Ron Wilkinson – A Profile

Taken from the June 1954 DX Times:

Ronald Wilkinson, lives at 479 Pt. Chevalier Road, Auckland, W.3, was born in that city and has lived there all his life. Height is 5ft 10 1/2ins, weight 9st 8lbs, and he possesses blue eyes and black hair. An electrical serviceman by trade. That’s the details of Ron Wilkinson, president of the Auckland Branch since its inception. Ron began DXing in 947 after reading an article in the Lamphouse Annual and is interested in both Broadcast and Shortwave reception. Currently he has just over 100 verifications on BC and has topped 150 on SW. His interest in broadcast has increased considerably of recent months and he was successful in winning the novice section of the League BC  Ladder during the last period with an increase of 57 for the six months. His earliest verifications are 2KO, Newcastle, in 1947, and VLC4, Melbourne, on March 4, 1947, while his first call of importance was FZI Brazzaville. He considers his best verifications as TAP (on a two-valver) WP4RD and DZH5. Ron also dabbles a bit in the constructional side of radio and his present SW receiver is home-made, it started as a 5-valve and has been added to until it is now an 8-valver. He also has a Marconi 1155. He is now busy building a 12-valve communications job with all modern conveniences (if it goes). Besides DXing he takes a keen interest in motor sport and belongs to the Northern Sports Car Club. When asked if he were single, he relied “Certainly” it gives more name on the DX map…you will notice that Auckland has three awards in the last Ladder competition.