DX Times Index 1980-2001

Compiled by Cliff Couch

Do you sometimes have a DX problem and recall that it has been addressed in a ‘New Zealand DX Times’ article but you can’t quite remember when? Here is a quick reference to titles arranged in order of year and month with brief comment, where necessary, to give a better idea of what the article covers. My thanks to Ian Cattermole for making available copies of the ‘DX Times’ prior to 1988 and to Paul Ormandy for his suggestions re format.

Sections in Order are as follows
• Propagation and DX Reception
• Antennas.
• Equipment Reviews.
• The Internet.
• Digital Signals.
• Air Communications.
• Book Reviews.
• Miscellaneous.
The complete list will also be available from the League web site www.radiodx.com
2001 Jan Beginners guide to MW DXing in NZ: with reception graph
Jan DXing Australia on MW. A comparison with New Zealand
May Assesing Quartz Hill. Wellington’s new Te Araroa?
Sept Frequency Prediction for SW/UTE listening and DXing. Useful aids
2000 Jan DXing the USA on MW, Part 3. Sunset life (see 1999 December)
Apr Auroral Effects on Trans-Polar Path Signals. Related to solar cycles
May Sunset and Sunrise in NZ. Includes graphs of sunset, sunrise times in NZ
May SW Reception in NZ. An update of 1997 April article.
1999 Dec DXing the USA on MW, Parts 1 & 2. Best reception times and sunrise lift
1998 Dec Is it Dark in Ulaanbaatar? Obtaining times of sunset, sunrise worldwide.
1997 Jan MW Windows. Plotting windows for MW reception.
Apr SW Recption in NZ. With reception graph for each SW band.
Sep Noise, noise and more noise. Sources of radio noise.
1996 Apr How to Use the SINPO Code.
May How low can you go? An introduction to Longwave DX.
Aug The best of both Worlds. Paths of light/ darkness at a glance.
1995 Jul Jamming, the Dark side of Transmission. A History
Jul Set your scanner searching. Use of the search function.
Dec Those elusive Africans. Reception pattern for African SW stations.
1993 Feb So you want to start DXing? Beginning with the 22 metre band.
Mar Relay Usage, Callsign change & verification totals. What are you reporting

Sep Reception reports and SINPO Codes.
1992 Apr Frustration in Frequency finding. Frequency allocations.
Jun Frequency Allocations. 1605kHz to 28000 kHz
Jun When is a QSL Not a QSL?
Aug Is it all in a name? Receivers and reception reports.
1990 Sept Radio NZ International, The New SW Installation. Includes a useful Great
Circle map on Mercator Projection.
1989 Feb Getting the Edge. Greyline forecasting using the DX Edge.
Feb Question Time. Answer to question concerning FM & TV DX reception
Mar Frequency Modulation. FM transmission described.
Apr Medium wave expansion. Details of changes.
Dec Donald Duck Calling. Answer to question re SSB reception.
1988 Jan QRP. Reception of low powered stations.
1987 Aug How Radio Waves Travel. Extract from ‘Better Radio/TV receptio’
Dec Softwave Review. ‘Terminator’ computer program for locating daylight
darkness terminator world wide.
1986 May Open carriers. Carriers left on after station shut-down.
Jun Medium Wave News. Various American FCC decisions.
1985 Jun Mean Sunrise and Sunset Times. In NZ, Africa and Central and South Am.
Oct The Importance of Impedance. How to make a balun.
1984 May How to Conduct a Frequency Survey. Includes recording, station
identification and outcomes.
Jun Flutter Jamming on Medium wave.
Aug Flutter Jamming on Mediumwave. Continued.
1983 Aug Great Circle Bearings and Distances. To World Centres from Auckland
Te Araroa, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill
1982 Mar Evaluation of Signal Strengths. Use of S-meter and SINPO Calculations.
Dec Beginning to Listen. Practical guidance for new DXers.
1981 Feb Great Circles. Brief Comment related to Lands & Survey Department
great circle map.
Mar The Auroras. Most common occurences and effects on propagation.
Apr The Auroras. Most common occurences and effects on propagation.
Apr From our contemporaries. A discussion on noise and reporting.
May Noise. Further discussion on noise and reporting.
May Tropical Band DX. Fundamentals necessary for a worthwhile effort.
Dec FM Days of Reckoning. Development of FM transmission.
1980 Jun Who is Interfering Now? Radar interference.
Jun Guidelines for DXing. With emphasis on station identification.
2001 Apr Building an antenna on the cheap. 5 metre mast for Alpha Delta Sloper.
Sep Easy ‘Bucket’ aerials. Based on portable short masts.
Sep Ground Radial Antenna Update. See 1999 Oct article.
1999 Jan Of Baluns and Earthing.
Jan Sony AN-LP1 SW Active Antenna
Apr Aerial Tips. Aerial, coax and earthing tips

