Ted Manning – A Profile

Taken from the November 1953 DX Times.

Ernest Edward Manning, of 242 Devon Street, New Plymouth (that’s on the main tram line), is the first North Islander to bea featured in this series. Surely an oversight on the part of “DXquisite” when the NZRDXL possesses so many sterling friends on the other side of Cook Strait. But Ted is a worthy representative of them and can be classed as one of the newer generation of DXer and  a keen member of the League. He did not begin DXing  until August 1951 and became interested when he received a station log on buying a new receiver… and one called Mac Anderson quickly did the rest. He is interested in broadcast DX only and his ambition is “all same Oliver Twist but more so”. His first verifications were XERF (logged 23/8/53) and KHON (25/8/53) and he now has 176 verifications of which he considers KBRL (1450) McCook, Neb, 250W., and Mysore (968) India, 250W., as his best verifications. But Ted’s logbook is studded with worthwhile acknowledgements. His first call of importance was 500 Watt KUBA and his biggest thrill probably was when a verification from CJOR was followed shortly afterwards by a personal visit from James Swan, CJOR’s technician. But there are many others any tyro DXer would be justly proud of, Eg. this month’s verifications are FBS Fayid, Egypt 7500W, Rabat (701) morocco, and FEN Okinawa (810) and last month 5AL, Mysore and Cairo (620). This brings Ted’s African total to 6. September’s verifications show TIDCR 4XB36 OAX4U and CMNQ. Ted’s Australasian total is only 29 but he has 101 North Americans, 1 South American, 10 Europeans, 17 Asians, and 11 from the Pacific Islands. Except for ten days DXing at Mount Maunganui during his 1953 holidays, all his listening has been done at New Plymouth. Being next to the tram line has its difficulties but Ted has partly surmounted these by installing a a whip 18ft noise limiter (Belling & Lee) mounted on a 50ft pole and acquiring an 8-tune Eddystone 740. He previously used a 1951 9-tube Gulbransen. Ted is 24 1/2 years, 5ft 4in, weighs 9st 2lbs, brown eyes and black hair and also runs to a wife. He is employed as a linesman with the P. and T. Department which should behandy when it comes to erecting antennas!! Being married he is interested in gardening. Ted is also a member of the NZDXRA. We only know Ted from a distance but what we like most about him is his enthusiasm…his regular notes, worthwhile information he supplies (see Pacific AFRS list in this issue for example) and his positive thirst for knowledge. New Plymouth is fortunate in its DXers,