Ted Sutton – A Tribute

“Ted Sutton died on August 9, 2007 at Harbour View Rest Home aged 82.  Ted will always be remembered as one of the stalwart members of the N.Z. Radio D.X. League & the North Otago Branch. At one stage he was the Stationery Manager for the League and he always took a very full part in all the activities of the North Otago Branch”. Peter Grenfell.

“I first met Ted in 1974 at my first meeting of the North Otago Branch. He was instantly likeable and before I knew it, I was invited to his house. At the time, I was DXing Mum and Dad’s kitchen transistor radio which didn’t even have shortwave. Ted took great delight in giving me a Philips valve radio, one of many from his basement collection.

Ted’s shack was home to a Marconi R1155A receiver, how I marvelled at the first proper communications receiver I’d ever seen! And Ted made me very welcome to call and use it anytime I liked. Ted’s daughter Pam, and son Peter also became DXers. At times we’d all gather in his shack to use the wonderful Marconi receiver.

Ted’s shack was also home to some of his other interests. He was a tropical fish enthusiast, amateur wine-maker and valve radio collector. Ted’s basement was home to all manner of of valve radio including a couple of Eckos, both u/s with burnt-out power transformers.

Ted had two Staffordshire bull terriers and a litter or two of pups.

By day, Ted worked on the postal counter at the local main post office and always had time for a chat.  It was a pleasure to know Ted and I shall always remember his friendly, considerate ways.” Paul Ormandy