Ivan Kilroy – A Profile

Taken from the pages of the February 1955 DX Times:

Ivan L. Kilroy, 55 Keppel Street, Christchurch, although one of our newer members, is making his presence felt in the League. Ivan started DXing just over a year ago when he sent reports to 3ZB and 3DB on Broadcast and to KCBR5 and ZJV3 on Shortwave. At the same time he joined up with the League and since commencement of the Canterbury Branch he has filled the very important position of Branch Secretary. Being a Secretary is nothing new to Ivan as he is also Secretary-Treasurer of the New Brighton Cricket Club. This is a fairly comprehensive job which causes some interference with his hobby of DXing. Hist first verification of importance was KFI, whilst his best to date are KSL, XERF and ORU4. He is interested in both Broadcast and Shortwave, having 71 B/C and 27 S.W. verifications to hand. To catch these he uses a 7 tube dual-wave Philips at the receiving end of a 100 ft antenna strung between two poles 35ft, above ground and a 40 ft feeder wire. Ivan was born in Christchurch 20 years ago, and resided there ever since., is 5ft 10 inches tall, weighs 12st 5lb, has dark hair and brown eyes. He is a keen active cricketer, and an active member of the New Brighton Surf Life Saving Club.  On Saturday evenings he absents himself from his set as he is M.C. at the New Brighton R.S.A. Dance each week. During the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. when there is little DX about and no calls for secretarial duties, he follows the occupation of electrician. Ivan claims his DX ambition is a straight-forward one – “To get more and better verifications”. Needless to say, Ivan is still single. Thinking back to that anonymous person who left his mark chalked on walls, garage doors and other convenient and prominent places, it is quite apparent that KILROY not only WAS HERE but IS HERE and with his experience in Secretarial matters and his growing experience in DX, Ivan will surely leave an ineradicable mark on the Portals of the League’s Doorway to Success.