The World At My Fingertips

By Harold Stein

The house is quiet and all are asleep
When from my bed I silently creep
I put on my slippers and slip on my robe
And than I prepare to observe the globe
For within my reach by flicking some dials
I see life’s sorrows, I witness its smiles.
By turning my fingers I cross a sea
Here’s the Voice of China, now the BBC
The news from Australia, a concert in Ceylon
Ah—here’s the weather from ZBW Hon Kong
Then dawn approaches and lightens the street
And reminds my world of its turn to sleep
So back into bed while I await the new day
I think t0 myself what the papers will say
I picture my family discussing their views
Of worldwide events and the current news
I smile to myself with the wonderful thought
They read what is done, I saw it actually caught
I wonder what they’d say if they saw the sight
I did as l looked o’er the world last night”.

From the April 1956 DX Times, via Peter Grenfell