1955 Long Beach

From the Jan 1955 DXT: DX Convention. The Otago Branch of the League proposes to hold a DX Contention, probably on the week-end of February 26, for the express purpose of getting to know each other personally. It is proposed to hold an informal meeting on Saturday afternoon and at night to take as many as
possible to crib locations outside of Dunedin where DX parties will be
held. If you can attend please contact the Otago secretary, Geo. Beardsmore, 186 Balmacewan Road, Dunedin, indicating how you would travel to Dunedin, Would you require accommodation in Dunedin; and are you interested in broadcast or shortwave DX?

From the March 1955 DXT: The DX Convention arranged as a get-together by the Otago Branch was a happy and profitable occasion. Representatives of the Canterbury, Otago and Southland Branches met in Dunedin on March 5 where DXers, many of whom had previously been merely names, met as human beings? The night was spent at three cribs at DX famous Long Beach and although conditions were not entirely to our liking many new loggings were made including KFQD YVMP CHWX CFGP KLAK KAYE KPMA KIKI KANI. Thanks Otago.

(From the Peter Grenfell DX Times collection)