Brian Anderson – A Profile

Brian Gordon Anderson, of 8H R.D. Oamaru (that’s at Richmond) is one of the younger members of the League and although now only 15, has been DXing since he was 13. He became interested in the hobby when he saw Don Devon’s verifications at a Scout hobby show and his first card came from 4ZB which he verified on September 10, 1952. Since then his interest has developed mainly for the broadcast band and he has over 70 verifications on B.C. and 16 on shortwave but these totals do not include recent returns. His verifications include WHLL KCBC KANS WQXR and most prized of all WMFJ (1450) 250 Watts in Daytona Beach. He has a novelty in the form of a sock verif. from KSOX and his North American verifications number 25, Australia 53, Oceania 2, Asia 4 and Europe 2. He currently DXes on a Columbus 7-valve but has used an Ultimate 9v,  Marconi, and acknowledges the help he has received from Don Reed and the use of his set. His antenna is an inverted L 200ft long, 12 ft high and running south-east. Brian is branch secretary and treasurer and one of the branch reporters to “The Times” and takes a real interest in the affairs of the League. He has the Editors “on” periodically over something he doesn’t agree with and lets us know when he thinks a word of praise is due. And although criticism is somewhat severe at times, tis better that way than no interest at all… seemingly there are some DXers that way! Brian is 5ft 9in in height and weighs 9st 4lb and interests other than DXing include Scouting, stamp collecting, cricket, reading, metalwork and hockey. He was born in Oamaru and has tried his hand at DXing in various locations around the district. We don’t know what branch president Len Collett will say to this one but Brian prefers DXing on the broadcast band because you have to work hard in the small scope available.