1937 Southland DX Magazine


December 14 1937


On Tuesday, November 16 we journeyed out to Riverton again and held another meeting which was a success. Only one car was needed and all who went voted it a great night. After the general business had been attended to, a general “pow-wow” took place until supper and time to leave for home. Our sincere thanks to Roy and Mrs. Cloughley for their excellent supper and kindness in allowing us the use of the room. It was a terrible night as regards weather – it rained all the way there and back.

Another pleasant surprise was the visit of 246W, (Bill Gowen, of Wanganui). Mac and Bob did the honours and when I saw them at Bluff, I don’t think Bill could find any fault with them as hosts. It was a pity he could not have stayed and so enjoyed one of our meetings, but he told me duty called him elsewhere. I hope you arrived safely and will be down this way again soon, Bill.

I would like to remind all members that the competitions close on December 31, and all veries must be sent or handed in by January 5, 1938.


Mrs. Brighton has been hearing a lot of static lately, and has only 2QN, 2GF and 3LK away. Veries back are 2RG, 4MB and VK2BQ.

Jack (62S) has received back KNX, KFBK, 2TM, 2HD, 2LM, 4BH, 2UE and 2NZ. His reports away are Moscow, COCQ, and KZRM. An S.W. verie to hand is W2XE. You are doing fine, Jack.

Charlie Lockley, a new member, has reports away to WJR, WBBM, KNX, KGU, KFI, ZJV, WMAQ, WOR, WEAF, XENT, WLW, XELO, KFI (special), 2BS, 2AY, 2GN and VK’s 2ZO and 2BQ. Keep this up, Chas., and you will be giving Reg. a run for the cup.

Reg, has another list here, and as he is going to do a bit of fishing now I suppose he will give DX a spell for a while. His list of reports out are to: WJR, WMAQ, XELO, WOR, XENT, KOL, KFPY, WWJ and KWJJ. His veries back are: WOAI, KGER, KOMO, KJR., KXBY, WHO, KVOO, WCCO and WBT. I hope you get the same results when fishing, Reg.!

B. Johnstone, our Riverton member, has been busy at the dials with reports away to VK3KR, 3ZM, 2TM, 3SR, KZRM, VK3PE. and SW., CO2WZ, KGNZQ, LU5CZ, CE3AI. HC1FG, F3JD, OA4AI, G8MX, K6BNR, K6OQE and W2COQ. Veries back: 2LN, 2GN, 2NZ, 3SR and SW. HK1Z. Very good, O.M.

Roy has back 2KA, 2HR, 41P, 5SE and 2AY. Stop making good wine Roy, and set to work on the dials!

Bob, our president, has been excelling himself in reporting to: WWJ, VK5AI, 5TR, VK6WS; SW., KA1AP, CO7CX, VE2LA and XE2AH. He has back 2PK, 2HR, 6WB and VPB. Very good, Bob.

Bill H. has only 2MW away.

Max has been doing some S.W. dxing and has back OLR4A, RNE, W8XAL, DJD, and DJC. Keep going, Max, they all count.

Merv. (“ Southlander “) has been very busy indeed. Reports out to KEHE, KGNC, WTCN, KIRO, XERA, JBCK, JFAK, 2KM, 5AN, 2BE and 2NW. He has received back 2XL, 6WA, 6GE, 4LG, 2PK, 4PM (2), KOY, JOTK, and VK2XU.

As this is the last issue of the ‘Times’ before Christmas, I take this opportunity of wishing all members of the New Zealand DX Club the compliments of the season and may 1938 bring in some good catches – C. F. Ludlow (187S.).