25.5 Chelmsford, England
FW 24.5 St. Assise, France
W6XN 23.35 Oakland (Calif.) (S.W. of KGO)
2XAA 22.99 Houlton, Maine
W6G 22.83 Oakland, California
WOWO  22.8  Fort Wayne (Indiana)
  22.2 Vienna
2XE 22.1 Richmond Hill, N.Y. (SW. of WABC)
2XO 21.96 Schenectady (N.Y.)
2XAD 19.5 Schenectady (N.Y.)
  19 Lyngby (Denmark)
PCL 18.4 Kootwijk, Holland
PLG 18.88 Java
PLF 17.4 Java
AGC 17.2 Nauen
PHOHI 16.88 Huizen, Holland
PCK 16.3 Kootwjk (Holland)
2XG 16.02 Rocky Point, Long Is.
ANE 15.93 Bandoeng, Java (Radio, Malabar)
PLE 15.75 Java
  15.5 Nancy, France
LSV 15.8 Monte Grande, Chile

Many thanks to Bill Marsh for preparing this article.