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EIBI Updated

eibiEike Birwirth has kindly made this updater for his international shortwave broadcaster schedules available on his website.

Reach Beyond’s Ministry Continues


HCJB’s pioneering quad antenna

The name HCJB may be consigned to history but the memory of founder Clarence Jones lives in. From Regina’s “Leader-Post” comes this story of how it’s ministry still influences people.

ZBC Board Shocked By SW Dilapidation


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation’s failure to maintain SW services has finally been noticed by the bureaucrats. Look for a resumption in SW services soon if the following item on the Voice of the People’s website stirs the technicians into action! The cynical would wonder why its taken this long for the board members to notice, unless of course they don’t have a SW radio! By the way, the Voice of the People is the clandestine opposition to the government’s Voice of Zimbabwe.

Has BBG Missed A Shortwave Opportunity?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

With the current situation in the Crimea and Ukraine, should the BBG have ramped up SW broadcasts via VOA, Liberty & Free Europe??? Maybe so… this article from the Government Executive website thinks they have.

Another article from WSB’s website is along the same vein.

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