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Membership List & General Information


This article was scanned into “OCR editable text” and edited by Bill Marsh (Jnr) in March 2016 from a bound copy of “Tune In Radio Magazine”, Official Organ of the N.Z. DX Radio Association Inc. This was gifted to the NZRDXL from Ron Killock’s estate. The book covers issues from 10 May 1935 to November 1937 with some minor omissions. Membership obtained from these issues includes members RA639 to RA1384 with some omissions. Other listed members have been obtained by perusing general text and ladders within this publication. Other historical items from within have been added to this article. Since this publication turned up a second volume has been passed on from the estate of Barry Williams for the years December 1937 to April 1941. This has provided membership details for RA1385 to RA1579 with some minor omissions. A great deal of other information including several Christian names was obtained from the latter.

Bill Marsh's membership certificate

Bill Marsh (Snr) membership certificate

In October 1935 there were 6 branches appearing in the broadcast ladder and this increased steadily namely: Dunedin, Southland, Christchurch, South Dunedin, Wellington and Hastings. Auckland Country and Napier Branches appear in the November 1935. A Hastings branch is noted in the February 1936 issue and an Auckland City branch appears in the May 1936 issue. A South Dunedin branch ladder for shortwave appears in the June 1936 issue presumably signalling the acceptance of shortwave as DX. The shortwave ladder was extended in August 1936 with the inclusion of the Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin branches. Wanganui branch appeared on the broadcast ladder in August 1936. Taranaki branch appeared in the September 1936 issue. Wanganui was added to the shortwave ladder in April 1937.Otago Country branch was added to both ladders in October 1937. It is obvious that other branches existed but these do not appear on the ladders. Palmerston North branch was formed in 1957 and became the 9th branch.

Notes from association branches were reported under headings of; Wanganui Wanderings, Napier Newslets, Wellington Whispers, Christchurch Chatter, Dunedin Doings, South Dunedin Surprises, Southland Snippets, Hastings Humours, Rangiora Revellings, Victorian Vicissitudes, South Australian Siftings, New South Wales Notes, Auckland Answers, Otago Country, Timaru Rattle, Northland Nicnacs, Hutt Valley Huskings, Manawatu Mutterings, Sth. Auckland Antics, Malborough Murmers, Napier Natterings, Taranaki Tattle.

Individual members were invited to send DX notes and verification lists to the editors of “Tune In” for inclusion in the “DX Chat” column.

Two ladders existed for broadcast verification totals namely; “Jacob’s Ladder” for male (or general) membership and “Rachel’s Ladder” for female members. “Jacob’s Ladder” was divided into Advance, Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Beginner. A separate Shortwave ladder was added later. Individuals were identified by their RA number.


Alan Breen’s membership certificate

Each issue was packed with news and tips pertaining to the hobby.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Ron Killick & Barry Williams by the writer.

Members are invited to add to this historical listing through the webmaster.

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RA1 —Rev. J. L. Anderson, 17 Highgate, Dunedin, NW1


RA3 – Harold Looker, South Dunedin & Milton

RA4 — Eric W. Watson, 3 Dryden Street, Sumner, & 135 Main Road, Redcliffs, Chch.


RA5 —Albert. L. Stanton, 178 Balmacewan Road, Dunedin.


RA6 —Christchurch.

RA 9 — Ernest M. Niven, Dunedin. (Ernie)

RA10 — Eric C. M. Philpott, Christchurch.

RA13 —Mr. J. D. Criglington, Rangiora.

RA14 —Port Chalmers.

RA16 —Alan I. Breen, 58 Pine Hill Terrace, Dalmore, Dunedin.

RA17 – Christchurch.

RA 18 — Jack W.P. Bulger, Dunedin.

RA19 — E. Carruthers, Christchurch. 

RA31 —Harry, South Dunedin. & Milton

RA37 —Dunedin.

RA39 — F. C. Reynolds, Christchurch. (Fred??)

RA42 — Bob Richardson, “Radio-Bug”, Victoria. (Bob)

RA56 — K. H. Moffatt. 57 Quadrant St., Onehunga, Auckland SE5

RA57 – Mr W. Keech, Christchurch.

RA58 —Napier.

RA62 – Merv Branks, Winton later 5 Dublin St., Invercargill. Was later to become one of the founders of the NZ Radio DX League and the first editor of NZ DX Times. 

RA65 —Timaru.

RA71 – Dunedin.

RA73 —Christchurch.

RA75 —Mr. Loveridge, Opawa, Christchurch.

RA76 — V. T. Hogg, 122 Hamilton Ave., Fendalton Christchurch.


RA82 —Mr. A. A. Guy, Okaiawa, Taranaki.

RA83 —Gisborne.

RA88 – Woodville.

RA89 — Frank W. Hewitt, Springston South, Christchurch.


RA90 —Nelson.

RA92 —Christchurch.

RA94 — R. Pirie, Napier. 183 Shakespeare Road, Napier

RA95 — Jim, Napier.

RA96 —Napier.

RA97 —Wellington.

RA100 —Wellington

RA101 — E. V. Gray, Hokitika.

RA104 —Gordon A. Lys, Hastings

RA107 —Jonnie, Hastings

RA108 — J. C. Ruthsay, Dunedin

RA109 —Mavis, Hastings

RA118 —A. E. Greenway, (Alf??), Dunedin.

RA121 —George, Napier or Hastings.

RA122 —Napier.

RA124 – Timaru.

RA127 —Moeraki.

RA130 —Bluff.

RA132— Auckland.

RA148 – John J. Costley, Christchurch. (Jack)

RA150 – Christchurch.