Sep Going Loopy. Experiments with horizontal loops
Oct Radial Wire Aerials. Including earthing and receiver connections
1998 Dec DXing in a Retirement Village. Antenna solutions
1996 Apr Getting aerials over tree tops.
Oct Interference Reducing antennas for the MW
1995 Mar St Helena or Bust. Experiment with V-beam and loop antennas.
Aug Using a remote aerial for MW DX.
1994 Apr Connecting a long wire to a portable whip aerial.
1992 Mar The Quarter Wave Vertical/Ground Plane anteanna.
1991 Jan DX440-Sangean ATS 803A and others BCB improvements. Instructions
for making a plug-in loop
Aug An anteanna switching system. Instructions for construction.
1990 Mar Active Antenna/Loop Amplifier. With description and circuit diagram
Apr Loop Tuning Via varcap diode. Advantages and disadvantages.
Sep Bev erage Aerial Experiments. Purpose, results and comment
1989 Aug LIL-1. Circuit to generate cardioid patterns using inverted L longwire.
1988 Mar Antenna Tuner (Active) for any longwire or Beverage Antenna.
Description and diagram.
May A Booster Circuit for Broadcast Band DX. Description and diagram (Also
see Correction 1988 Aug)
Aug Simple HF-VHF Antenna. Switchable sloping dipoles.
Sep The Solution for Shrinking Real Estate. A loop for cardioid reception
pattern. (Description and diagrams)
1987 Apr DXCLUSIVE Phasing out local stations by Computer.
Jun Shortwave Loop. Instructions for construction.
Aug How does he do it? Description of portable Beverage antenna with wave
Nov TV FM DX. Description of a simple indoor FM Antenna.
1986 Jun DX Special.. Theoretical and practical aspects of the Beverage antenna.
Jul Hot-rodding Receivers with in-built road antennas for loop BCB DXing
Aug DX Recipe. The Waianakarua Beverage. Fully described.
Nov A system for Tuning Beverage of Longwires with a Loop. Fully described.
Dec A High performance antenna for 88-108 MHz. Fully described.
1984 Dec Loop Differential Amplifier. Construction details
1982 Apr More thoughts on Anteannas. Properties and ground effects.
1981 Jan The Folded Dipole or Doublet. Basic theory and construction
Mar More Antennas. The longwire and Beverage described and compared.
Aug A Two Beverage wire tuner. Construction and operating procedures.
1980 Jul Antennas. Basic antgenna Principal for the beginner.
Aug Antennas. Selection and construction of the half-wave dipole.
2000 Apr Kenwood TS 570 DS Transceiver.
Jun Sony ICF-SW07 Receiver
1999 Mar AOR 7030 Receiver.
Mar 1998 Super Frequency List on CD ROM

