Frank W Wilson – A Profile

Frank W. Wilson c. 1952Taken from the pages of the April 1952 DX Times:

Frank William Wilson, 74 Pinehill Road, Dunedin, is aged 28, 5ft 7in in height, weighs 152lbs, has been married 5 years and Diane Heather is 2 1/2 years old. He commenced DXing one year after he was married when he purchased a seven valve Philco model 730 (in opposition) and a Radio Assn call book. Joined the Otago branch of the R.A. in 1948 and held the position of Secretary. Left the R.A. in 1949 and joined the League in September the same year. Has held the positions of editor News Sheet, log keeper and last year was elected to the office of Branch President. Since his term as president he has been responsible for many new features, including the starting of charts showing how many veries are tabled at monthly meetings and the various positions of each DXer in the different competitions. He is serving his second term on the Board of Directors and is competitions secretary on the Administrative Committee. All Frank’s DXing has been done in town firstly three doors way from the Scotsman’s grandstand on the South Road (that’s overlooking the famous Carisbrook rugby ground). However, circumstances forced him to change his abode (no, it was not non-payment of rent) and he is still situated on a hill but roads prevent the putting up of good aerials. Present aerial is 150ft long but lacking in height. He naively says his best loggings are the ones that never replied and best veries include CSA93 Larissa, CR7BU DYH4 HS8PD ZUD32 ZUB24. Total veries are shortwave 244, broadcast 172 and 70 hams but he gave up the latter three years ago. He spent most of his working life as a counter jumper in grocers shops but lately changed to the wholesale warehouse of Whitcombe and Tombs, stationers, printers, etc. Frank is unable to take part in much in the way of sport because of a knee operation but previous to that he played A grade League cricket for Self Help (Not 12th man, he was 10th). His other interests in life is Toc H in which he has held the positions of chairman, treasurer, and at present that of secretary. He confesses he is not very fond of gardening but somehow managed to get there in the end. As a member of the NZRDXL Board he has come forward with many worthwhile suggestions and with the interest Frank takes in his hobby we are sure that the League and the Otago branch will have the benefit of his services for many years to come