RA154 – Dunedin.

RA156 —Auckland.

RA157 – Auckland.

RA160 —Arthur Ashman, Eaglehawk, Victoria.

RA165 – Bob Russell, Taumaranui.

RA167 —Mr. F. H. Condon, Devonport, Auckland.

RA169 —Bert A. Henry, Dunedin

RA171 —Dunedin.

RA175 —Wellington or Lower Hutt.

RA176 —Mr. F. Bunce, ex Hastings/Napier, Portsmouth, England. (Frank)

RA181 — Ern Webb, Abbotsford, Victoria.

RA184 —John E. A. Sanderson, South Dunedin. (Sandy)

RA188 —Invercargill & Christchurch.

RA184 —R. W. McRobie, South Dunedin.

RA190 — Mr. John Lawrence Sullivan, Pukeroro & Hamilton. (Deceased 1940)

RA191 – Whakatane.

RA192 —R. Gilbert, Hinuera. Also Tekaha via Opotiki.

RA200— Patrick Bull, Mata, Eltham.

RA210 —Jim, Napier & Invercargill.

RA213 —Wellington & Lower Hutt.

RA219 —Invercargill.

RA227—Lower Hutt.

RA229 —Christchurch.

RA230 —Hamilton.

RA239 —Havelock North.

RA245 – Timaru.

RA246 —Dunedin.

RA248 —Mrs Salt, Belfast, Christchurch. (Female member)

RA250 —New Brighton.

RA251 —Auckland.

RA257 – Payneham, NSW.

RA258 —Tauranga. (Female member)

RA259 —Havelock North.

RA260 – Dungowan, NSW


RA262 —Wellington.

RA263 —Christchurch. (Mention of E. Shackle from Brisbane)

RA274 —Napier.

RA276 —Napier.

RA280 —A. C. Brown, Wellington.

RA286 —Invercargill.

RA290 — S. C. Norris. 25 Wairoa Ave., Birkenhead, Auckland N5

RA291 —Joe, Napier.

RA307 – Brogo, NSW

RA311 —Merv Kelly, Wellington.

RA312 —Wally, Havelock North, Hastings.

RA319 —Invercargill.

RA320 —Invercargill & Napier.

RA321 —Invercargill.

RA323 — Frederick William Ongley, Wellington. (Bill)

RA325 —Reg, Napier.

RA326 —Invercargill.

RA333 —B. Henry, Dunedin. Then Mosgiel.

RA335 —Waikouaiti.

RA338 —Auckland.

RA341 —Wellington.

RA343 – Christchurch.

RA344 —Mr. H. Firth, Ohakune also Avondale, Auckland. (Harry???)

RA349 —Malcolm E. Tribe, New Plymouth

RA350 —Mr. W. R. Newton, New Brighton, Christchurch. (Bob)

RA354 —Auckland.

RA355 —P. D. H. Wilson, 17 Bellvue Av., Papanui, Christchurch. Also Auckland. Possibly Timaru.

RA356 — W. R. Newman, Christchurch also South Dunedin.

RA358 —Dunedin.

RA359 —Dunedin.

RA361 —Dunedin.

RA364 —Frank F. Carr, Wanganui.

RA367 — G. Voice, 24 Rawson St., New Brighton, Christchurch (Zennie)

RA372 — George F. Munro, Box 70, Balclutha.

RA373 – Bob, Hastings.

RA376 —Otahuhu.

RA377 — L. Gilmour, Christchurch. (Len)

RA378 —Mr. G. S. Benson, Mt. Eden, Auckland.

RA379 – Bick, Napier.

RA380 —Wellington.

RA381 – Invercargill.

RA382 —Invercargill.

RA383 – Invercargill.

RA384 — “Kangarooster”, Bendigo, Vic

RA394 —Napier.

RA395 – Auckland.

RA397 – Christchurch.

RA401 —Invercargill.

RA403 —Wellington.

RA409 —New Brighton.

RA413 —Mr. K. G. King, Rangiora.

RA418 — Cambridge.

RA422 —Auckland.

RA423 —E. Ron Service, Invercargill.

RA427 —Niko Niko, Taranaki.

RA428— Jock Geddes, Wellington.

RA429 – D. W. Berry, Wellington.

RA430 – Mr A. Bradley, Wellington. (passed away 1936)

RA431 —Mr. B. Webber, Taranaki.

RA433 —Westmere, Auckland.

RA438 —Wellington.

RA440 —Wellington.

RA442 —Ron, South Dunedin.

RA448 – Temora, NSW

RA455 – Tarcoola, NSW

RA464 — Wally Young, Adelaide, South Australia.

RA470 —Dunedin.

RA484 —Wally Singleton, Seacliff & 78 District Rd., Green Island, Dun..

RA488 —Hastings.

RA490 – Victoria, Aust.

RA491 —John, Hastings.

RA493 —South Dunedin.

RA497 – Hokitika.

RA498 — Tauranga.

RA507 —Tauranga.

RA508 – Napier.

RA509 —Napier.

RA510 – Invercargill.

RA520 —Napier.

RA521 — Alf Green, 16 Chester Street, Mount Eden, Auckland S.2


RA533 —Invercargill.

RA535 —Wellington.

RA539 —Te Awamutu.

RA540 —Mr. W. E. Good, Wellington.

RA543 —Mr. H. R. Matthews, Rangiora.

RA545 —Te Puke.

RA546 —Whangarei.

RA550 —Mr. J. Martyn, Rangiora.

RA551 —Mr. D. Smith, Rangiora.

