Jack Blacklock – A Profile

Jack Blacklock, 130 Stenhope Crescent, Corstorphine, Dunedin, is secretary of the Otago Branch of the NZRDXL and in his spare time is a Post Office clerk in the Engineer’s Branch. He started DXing in 1932 when he heard that stations welcomed reports and sent interesting cards in reply so came his first verification 2ZR Nelson in July 1932 (50W) followed by 2ZL Hastings (20W) 1ZM Manurewa (17W) and 2ZD Masterton (15W), while KFI was also verified in 1932. Best verifs are probably HS7PJ and HSP1 Bangkok in 1934, and VK2LZ (1200kcs) 25W. Among his Americans he likes WIP, Philadelphia. He is another of that band of listeners who DX solely on the broadcast band with 276 verifications consisting of 149 is Australasia, nine in Asiania, three Asia, and 115 in Noerth America. He has a novel verification from old 2ZD Masterton, a circular paper two inches in diameter with the magic words printed thereon. His previous receiver was an old Browning Drake 4v. and he now brings them in on a Philips 4-valve in a suburban location. How well he does is borne out by his winning the junior best-of-the-month in this issue while he had several really good verifications recently. The antenna is 140ft long and 25ft high running in a north-easterly direction (We won’t mention how close the power lines are). Jack DXed in Dunedin until transferred to Wellington in 1934 when his interest waned as there were no facilities for DX. After serving in the Army in Fiji, the Solomons and Italy, he came back to Dunedin but did not take up the hobby again until he shifted to Corstorphine where he found reception in the hill suburb good. Jack is married with a wife and two children. He is 5ft 81/2 ins and weighs 12st 6lb, greenish eyes and brown hair, while his years number 35. He joined NZRDXL on February 1, 1951. In summer Jack likes gardening and playing around with his car. Surfing claims a lot of his attention also. He prefers the broadcast band because he reckons one has to work to get a 250-Watt American which gives him a much bigger thrill than listening to the other side of the world on shortwave. His ambition is to put 1000 up on b.c. and we wish him all the best.