1957 Christchurch

February 16 and 17 saw Dxers from Invercargill (A. Cushen, D.Frampton,
D. Howie, B.Thomson), Dunedin (H. Barrowclough, D. Lynn, K. Mackey, F. McKenzie, F. Wilson), and Nelson (D. Pollard) join with Christchurch members
at the 3rd annual convention, 22 being the full attendance. On the Saturdav morning there was a delightful tour by bus of Cashmere Hills and the
adjacent bays. At 2.50 p.m. Don Reed’s was the venue and Capt. Chandler,
OWC. SD Sigs., Burnham, the guest speaker. He recounted his experiences
during a recent duty visit to McMurdo Sound as well as much informative
wireless data about his 10 years as radio officer for BOAC. League President
Ken Mackey spoke on DX past and present and played a tape of recent 250w
listening. A language quiz was played by Arthur Cushen who had 15 main
languages taped, and conventionites tried their skill at identification. He
also had on tape Merv Branks recent DX interview over 4YZ and a DX discussion of Arthur’s over Radio Switzerland. Don Reed compered a marathon
quiz of 93 questions and this was won by A. Cushen who was presented with
an engraved ash tray. After 7p.m. the group split. several traveling to
Maurice Enrights and the balance at Don Reed’s where many sets were put
in action; broadcast DX was poor but the SW fans added a few. At 2.30 a.m.
a gathering at M. Enrights heard little BC Dx but the short-wavers were
more fortunate, Harold Barrowclough adding six stations for six new countries; The Southlanders departed for the long journey home at 8.0 a.m.
Sunday and the convention was continued at 10.0 a.m. The visitors were full
of appreciation for the fine job of organizing and for the hospitality of
the Canterbury branch. Congratulations to all concerned for an excellent

(From the Peter Grenfell DX Times collection)