RA565 —Harold Stewart, Kyneton, Victoria

RA566 —Mr. G. Shawe, Rangiora.

RA572 – Wellington.

RA578 — Mr. A. F. G. Alpers, Fendalton, Christchurch.

RA579 —Dunedin.

RA581 – – Waipukurau.

RA587 — Lionel Toll, Bendigo, Victoria.

RA592 —Kyneton, Victoria. (Wife of RA565)

RA594 – Ben Connor.

RA596—Te Miro & Te Rapa.

RA598 – Timaru.

RA603 —Waiuku.

RA605 —Dunedin.


RA616 —Mr. R. L. Dench, Rangiora.

RA617 — E. Gray, 2 Hislop Street, Dunedin.

RA620 —New Brighton.


RA630 —Dunedin.


RA637 – Randolph Hunt, California, U.S.A.

RA639 — F. D. Amos, Dept. Internal Affairs, Govt. Bldgs. Wellington

RA 640 — J. H. Hindman, Northumberland St., Waipukurau

RA 641 — A. Dunbar, Bank of New Zealand, Waipukurau

RA 642 — L. Griffiths, Racecourse Rd., Waipukurau

RA 643 — G. Liddington, Miranda St., Stratford.

RA 644 — C. R. Gomas, 255 Balmoral Rd., Sandringham, Auckland, S2

RA 645 — Miss O. A. Sanderson, 8 Grove St., Musselburgh, Dunedin

RA 646 — Miss S. Sampson, 153 Victoria St., St. Clair, Dunedin

RA 647 — E. B. Steel, 70 Main St., Gore

RA 648 — G. Thompson, C/o Public Library, Dunedin

RA 650 — D. Rowen, 51 Hunt St., Anderson’s Bay, Dunedin

RA 651 — C. Morris, Tahuna Rd., Tainui, Dunedin

RA 652 — R. Campbell, Outram, West Taieri. Dunedin

RA 653 — C. H. , Main Rd., Gardens, Nth. Dunedin

RA 654 — R. H. Reid, 3 Cedar Rd., Mt. Eden, Auckland, S2

RA 655 — D. D. Brown, 18 Ireland Rd., Mt. Wellington, Auckland

RA 656 — R. Kelly, 37 Symonds St., Onehunga, Auckland, S2

RA 657 — L. C. Lincoln, 709 Karamu Rd., Hastings

RA 658 — E. A. Lincoln. 709 Karamu Rd., Hastings

RA 659 — J. Parker, Puketapu Rd., Pihama, Taranaki

RA 660 — W. Taylor. 37 Kennedy Rd., Napier (Wally)

RA 661 — G. S. Morgan, 31 Glendon Ave., Avondale, Auckland

RA 662 — R. M. Rolls, 105 Nelson Crescent, Napier

RA 663 — T. L. Bowden, 46 Castle St., Edwardstown, Adelaide, S. Aust.

RA 664 — F. Lowe, River Rd., Rangiora

RA 665 — H. N. Gear, C/o J. W. Shaw, Waikaka R.D., Gore

RA 666 — P. V. Potter, 7 Wellpark Ave., Grey Lynn, Auckland W2

RA669 — Christchurch also Lower Hutt.

RA671 — Invercargill. (Female member)

RA679 —A. E. Faull, Warracknabeal, Vic. (Bert)

RA681—Aub. J. Harbott, 63 Thackeray St., Waltham, Christchurch.

RA684 – A. J. Harbott, Christchurch.

RA691 —Invercargill. (Female member)

RA692 —Auckland.

RA694 —Balclutha.

RA699 —Alec Toms, Lower Hutt.

RA705 —C. Peter Race, South Dunedin also Christchurch.

RA706 — J. Forrest, 249 Colombo St., Sydenham, Christchurch.

RA707 – G. H. Bridson, 11 Fourth Ave., Pt. Chevalier, Auckland, W.3.

RA708 – P. Moore-Carter, Box 37, Half Moon Bay, Stewart Island.

RA709 – Ernie Chapman, 237 Church St., Palmertson North.

RA710 – H. B. Hayward, 15 Geisens Rd., Feilding.

RA711 – A. F. W. Brown, 35 First Ave., North Clyde, Wairoa.

RA712 – H. N. Wolfe, Timandra St., New Plymouth.

RA713 – F. S. Simcox, Camp Hill, Opaki Railway.

RA714 – A. J. Hawkins, 346 Adelaide Rd., Wellington, S.1.

RA715—J. K. Moroney, Tomoana, Hastings.

RA 716 — R. Stringer, 107 Bowhill Rd., Nth. New Brighton, Christchurch

RA 717 — R. G. Cox, Duntroon, North Otago.

RA 718 — R. Campbell, Fitzroy Rd., Havelock North

RA 719 — H. D. Falconer, 159 Selwyn St., Invercargill

RA 720 — A. J. Pacey, Middlemarch

RA 721 — I. McAnsh, C/o Mr A. D. Woodrow, R.D. Owaka, South Otago

RA 722 — A. C. Rowlands, 87 Clarence St., Ponsonby, Auckland

RA 723 — W. J. Christensen, Ohura, King Country

RA 724 — W. C. Barron, 7 St. George’s Gate, Wanganui

RA 725 — R. Broderick, C/o Nimmo’s Ltd., Box 1634, Wellington

RA 726 — Les. S. Stanners, 37 Cliffs Rd., Dunedin (or C/o D.I.C.)

