Evan Tombs – A Profile

Evan Tombs c. 1952Taken from the June 1952 DX Times:

Evan Patterson Tombs, is a man of many interests and fortunately DX is one of them. He is a printer of the “Times”, auditor of the Southland Branch, a vice-president of the Branch, and has just been elected to the Board of Directors, He became interested in our hobby when he saw a display by the NZ DX Club in the windows of Columbus Radio, Invercargill and his first verification was KGEX San Francisco, on 7250kHz, in August 1944. He admits he is no champion at DXing and has 47 broadcast, 16 of shortwave, and 19 amateurs. His best stations are CS2WI (12870) Portugal, 250 Watts and G2CXQ a 25 Watt ham on  40 metres. He started DXing on a Paramount D/W and now plays with a 1946 Mullard 7-tube all wave modified as a communications receiver. In fact his interest in radio is largely centered around experimental work. He is studying for his “Ham” ticket, has built a 100-watt transmitter and operating consul housing the receiver, a 5 inch oscilloscope and various bits of gear. Admits he is fortunate in having a spare room which serves the purpose of workshop and shack. He is secretary of the Southland Branch, N.Z.A.R.T. and of the Radio Emergency Corps of the Search and Rescue Organization. Evan, who is 32 and weighs 152lb, has brown eyes, black hair and is 5fr 6 1/2ins tall. He lives at 205 Biggar Street, Invercargill, but was born in Dunedin and lived there until the outbreak of war when he served six years in the Air Force in N.Z. and the Pacific. Settled in Invercargill after the war, except for three years at Teachers Training College in Dunedin. He is married with two children (one new) and is a school teacher. Also secretary of Southland Referee’s Association, a N.Z. Badge holder and examiner. Has written an education booklet for Education Department on the coaching od school children in soccer. Rep. matches include Victoria (Aust) v Southland, N.Z. Universities v Otago (twice). Interested in Educational research. At present Noble Grand of an Oddfellows Lodge. Is a stamp collector, specialising in stamps of N.Z. Any spare time would be devoted gardening. And all this is done without any fuss or sign of bustle.

Extracts from Southland Branch DX Digests

Pertaining to Evan Tombs:

March 1952 – ……. We see Evan Tombs’ name featuring in the Association Football officials. We are also given to believe that he will be joining the carpenters’ and labourers’ union, so great are the alterations made to his abode. His radio has even received a new cabinet. ……

August 1952- …… Evan Whistleblower Tombs (he’s death on centre fullbacks) found his wooden whistle wouldn’t whistle, he didn’t have a pea.   …….

April 1953- …………….. It is with pleasure that we heard that Evan Printer Tombs had a set back in his “TEST”. Maybe we shall hear more of him in the DXing game now. ………………

November 1954- …….. We have in our club at the present time a budding Don Bradman. He is none other than Sir Evan Tombs who on most Saturday afternoons now can be seen playing a dashing innings for the Applyby Junior Cricket Team. e.g. dashing out to the wicket and then dashing back again. QUACK QUACK.

March 1955- ………. NOT WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. but unfortunately it is. Under doctor‘s orders Evan Tombs has got to slacken up and among the many items to get the axe are editing and printing this news sheet and printing “The DX Times”. We say thank you Evan for a good job always well done. Evan will still be associated with us as a common and garden member and we look forward to the day when he can once more take up the reins or should we say turn the handle. …..

September 1956- …… We hear Evan Tombs now has his amateur transmitter’s licence. How DXers can deteriorate.

Evan Patterson Tombs, born 1921 died 2003