Sep Sony TCM 359V Cassette Recorder
Dec MFJ 1025 Noise cancelling signal enhancer.
Dec MFJ 1026 Phaser
1997 Sep MFJ 1026 Phaser
1996 Feb Sony SRF-M32 FM/AM Walkman
Feb AR 8000 Scanner
Apr Sony ICF-SW 7600G Receiver
Jun JPS NRF-7 Digital signal processor.
Jun AOR 3030 Receiver
1994 Feb JPS NF60 DSP Notch Filter
Mar Sony TCM 38V Cassette Recorder
1993 Nov Yupiteru MVT-7100 Scanner
1992 Feb Sony ICF-SW55 World Band Receiver
Jun Sony ICF-SW77 Receiver
1991 Aug Sony ICF 7600 Receiver
Sep Japan Radio Company NRD 515 Receiver
Nov Drake R8 Receiver
1990 May Yaesu FRG-800 Receiver
May AMW2 Medium Wave Loop Antenna
May Sangean ATS-808 Receiver
Jun Lowe Electronics HF 225 Receiver
Jul Japan Radio Company NRD 525 Receiver
Aug ICOM IC R71 Receiver
Sep Philips D 1875 Portable Radio
Oct Kenwood R 5000 Receiver
Dec ICOM IC R1 Communications Receiver
1989 Mar GE Superadio II Receiver
Apr GE Superadio II Receiver
May Sangean ATS-803 & ATS-803A Receivers
Jun Philips D 2999 World Receiver
Sep Sangean ATS-803A Receiver
Oct Philips D2999 Receiver
1988 Feb Grundig Satellit 650 Receiver
Aug ICOM IC R71E Receiver
Nov Saisho SW 2000 Receiver
1986 Jan ICOM R71A Receiver (see page 12)
Mar The ICOM Battery Scandal (See Icom R71A 1985 Jan)
Mar Yaesu FRG-8800 Receiver
May Kuramishi FC- 965 Frequency Converter.
1984 Sep National Panasonic RF 3100 Receiver
1981 Jun Yaesu FRT 7700 Receiver
1980 Feb Kenwood R1000 Communications Receiver
May Equipment Review. Miscellaneous comments on various receivers and AGC
Oct Sony CRF 1 Receiver

2000 Mar Don’t Believe everything you read on the radio. Browsing the Internet
Sep The Influence of the Internet on DX Clubs. Also on distribution of DX Info.
1998 Aug Is The Internet Ruining Our Hobby?
1996 May Internet Utility Radio Resources. A listing.
2000 Jan An introduction to Digital AM & Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM)
Mar The Future is Digital- Tell me about it. Key areas of benefit to listeners
1996 Aug Satellite View. Listing of satellite signal frequencies
1994 Feb Fax Capture. How to Beat the Weather Man. Satellite signals
Mar Monitoring Digital Transmissions Continued. (see 1993 Apr)
Apr Monitoring Digital Transmissions Continued.
Jun Monitoring Digital Transmissions Continued.
Jul Monitoring Digital Transmissions Conclusion
Dec Digital Broadcasting Possible use for SW
1993 Apr Monitoring Digital Transmissions Getting started
May Codes. An Introduction
May Monitoring Digital Transmissions Getting started continued..
Aug Monitoring Digital Transmissions Getting started continued
1992 Feb Digital Modes . Transmissions using non-voice modes.
Apr Digital Modes. Decoding.
May Digital Modes. FSK converter.
1991 Apr Introduction. Introduction to regular Utility Section, including digital signals.
Oct Digital Modes. Decoding

1997 Jun Aeronautical Frequencies. A listing of New Zealand stations
Aug New Zealand Radio Spectrum. Utility HF frequency ranges
1993 Feb Air Communications. In-Flight entertainment.
1992 Feb Air “Comms”. Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) Transmissions
Jun Air Communications. Aircraft speed
Aug Air Communications. Aircraft HF Transceivers.
Nov Air Communications. The Very Low Frequency (VLF) band.
May LDCOCS. Long Distance Operational Control Frequencies.
Jun Air Comms: Volmet Stations
Jul Air Comms: Global Command Control System (GCCS)
Aug Air Comms: Strategic Air Command (SAC)
Sep Starting Out Ute DXing Part 1. Aeronautical
Oct Starting Out Ute DXing Part 2. Military Affiliate Radio Service (MARS)
Nov Starting Out Ute DXing Part 3. Space the Final Frontier.
Nov Terminology. Listing of expressions used in Air Communications
Nov Air Comms: Selective Call Paging (SELCAL)
2001 Aug DX Tips for Beginners. (KNLS Alaska)
Sep Sparks Out of the Ploughed Ground (US Small Town Radio)
2000 Apr The AIB Global Broadcasting Guide (Also 2000 Jun)
Jul The Beginning of Broadcast Regulation in the 20th Century.
1999 Jan 1999 Worth Radio TV Handbook WRTH
May Domestic Broadcasting Survey (DBS)
Sep On the Short Waves 1923-45. A History
1997 Feb The Australian SW Guide
Jun Passport to Web Radio
1995 Jun Directory of Aircraft Selcals
1994 Sep The Worldwide Aeronautical Frequency Directory
1993 Apr World Air Carrier Radio Call sign Directory
May 1993 Equipment Buyers Guide.
1992 Mar Eyes Beyond The Horizon. FEBC History.
May The Guide to the AR 1000 (Scanner)
1991 Feb IRCA AM/FM Almanac
1990 Mar Secrets of Wartime Listening to Enemy Broadcasts.
Nov Radio Listeners Guide 2nd Edition.
1989 Feb 25 Simple Tropical & MW Band Aerials
Dec Tropical Band Survey 17th Edition
1988 Mar DXCLUSIVE Timetable & Directory of Spanish Broadcasting Stations
Jun Arthur Cushen’s Radio Listeners Guide
1987 Jan The Golden Age of Radio in the Home
Mar Better Radio/TV Reception
May World Radio TV Handbook 1987 Edition
Sep Shortwave Radio Listening with the Experts.