RA 727 — A. Murray, Okahukura, Taumarunui

RA 728 — Mrs C. H. Judd, Morris St., Tauranga

RA 729 —G. Patterson, C/o Mr Robertson, Bainfield Rd., Waikiwi

RA 730 — George D. Craw, Chatto Creek, Central Otago

RA 731 — R. J. Catherall, 804 Cook St., Hastings (Jack)

RA 732 — J. Paton, 63 Westenra St., Dallington, Christchurch

RA 733 — I. W. Decker, Box 613, Banning, Cal., U.S.A.

RA 734 — W. H. Hilliar, Pukemiro P.O., Via Huntly

RA 735 — J. Heton, Moa Creek, RD. Oturehua

RA 736 — P. Andrews, Opononi, Hokianga

RA 737 — R. I. Aldworth, Silverhope, Marton

RA 738 — Mrs A. Beauchamp, 83 Ira St., Miramar, Wellington

RA 739 — E. V. Grey, 12 Burnett St., Caversham, Dunedin

RA 740 — W. N. Mulgrove, 402 MiIler St., Hastings

RA 741 — J. V. Bowyer, C/o Mr McMinn, Ngahinapouri R.D. Ohaupo

RA 742 — F. H. Manning, Awakino RD., Dargaville

RA 743 — J. A. Mackenzie, Portland, North Auckland

RA 744 — A. C. Evans, C/o Mr J. F. Robertson, RD., Whakatane

RA 745 — J. M. Sutherland, 602 Pepper St., Hastings

RA 746 — D. Fowler, 806 Outram Rd.. Hastings

RA747 — … Rae, C/o Mrs Powdrell, 500 Charles St., Hastings

RA748 — S.J. Chappell, Pukemiro, via Hastings

RA 749 — W. G Thomas, Awakino, via Te Kuiti

RA 750 — H. F. Murdock, Cranley St.. Dargaville

RA 751 — Miss B. Rowe, 63 Grange Rd., Toorak, Vic.

RA 752 — I. E. McEachern. Courabyra. via Batlow. N.S.W.

RA 753 — J. Stinson, 17 Queens Drive, Musselburgh, Dunedin S2

RA 754 — A. E. Greenway, 107 Oxford St., Dunedin SI

RA 755 — Ernie. H. Potter, 30 Croydon Rd.. Mt. Eden. Auckland S2

RA 756 — J. F. Clendon, C/o Farmers Trading Co., Hikurangi

RA 757 — H. Len Moles, 32 Rangtikei St., Wanganui E.

RA 758 — R. C. Faulding, Halcombe. Manawatu

RA 759 — Roy A. Roycroft, Kirikiri R.D.. Whangarei

RA 760 — W. C. Begg, Argyle St.. Mosgiel

RA 761 — M. P. Breen, 58 Pine Hill Terrace, Dalmore, Dunedin NE1

RA 762 — R. S. Lawson, 55 Kingsway, Wembley Park, Middlesex, England

RA 763 — J. T. Dixon, 20 Littlebourne Crescent, Roslyn, Dunedin

RA 764 — L. Stagg, Spring Creek, Marlborough

RA 765 — A. R. Johnston, l 07 Highgate, Roslyn, Dunedin

RA 766 — R. E. Simpson, Orgarue River Rd., Taumarunui

RA 767 — M. K. Lawson, 9 Stephen St., Wellington E1

RA 768 — C. G. Murray, Box 288, Wellington

RA 769 — W. E. Spencer, I 2a Hood St., New Brighton, Christchurch. & Claverley.

RA 770 — M. F. Keyte, Te Miro, Cambridge

RA 771 — C. Fahey, 36 Nottingham St., Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA 772 — K. C. Lark, 52B Nairn St., Wellington

RA 773 — F. B. Wall, 3 Jason Flats, Jason Ave., Sandringham, Auckland

RA 774 — A. M. Semple, Box 37, Opotiki

RA 775 — J. E. Wilson, 55 Halesowen Ave., Auckland S2

RA 776 — R. A. Sharp, 38 Canal Rd., Avondale, Auckland, SW3

RA 777 — C. E. Foote, 24 Muripara Ave., Pt. Chevalier, Auckland W3

RA 778 — J. C. Ruthsay, 56 Peter St., Caversham, Dunedin

RA 779 — D. Crewdson, 10 Earl St., Parnell, Auckland C4

RA 780 — A. W. Muschamp, 764 Gloucester St., Christchurch

RA781 — T. M. Keele, 324 Stanmore Rd., Richmond, Chrirtchurch

RA782 — D. C. Fox, 86 Edinburgh St., Spreydon, Christchurch

RA783 — C. Stewart, 698 Castle St., Dunedin

RA 784 — D. M. Nichol, P.O. Box 15, Waikouaiti, Otago

RA 785 — J. C. Juggernaut, 29 Durham St. Christchurch, S1

RA 786 — H. Lancaster, Home for Aged, Newtown, Wellington, S1

RA 787 — A. R. Potaka, Utiku, via Taihape

RA 788 — J. W.. Bentley, 35 Kennedy Rd., Napier

RA 789 — F. A. James. 16 Chelsea St., Linwood, Christchurch, E2

RA 790 — G. Laurie, 2 Empire St., Dannevirke

RA 791 — W. J. Robins, C/o Criterion Hotel, Dannevirke

RA 792 — D. Dickie, 101 Featherston St., Palmerston North

RA 793 —S. C. Davison, P.O. Box 146, Palmerston North

RA 794 — H. A. Hamilton, C/o Dickie & Co., Ltd., Palmerston North

RA 795 — J. Macdonald Jnr., 30 Thackeray St., Hamilton, Waikato

RA 796 — T. H. Dobson, Horopito

RA 797 — F. White, 64 Sandwich Rd., Beckenham, Christchurch

RA 798 — H. S. Harrod, 277 Albert St., Palmerston North

RA 799 — C. E. Stevens, No. 1 Road,, Waitoa, Waikato

RA 800 — H. E. James, 709 Worcester St., Christchurch, E1

RA 801 — R. F. McMahon, Tangawahine, Dargaville, N. Auckland

RA 802 — P. A. Stanton, C/o Stanton Bros. Ltd., P.O. Box 706, Dunedin. Most likely Albert Stanton.  The DX League’s premium branch shortwave trophy till the 1990s was the Stanton Cup.

