Des Lynn

Des Lynn c. 1952This profile was scanned from the March 1952 DX Times:

DES LYNN, 15 Plunket Street, Dunedin, Des may not be a  famous as a great Dxer, the trams which rattle past his door are perhaps responsible for that. Nevertheless he is an outstanding personality in our DX world and we are proud to be able to present Des to our members. He heard of DXing in the early 1930’s when still at school and logged a few on an old battery set. He then dropped it until 1939 when he did some short-wavers. In 1941 he took up the hobby seriously and joined the New Zealand DX Club. Des, who is 51 years old, is almost entirely interested in B.C. DX and has 558 verified on that band. His first verification was from 2YA in 1932 and CBR heard in March 1941 was his first real interesting logging although he has had many good American log since. He has verifications from USA, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Java, India, Australia, Japan, Hungary and New Zealand. His present receiver is a Pattersen(U.S.A.) but he has previously used a Majestic, Golden Knight and Gulbranson. On entering Des’ den the thing that strikes one most (after his QSL corner and the many cycling photos and awards won by brother Brian who is a champion racing cyclist, is certificates gained at primary and secondary schools for athletics and swimming. While still at Technical College Des became a victim of polio and since then he has been paralised from the hips down. How well he has surmounted his difficulty can be gauged when we record that Des continued his studies at home, passed his matriculation and later his accountancy, being now the senior officer in the Government Transport Department in Dunedin and of all things his other main hobby is fishing! The week-end sees Des and a friend board their private fishing launch to brave the terrors of the deep blue sea. Confidentially he still gets horribly sea sick. Another vice is the gee gees and perhaps the greatest thrill of his life (apart from being elected hon. secretary of the NZRDXL at its inaugural meeting) was the time he struck a divi nearing three figures. Yes, he got his photo in the paper. He recently acquired a new Morris 8 car all hand controlled. Des has been a guiding hand in Dunedin DX for many years and now, as the capable secretary of the League, he is the right chap in the right place.