Dec Radio Database International Passport to World Band Radio 1988 Edition
1986 Feb Practical Repair and Maintenance of Communication Equipment
Mar Worth Radio TV Handbook 1986 Edition
Mar Secrets of Successful QSL’ing
Jun Radio Database International
Nov International Listening Guide
1984 Sep Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. Themed on broadcasting in Peru.
2001 Mar Survey of Station Email Policy. Broadcaster Worldwide
Nov Unofficial Radio. Clandestine and Pirate stations described and where
to find them
Dec Unofficial Radio. Continued.
Dec QSL Questionnaire: Sentech SW Services, South Africa, replies to a NZ
DXers questions.
2000 Jul Operating on the ELF Frequencies.
Aug Listening with the Third Ear: Using the Home Computer
1998 Jul Computers in DXing. A very useful website. (See also 1998 Sep)
1995 Mar Thoughts on Verifying that difficult station
Jun The Basic Essentials for Radio DXing
Dec DXers Guide to Summer Time Zones 1995-1996
1994 Jan Hints on the Use and Care of Lead Acid Batteries
Mar Voice Operated Recording and Time Index Recording.
Oct DXing Along the Information Super Highway
1992 Mar GPS and how is works. Global Positioning System
Jun When is a QSL not a QSL?
1991 Jan DX 440 , Sangean ATS-803A and others. BCB Improvement.
Jul Getting your report verified from South America.
Jul Philips D2999 Receiver. No Problem! Solutions to whistling problem
Jul Replacing I.F. Filters in the Yaesu FRG 8800 Communications Receiver
Oct How to Verify Latin Americans
Nov 70 Years of NZ Radio. Early History
Nov Listening to Shortwave from Space.
1990 Mar Radio Canada International QSL Policy
Aug Thoughts on a DX Receiver. Testing and selecting.
Dec Recording of Radio Stations. For archive purposes.
1989 Aug Call sign Changes: Radio Frequency Service policy.
Dec Proposal To Form A QSL Bureau. Explanation and Comment
1988 Feb Shortwave Bandwatch. Use of SINPO Code (See also 1988 Jan)
Apr Alexander Popoff. Was he the First? Beginnings of Radio.
1986 Mar A Convenient Way to Index your World Radio TV Handbook
Mar Radfone. Ship to Shore Radfone Service
Dec QSL’s, Now you have them what to do with them? Ideas for displaying.
1985 Mar Putting it in Spanish. Wording for reporting in idiomatic Spanish
Sep Introduction to UTE DXing. Time signal, standard frequency, marine
communications, aeronautical and fixed communications stations

1983 Oct The Tradition Continues. Listening to Utes.
1982 Jan A DXers Spanish Primer. Alphabet, numbers, prefixes, identification
announcements etc.
Oct Indonesian Guide. Background to Broadcasting in Indonesia
1981 Jan On Equipment. What to look for in a receiver.
Mar Radio Countries. Pros and cons of radio country lists.
Aug Radio Countries. Further Discussion
1980 Mar Some News from Latin America. Clues for station identification
May What’s in a name? Definition of a DXer.
Oct Equipment Review. What to look for in a new receiver
Dec Equipment Review. What to look for in a new receiver (continued