RA 803 — G. F. Hunt, C/o Stanleys Stores, Seddon St., Raetihi

RA804 — L. S. Richards, Hairini RD., Te Awamutu

RA 805 — N. W. Tillman, 46 St. James Ave., Papanui, Christchurch

RA 806 — V. C. Rothwell, 113 Fox St., Gisborne

RA 807 — I. H. Newsick, 509 Pepper St., Hastings

RA 808 — J. Popenhagen, James St., Collingwood, lnvercargill

RA 809 — W. O’Brien, 111 Hastings St., Waltham, Christchurch

RA 810 — A. J. Golding, 250 Milton St., Sydenham, Christchurch

RA 811 — A. Fergusson, St. Andrews College, Christchurch

RA 812 — T. Shaw, St. Andrews College, Christchurch

RA8 13 — H. R. lsaacs, 91 Opoho Rd., Dunedin

RA814 — H. R. Campbell, 272 George St., Dunedin Cl

RA815 — C. Schicker, Kaupokonui, Taranaki

RA8 16 — E. J. Spencer, 7 Willow St., Christchurch. (Eric??)

RA817 — D. H. Pitman, 49 Macleay St., Wagga Wagga, N.S.W.

RA818 — H. Easton, 23 Quinns Rd., Shirley, Christchurch

RA819 — A. V. Mason, 8 France St., Dunedin NE I

RA820 — L. Mortimer, Te Row, Blenheim

RA821 — W. B. Russell, C/o T. A. Russell. Hamilton R.M.D., Pukeroro

RA822 — J. Pocklington, Leeston, Canterbury

RA823 — J. Parr, Wrights Bush, Gladfield R.D., Invercargill

RA824 — E. H. Farrelly, Post Office, Rangiora

RA825 — C. Neil, 56 Peter St., Caversham, Dunedin SWI

RA826 — W. T. Johnston, Patearoa, Otago (or) Mr. E. H. Farrelly, Rangiora.

RA827 — G. I. Gribble, P.O. Box 288 Wellington

RA828 — F. K. Froggatt, C/o Commissioner of Unemployment, Wellington

RA829 — W. O. Cowan, C/o Union Bank of Australia Ltd., Christchurch

RA830 — Miss Reta Downe, R.R.2, Cloverdale, B.C., Canada

RA831 — A. R. Brooker, 806 Pepper St., Hastings

RA832 — W. Howe, 3 Headley Terrace, lrvington, New Jersey, U.S.A.

RA833 — M. A. McKenzie, 14 Cross St., Whangarei

RA834 — R. G. Newell, Davis St., Hastings

RA835 — G. H. Hemmingson. 103 Barden St., Hastings

RA836 — A. J. Nisbet, 5 Greenock St., Kaiknrai, Dunedin NW2

RA837 — D. A. Rosie. 9 Elizabeth St., Wellington

RA838 — Don C. Dopson, P. 0. Box 30, Eketahuna

RA839 — J. Moore, C/o Mr H. B. Moore, G.P.O. Christchurch

RA840 — G. S. White, 65 Grafton St., Christchurch

RA841 — G. V. Auger, 06 Paice ,Ave., Sandringham. Auckland S2

RA842 — A. F. Roswell, Birch Hill, Rangiora

RA843 — L. G. Mills, Box 2, Takapuna, Auckland N2

RA844 — Miss E. Lumsden, Box 65. Hastings

RA845 — E. Lumsden, Box 65, Hastings

RA846 — E. A. K. Lee, 61 Egmont St., Hawera

RA847 — W. F. Crooke, 60 Walter St., Carisbrook, Dunedin SWI (Bill)

RA848 — J. S. Bohm, Box 511; Malung, Sweden

RA849 — R. Thomas, Tramway Rd., South Invercargill. (Bob)

RA850 — J. H. Parkinson, P.O. Box 86, Opotiki

RA851 — R. G. Bell, 7 Park Rd., Addington, Christchurch

RA852 — G. P. Hawkins, 556 Devon St., New Plymouth

RA853 —D. A. Cameron, Box 50, Millicent, South Australia

RA854 — E. J. Petchell, Box 2, Raglan

RA855 — G. Smith, Karaka St., Helensville

RA856 —A. J. Rabbidge, Glenham, Southland

RA857 — A. E. Sims, 502 Reverslea St.,Hastings

RA858— D . W. Shields, Box 345. Roseville, Ohio, U.S.A.

RA859 — R. Baldson, 60 Eruera St., Rotorua

RA860 — Jim Robertson, 18 Murray St., Caversham, Dunedin

RA861 — S. Arthur, 1 Randwick Rd., Northland, Wellington

RA862 — J. F. Grieve, Waianiwa, Southland

RA863 — M. J. Wilson, Edward St., Rangiora

RA864 — Eric Butcher, Box 161, Cokeville Wyoming, U.S.A.

