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The BBG Must Be Where the Audience Is Listening

bbgThe Radio World is carrying this interesting comment piece from the chair of the Broadcasting Bureau of Governors, Matthew Armstrong. He explains how they have surmised the needs of shortwave in target markets and hints at further reductions or transitions to other media.

Radio In Russia – Historical Article

Dmitry Mezin

Many thanks to Russian DXer Dmitry Mezin for this article. It was originally compiled for Italian magazine Radiorama and appeared in Italian translation for the January, 2001 edition.


Shortwave Scene’s 30th Anniversary

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“The Shortwave Scene” was a monthly column in the Electronics Australia magazine. Here, Arthur Cushen takes a look back at the first 30 years.

WARC 1984 Article

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Here is an article written by Arthur Cushen in the “Shortwave Scene” column of Electronics Australia, October 1983, previewing the 1984 World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC).