Jack Reddan – Profile

This profile was scanned from the March 1953 DX Times:

John Francis Reddan lives at 6 Foyle Street, Oamaru, and is a postman by choice delivering his own verifications. At the age of 17 he is 5ft 9 and a half in tall, weighs 11 stone 10lbs, and has brown eyes and black hair.. He became interested in DX at the end of 1951 when he saw the attractive cards from other countries and became keen about both broadcast and  shortwave DX, his first verifications being New Zealanders with TGWA his first overseas thrill. Since than he has among his collection CRL2A, Budapest, CKCK, WCOS and YVNG. He started on one and two valve receivers and now uses an Ultimate 6-tube. He has two serials joined by a stranded wire , a 30ft N.S. under an 80ft N.E-S.W., he prefers the broadcast band and his DX ambition is Iceland (hope you don’t get a cold reception). He thinks that ORL2A Prague Czechoslovakia is his best verification out of a total of 165 on broadcast and 62 on shortwave with 1 ham. Born in Oamaru John has only lived there and in the country districts (Hallo Don!) since he joined the NZRDXL at the end of 1951. He is also a member of the Aero Power Club. For a young member John is doing very well and he is prominent in branch competitions while he sends regular notes to THE TIMES” and that’s what we like to see.