RA865 — J. S. Beard, P. 0. Box 31, Te Aro; Wellington

RA866 — F. N. Silcock, 3 Sylvia St., North Beach, New Brighton

RA867 — A. E. Jordan, Radio Dealer, Esk St., Invercargill

RA868 — P. Barrett, 109 Bowmont St., Invercargill

RA869 — G. M. Robinson, Box 67, Masterton

RA870 — Arthur Kindell, 6 Antico St., Melrose, Wellington E3 & 119 Mornington Road, Wellington SW1 (later NZRDXL)


RA871 — A. J. Cantrell, 12 Butt St., Vogeltown. Wellington SWI

RA872 — W. F. Prebble, 614 Hereford St., Linwood, Christchurch

RA873 — Roger Williams, Box 543, South Berwick, Maine, U.S.A.

RA874 — J. A. Kennedy, Otakeri, Bay of Plenty

RA875 — C. B. Youngson, Clyde St., Balclutha

RA876 — W. McIntosh, 36 Thyra St., Dannevirke

RA877 — W. L. McSwiggan, Perth St., lnvercargill

RA878 — A. Courtenay, Mt. Maunganui, Bay of Plenty

RA879 — G. Mason, 30 Nelson Crescent, Napier

RA880 — Jack, Gutcher, 49 Lansell St., Bendigo, Vic.

RA881 — Joe Campbell, 166 Sydney St., Wellington

RA882 — N. H. Buchanan, 31 Fendalton Rd., Christchurch NWI

RA883 — A. W. Climo, Puponga, Collingwood

RA884 — Fred D. Lanyon, 142 Olliviers Rd., Linwood, Christchurch


RA885 — A. M. Graf ton, 16 William St., Redcliffs, Sumner, Christchurch

RA886 — A. Lawson, Post Office, Pukemiro Township, Via Huntly

RA887 — D. B. Raymond, Box 9, Christchurch

RA888 — N. W. Hewitt, 10 Norwich St., Christchurch

RA889 — A. Wilshire, 9 Anderson St., Lower Riccarton, Christchurch

RA890 — J. Ward, 236 Tay St., Invercargill

RA891 — A. A. McGeorge, 18 Templar St., Christchurch

RA892 — V. A. Mewa, 129 Ponsonby Rd., Auckland WI

RA893 — T. Sheehan, 439 Andersons Bay Rd., Dunedin SI

RA894 — Mrs R. W. Russell, Care Mr H. E. Russell, R.D., Pukeroro, Via Hamilton

RA895 — W. Dunn, Pukemiro, Via Huntly

RA896 — Gordon L. Grant, 50 Rex St., Miramar, Wellington

RA897 — K. Robertson, 508 Andersons Bay Rd., Dunedin

RA898 — R. Jackson, 46 lslington St., lnvercargill

RA599 — L. Evans, 411 Grey’s Rd., Hastings

RA900 — R. J. Fraser, 11 Oxford St., South Dunedin SI

RA901 — Harry K. Collins, 18 Home St., Wellington

RA902 — R. T. Harris, 21 Albert St., Christchurch

RA903 — W. Barnes, 21 Albert St., Christchurch

RA904 — S. H. Riccalton, 76 Clare Rd., St. Albans, Christchurch

RA905 — H. V. Oliver, Panama Hotel, Nelson

RA906 — C. McDonald, 54 Doon St., Invercargill

RA907 — S. A. Wilson, Pigeon Bay

RA908 — Frank A. Wilson, Bowler Ave., Mornington, Dunedin. (later NZRDXL)

RA909 — I. K. Henderson, 106 Waipapa Rd., Hataitai, Wellington C1

RA910 — Robert R. Clarke, Head Office, N.Z. Railways, Wellington C1. (Bob)

RA911 — J. A. Cooper, Public Works Department, Temuka

RA912 — J. D. McLean, 81 Kingsley St., Sydenham, Christchurch

RA9 I 3 — W. Lake, Police Station, Port Nelson

RA914 — H. E. Higgons., Gresson St., Greymouth

RA915 — Rangi Te Ahu, Shannon (or) Mr. C. G. Laurie, South Dunedin.

RA9 16 — R. Ryan, 13 King St., Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA917 — C. B. Haines, 11 Celia St., Redcliffs, Christchurch

RA918 — C. G. Harris, Care Post Office, Portland, North Auckland

RA919 — N. Randell, 39 Aitken Terrace, Glenmore, Auckland C3

RA920 — Wyn D. Billings, 9 Laing’s Road, Lower Hutt

RA921 — K. Mens, 35 Onslow Road, Kingsland, Auckland SW1

RA922 — B. L. Watts, 63 Norwood Road, Bayswater, Auckland

RA923 — E. Stammers, Post Office, Karitane, Otago

RA924 — Raynor T. Neal, 41 Plymouth St., Wanganui


RA925 — G. W. F. Rouse, 126 Victoria St., Potts Point, Sydney, Australia

RA926 — J. M. Barrett, Jnr., 1757 Jackson Avenue, Alexandria, La., U.S.A.

RA927 — F. De Laurier, Beachaven, Auckland

RA928 — W. D. Greenwood, 183 Castle St., Dunedin

RA929 — D. H. McGowan, Care Mr. J. A. Bruce, Te Kawa, King Country

RA930 — Mrs C. A. Kelling, King Edward St., Motueka

RA931 — A. Neilson, 126 O’Hare St., Invercargill. (Sandy???)

