Lyndsay Gerrie – A Profile

From the July 1952 DX Times:

Lyndsay McNeill Gerrie (pronounced Gearie), resides at 25 Ryehill Street, Dunedin, and his plan and specifications are as follows: Age 31 years, weight 10 stone 4lb, dark wavy hair and sparkling brown eyes. He is still single and is a postman by occupation. He first became interested in DXing in his school days when he knew a member of the NZ DX Radio Association. He started the hobby in 1936, his first verification being 2GZ on September 24, 1936 followed slowly by XENT and W3XAL (9700) in 1939 and PCJ (15400) in 1938. He considers ZJV heard in 1939 as his first interesting call and among his best verifications are KCBQ (1kW in a city location) on broadcast, DJA (9600) Zeedan, Germany, Lourenco Marques (1765), NAVE, Mt Olympus, Antarctica on shortwave and KL7FN in Alaska on 20m. Lynds log is not large but he is a consistent contributor to the “Times” with a few each month. He likes to have a change around and DXs all bands, his totals being 171 on broadcast, 204 on shortwave and 86 hams. On broadcast he has 130 in Australians, four in Oceania, one in Europe, 36 in North America and one in South America.  His most novel verification is from 5ZB the mobile transmitter in the railway carriage thereon. He has a DX shack built at the back of his house and his present aerial is a “Zepp” L90ft H36ft running north-south. The first receiver was a dual-wave Oxford and now he has an 11-tube all-wave Philco and preselector (one tube). He longs for a country location to erect a beverage aerial and increase his Yank log, his immediate ambition being to be on the senior ladder division. To date, however all DX has been at the one location… where he was born  and bred, Calton Hill, Dunedin. He had 58 verifications when he joined the NZ DX Club in 1946 and he has been a member of the League since its first meeting. And he is a stalwart member, being a member of the Board of Directors since October 1949. He is also immediate past president of the Otago Branch and judge and logkeeper at varying periods. A few years ago he paid a visit to Australia where he proved our DX ambassador. Lynds was overseas for three years with the Signals Company, 26th Infantry Battn, he has won innumerable honours. He was Otago marathon champion 1951 and represented Otago at the N.Z. Athletics Champs in 1951 and 1952. Long may he be in the DX race.