(Extract from “Waikato Independent) Hutt News, Volume 10, Issue 9, 29 July 1936, Page 5.

Congratulations from all quarters have been showered on Mr. J. L. Sullivan, of Cambridge, for his achievement in gaining the world record for radio reception in the championship orgained by the International DX Alliance for the largest number of verifications between October 1934 and August 1935, of wireless stations more than 2000 miles distant (excluding Australia).

The trophy arrived in Cambridge on Tuesday, and has been grately admired by all who have seen it. Modelled in gold and silver, it stands 3ft 6in. high and is a flue example of craftsmanship.

The base is a solid silver engraved octagon, from which rise four 24ct. gold pillars bearing a large silver globe on which the countries of the world are shown in relief. Surmounting the globe is a 24ct. gold classical figure, bearing in its upstretched hand a laurel wreath. The trophy will later be on view in Cambridge.

The Trophy was manufactured by Randolph Hunt, a goldsmith of Illinois, U.S.A., who presented it to the International DX-ers Association, the headquarters of the world radio contest being in that city. Mr. Sullivan has won the trophy outright.

Logged 253 Stations.

To win the world championship Mr Sullivan logged 253 stations on the broadcast band, and points being awarded for locality, he secured 8841. The second competitor from Canada secured’ 7247 points.

One of the greatest feats of Mr Sullivan’s list was picking up the 100- watt station CHSJ at St. John (New Brunswick), a distance of 10,000 miles. Other difficult stations that were secured were several of the 100-watt Chinese stations.

The 232 outside verifications obtained were made up as follows:— European 39, Canadian 22, Eastern 26, American and elsewhere 166. Apart from the contest Mr Sullivan has a total record of 572 verifications, Australia and New Zealand included, and all have been obtained with an Air-zone 6-valve radio on the broadcast band only.

Two Other Records.

Mr. Sullivan already holds two other world records. One is for the most European stations on the broadcast band’ (61) and the other for the most European countries received on the broadcast band (39). This latest achievement has added a wonderful example of the advancement of wireless.

The name “Airzone” has been associated with the manufacture of radio goods almost from the inception of modern radio manufacturing within the British Empire, and it is, therefore, one of the oldest names. This is particularly true with respect to British Dominion manufactures.

The Airzone Company produces one line of receivers and one only and it is trade named as such. The company will not. make chasses for other firms to market under varying names.

The local distribution of this quality receiver has been entrusted to Mr. J. R. Hayes who will be pleased to show clients the wonderful range of Airzone Models. Showrooms are at McConnell’s Ltd., High Street, The Home of Airzone. Phone 63-408. —P.B.A.

Note:  RA190 — J. L. Sullivan, Pukeroro & Hamilton. (Deceased 1940)

DX Trophy

DX TROPHY – This lovely trophy for the International DX Association’s world contest was won by Mr. J. Sullivan, of Cambridge. New Zealand competitors started 1200 miles behind scratch.