RA932 — W. Paterson, 476a Castle St., Dunedin NI

RA933 — J. S. McFarlane, Fencourt Road, Cambridge

RA934 — R. G. Mussen Jnr., Maia, Ravensbourne, Via Dunedin

RA935 —I. McMeekin, Hicks Bay, Gisborne

RA936 — W. Powers,17 Creagh St., Napier

RA937 — L. Finny, Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland.

RA938 — A. K. Jones, 183 Waterloo Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington

RA939 — R, F. Thompson, 116 Oroua St., Eastbourne, Wellington

RA940 — H. R. Hambly, 70 Boulcott St., Wellington

RA941 — J. H. Parker, 23 Reid Road, Dunedin, SI

RA942 — E. C. Reed, 21 Russell St., Linwood, Christchurch, El

RA943 — G. W. Hawkins, 107 Bassett Road, Remuera, Auckland, SE2

RA944 — M. M. Mayall, 26 Aldred Road, Victoria Avenue, Remuera, SE2

RA945 — Hermann. Wurker, Neugersdorf/Sachsen, Humboldtstrasse 8, Germany.

RA946 — L. Ryan, 65 Thackeray St.. Waltham, Chriitchurch SI

RA947 — J. Godman, 18 Hastings Street, Sydenham, Christchurrh

RA948 — M, R. Haycock, R.M.D., Brightwater, Nelson

RA949 — R. C. Timms, 121 Linwood Avenue, Christchurch

RA950 — D. Osborne, 311 E. Avenue Road, Hastings.

RA951 — G. Moore, 35 Banks Street, Invercargill

RA952 — W. Bloy, 283 Tweed Street, Invercargill

RA953 — R, Anderson, Huinga School, Stratford

RA954 — B. R. Connor, 8 Cameron St., Devonport, Auckland, NI

RA955 — F. Taylor, C/o Police Dept., Box 8, Kaitaia, North Auckland

RA956 — Gordon F. Burrow, 29 High St., Timaru

RA957 — J. B. Mockett, High Street, Rangiora

RA958 — Miss B. Beaven, C/o J. D. Ormond, Wellingford, Waipukurau

RA959 — H. L. Ripley, 30 Tennyson Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA960 — l. Burrell, Ward Street, Cobden, Greymouth

RA961 — L. M. Page, King Street South, Rangiora

RA962 — W. J. Keen, 91 Abberley Road, Christchurch

RA963 — Kenneth G. Wright, 466 Hereford Street, Christchurch, E1

RA964 — A. Stott, Box 5, Taupo

RA965 — T. A. Dungey, C/o R. Harding, Raukawa, Hastings

RA966 — A. Angwin, 975 Diana Avenue, Akron, Ohio, US.A.

RA967 — J. Stanford, 204 Aro Street, Wellington

RA968 — Hec. U. D. Lawson, Owen Street, Green Island, Dunedin, SW2

R A969 — R. A. Erickson, Box 26, Mamaku

RA970 — D. Gray, 228 Church Street, Te Papapa, SE5, Auckland

RA771 — J. Carson, C/o Mrs W. Dickson, Blackball

RA972 — L. O. Randell, C/o 39 Aitken Terrace, Glenmore, Auckland, C3

RA973 — H. W. Tidman, 17 Winstone Bldgs, Auckland

RA974 — H. Fleming, C/o P.O., Waimiba, King Country

RA975 — C. G. Laurie, 45 Melbourne Street, SI, South Dunedin (Les)

RA976 — J.F. Ruddy, 87 Stafford St., Dunedin

RA977 — H. R. Wootton, 3 Stokes Rd., Mt. Eden, Auckland, SI

RA978 — W. McNaught 800 Victoria St., Hastings

RA979 — Clarrie L. B. Lloyd, 6 Huron St., Takapuna, NI

RA980 — G. J. Lanyon, 49 Riverview St., Fisherton, Christchurch

RA981 — V. E. Deadman, 11 Belmore St., Arncliffe, N.S.W.

RA982 — G. Brierly, Te Miro, Cambridge

RA983 — J. Moran, 61 Williamson Av., Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA984 — Vic Hugo, Fire Station Ponsonby Rd., Auckland


RA985 — D. Souness, Tairua, Auckland

RA986 — Miss L. Lee, 500 Great South Rd., Ellerslie, SE6, Auckland

RA987 — J. W. Stephens, 38 Liverpool St., Epsom, Auckland

RA988 — N. Varnham Central Fire Station, Auckland

RA989 — Mrs R. 0. Jones, 62 Trafalgar St., Onehunga

RA990 — R. R. Nolan, 31 Onslow Rd., Mt. Albert, Auckland

RA991 — C. Armitt, 127 Harrison St., Wanganui

RA992 — D, J. McCormack, The Valley, Maraekakaho, via Hastings

RA993 — George W. Currie, Te Pahu, Frankton Junc.

RA994 — Roy or Reg V. Haythorne, Kiwi, Nelson

RA995 — G. W. Gowen, 827 Kiwi St., Wanganui. (Bill)

RA996 — D. M. Gillies, Pukerau, Southland

RA997 — L. W. Turvey, 39 Berry St., Christchurch, NI

RA998 — Miss H. J. Saunders, 574 Devon St. E., New Plymouth

RA999 — H. P. Wilson, 25 King St., Feilding

RA1000 — R. Tunnecliffe, 9 Duke St., Feilding

RA1001 — J. P. Leitch, 84 Melbourne St., Dunedin, SI

RA1002 — R. Myers, 4506 St. Elmo Drive, Los Angeles, Calif.

