NZ AM & FM Station Lists – 3rd October 2022

Thanks to David Kaio, updated listings of New Zealand FM and AM stations have been produced for the DX fraternity. In each case there is a listing in frequency order and a separate listing in regional order.

These lists are derived from the broadcast licences listed on the Register of Radio Frequencies.  All current licences are included, so if a station is not currently on air (e.g. 837 RNZ National Kaitaia) the Programme name is left empty.  Likewise for frequencies to be offered at auction that have not yet been won, or licences purchased but yet to commence operation.

The term “N/C” in the Notes means ‘no carrier’ at the date recorded

The FM listings include LPFM relays operated by full-time public and commercial operators, but not other local LPFM stations.

The powers listed are derived from the licensed EIRP – the effective maximum power radiated from the antenna, allowing for antenna efficiency and any gain from antenna design or directionality. In the case of AM stations this can be different to the transmitter power as published elsewhere.

So, you are now equipped for the upcoming FM DX season – please report any long distance or unusual FM receptions over the summer to the NZ DX Times.  And if you have any updates to these lists, please also let us know in the Comments box below.

NZ FM by region – October 2022

NZ AM by region – October 2022

NZ FM by frequency – October 2022

NZ AM by frequency – October 2022

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