Alex Allan – A Profile

Alex Allan c. 1952From the pages of the April 1952 DX Times.

Alexander James Allan, 133 Bourke Street, Invercargill was elected president of the Southland Branch at the last annual meeting; previous to that he had been branch vice-president for eight or nine years. Alex has been a member of the Board of Directors since the inauguration of the League. However , to those in control of NZRDXL affairs, it is Alex’s work on the Magazine Committee that shows his worth. He has been associated with the production of Radio DX Bulletins in Southland since 1940 and even before that he was on the committee of the Southland Branch of the monthly “rag”. He was printer and circulation manager of the “NZ DX-xtra” and has occupied the latter position with “The Times” since No. 1. The experience and quiet unassuming efficiency he brings to the job is the reason why there are so few slip-ups in the circulation department… just about one a year! Alex began DXing in 1938 and his first logging was KGU on May 17 (verified July 31)but the first two verifications back were 3ZB and 7HT on June 22. On short-wave, the first two verifications were SS Kanimbla off the Australian Coast and JZJ Tokyo both in July 1938. He now has 455 broadcast verifications including many 250 Watt Yanks, the first of importance being WJBK Detroit. He also has three VKs on broadcast, 3BY (50W) and 3AM and 3BH (both 25W). He still remembers the thrill he got when he received his first branch singleton KFYR (550). He still uses his 1938 7v. English Philips but could do with a working bee to help him r-erect his aerial. Alex was born in Invercargill 40 years ago and lives with his widowed mother.(When asked why he has never married he replied “Oh! Cripes”). He is 5ft 91/2 inches in height and 9st 4lb, blue eyes and dark wavy hair. His other interest is bowls which he has been playing for five years and he has been successful in winning club ranks and two one-day tourneys to date. There is also a hothouse full of tomatoes each year… Alex toils in the hairdressing saloon and the boss, Mr Ernie Dell is still going strong at the age of 78. Alex hopes he is as fit as Mr Dell when he reaches that age and we can only add that we do likewise.

Extracts from Southland Branch DX Digests

Pertaining to Alex Allan:

June 1950- …… PLAY OF THE MONTH (part) …………… “Imagination” featuring Alexander Augustus, Adolphus, Algernon, Archibald, Archimedes Milne travelling in a car to Wingatui Races. No it was not an accident that his feet were cold, so cold. But what is this. He stops at Henly to warm his feet. Imagine that! Watch it doesn’t rot the soles of your boots Alex. End scene 1. (note there was a pub at Henly) Scene 2. A dxer stands in his own back yard and gazes sadly at his wireless pole, laid low by the gales. What you want is a working bee to put it up Alex. That’s not the kind of B you called it when it crashed down. Tut! Tut! Draw the curtain. ……………….

August 1951- ……. Haircut Happy Alex Allen is very depressed about the loss of hair of our older member (Merv). It’s bad for business. Well, brain and hair don’t mix, but he could have one or the other.. What about a sale of hair restorer)? ……

April 1953- ….. One handsome Ali-Barber would like to meet one very refined young lady. Must be fond of Bowls, and also must be a real live wire. View Matrimony. Note – Alex’s Lament, “I’m tired o’ this life – I’m determined to hae a wife.” “I’m fa ‘in’awa’ frae my claes. An’ my breeks are hingin’ in wrinkles about me. This very day I shall hae a wife.”

Otober 1953- ……. “NEWS FLASH” ALEX is a barber and can be seen at work during the day shaving mugs.

April 1955- …… Alex Allan has been winning one or two trophies for bowls —- it’s a pity he couldn’t win some DX competitions.

September 1955- ….. BARBERS DRIVEN FRANTIC BY QUEER CUTS. (P.A.) Auckland August 26. With the advent of the Teddy-Boy, the craze for fancy haircuts has hit New Zealand. Barbers in Tay Street are being driven half-frantic by the demand for Duck-tails, Wind-blowns, Flat-top Bodgies and Crew-cuts. The haircut, plain or fancy, is according to the Price Tribunal is worth only 2/6. (Unqote) This has been put in the “Digest” especially for the “Boggie Haircutter”, DXer Alex Allan. We hope that this will not deter Alex from his DX, with all this so-called ‘hard work’. ………………….

March 1956- ……….. Found in a Southland Branch Dictionary. ………. ALLAN: Type of person that misses the kitty, both in Bowls and Billiards, usually exclaims: “Hair, Hair” or “Cripes!”

Alexander James Allan, born 1912, died 1969