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Thanks Bill Marsh Jnr.

Bill Marsh (Jnr.)

Bill has kindly provided material for the many historical articles recently featured here.  Bill’s profile is also available on

Website Update

If you’re having difficulty getting the image galleries (QSLs, AGM/Convention photos, receivers etc) to display, it isn’t your computer! There is an incompatibility between the NextGen gallery app (plug-in) and the latest version of WordPress (the program this site is built with).  The NextGen team are working on a bug-fix currently so we’re waiting on an update.

We are grateful to Andy Gardner for helping us move this website from our previous under-performing host company to his own server and for all the work to get it moved over.  If you see a pink background on any pages, you are on the old site. Refreshing your cache or deleting your browsing history should correct things.

Interval Signals Online

Remember the days when the top of the hour would be met with interval signals gracing the bands? The hauntingly beautiful “Love Ambon” from Indonesia, the jarring trumpets of KOL Israel and the chiming “What A Friend We Have in Jesus” from FEBA Seychelles?.  The “Interval Signals Online” website has literally recorded them for posterity.

You’ll also find other audio clips of IDs and theme music.