RA1003 — B. Hayes. 38 Somme Parade, Wanganui

RA1004 — W. R. Ladbrook, 185 Esk St., Invercargill. (Bill)

RA1005 — Roy M. Greaves, Gordon Rd., Mosgiel

RA1006 — D. V. Graham, 11 Baker St., Dunedin. SWI

RA1007 — R. Rosser, Lawry St., New Plymouth

RA1 008 — F. C. Cornwall, Matakara, North Auckland

RA1009 — E. Bishell, 43 Warwick St.. Blenheim

RA1010 — R. Davies, Box 21, Tuatapere, Southland

RA1011 — J. F. Corskie, Box 20, Blenheim

RA1012 — Drew’s Listening Post, Pittsburgh, Penn., U.S.A.

RA1013 — J. R. Glew, 203 Centre Rd., Ben Aleigh, Victoria.

RA1014 — J. S. Sexton, 56 Cannington Rd., Maori Hill. Dunedin, NW1.

RA1015 — M. Button, cnr. McKenzie and Honeysuckle Sts., Bendigo, Vic.

RA1016 — A. Cheyne, Sunnyvale, Green Island, Dunedin, SW2.

RA1017 — C. Hanright, C/o F. Reynolds, Rural Delivery, Whakatane. (Possibly Claude)

RA1018 — R. M. Gallaugher, 45 Ranfurly Rd., Epsom, Auckland, SE3.

RA1019 — A. C. Frandi, Eastwood Av., Porirua, Wellington.

RA1020 — H. A. Jenkins, 130 Ridgway, Mornington, Wellington, SWI.

RA1021 — A. N. Hughes, 35 Fox St.. South Dunedin.

RA1022 — Miss M. Zanders, C/o F. W. Seager, Mangapiko Rd., Te Awamutu.

RA1023 — C. M. Sutherland, 198 Castle St., Dunedin.

RA1024 — A. Duncan, 239 Palmerston St., Westport.

RA1025 — R. T. Edser, 10 Cuba St., Lower Hutt, Wellington.

RA1026 — J. Jamieson, Kalamia Mill, Ayr, Queensland.

RA1027 — W. McDonald, 185 Esk St., Invercargill.

RA1028 — J. A. Tunnicliffe, Box 96, Taumarunui

RA1029 — W. F. Gibb, Box 865, Auckland

RA1030 — G. Baillie, 4 Norwood St., Timaru

RA1031 — G. L. Lawrence, 83 Lonsdale St., New Brighton

RA1032 — R. Wansbrough, 51 Avenue, Wanganui

RA1033 — A. Laird, 29 Sydney St., Petooe

RA1034 — L. Prisk, 441 Ferry Rd., Christchurch, SE1

RA1035 — J. A. McAlpine, 690 George St., Dunedin, N1

RA1 036 — W. R. Payne, 19 Park Rd., Belmont, Lower Hutt

RA1037 — C. H. Porritt, Tutekehua, Hokianga

RA1038 — W. Maule, Ongarue, Auckland

RA1039 — L. W. Vance, Lebasa, Fiji

RA1040 — Fred McPhee, Main Rd., Abbotsford, Dunedin

RA104I — M. H. Casserly, 70 Chelwood St., Palmerston North

RA1042 — L. A. Hoare, 7 Fitzherbert St., Petone

RA1043 — N. F. Hewitt, 9 Hereford St., Roslyn, Dunedin, NWI

RA1044 —J. Lennon, 3 Heidelberg Rd., Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria

RA1045 — J. Oliver, 17 Hawkesbury Ave., St. Albans, Christchurch

RA1046 — T. Ross, Box 11, Alexandra

RA1047 — N. Goodley, Te Karaka, Giaborne

RA1048 — H. J. Prisk, Cressy Terrace, Littleton

RA 1049 — L. Simpson, Wanganui Club, Wanganui

RA 1050 — Jack C. MacKenzie, 141 Esk St., Invercargill

RA 1051 — L. Browne, Boundary Rd., Waihi

RA 1052 — Harry W. Bagley, 67 Somme Rd., Wanganui

RA 1053 — G. Sullivan, 6 Hay St., Oriental Bay, Wellington, El

RA 1054 — H. R. Anderson, Exmouth St., Abbotsford, Dunedin

RA 1055 — E. Manning, 147 Nelson Crescent, Napier (Ted)

RA 1056 — J. Knowles, Oak Farm, Tariki, Taranaki

RA 1057 — G. Huria, North Rd., Woodend

RA 1058 — M. J. Clarke, Grovetown, Marlborough

RA 1059 — C. Beck, Brighton, Otago

RA 1060 — H. R. Scaclett, 662 Mt. Albect Rd. Royal Oak, Auckland

RA 1061 — Les Cufflin, 24 Buxton St., Point Chevalier, Auckland.


RA 1062 — G. R. Walton, Kaingaroa, via Awanui

RA 1063 — R. A. Blackbee, 12 Prospect Terrace, Ponsonby, Auckland

RA 1064 — L. C. Dunn, Island Road, Panmure, Auckland

RA 1065 — W. J. Barker, Kaiwaka Road, Waiuku

RA1066 — M. Grice, Waiau Pa, via Pukekohe

RA 1067 — G. White, Kipling Ave., Epsom, Auckland

RA 1068 — H. T. Buckton, 38 Crummer Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA 1069 — L. F. Gwilliam, 38 Crummer Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA 1070 — R. Harman, 2 Ferndale St., Grafton, Auckland

RA 1071 — C. Betson, 41 Cumberland Ave., Grey Lynn, Auckland

RA 1072 — R. R. Morgan, 78 View Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland

RA 1073 — L. R. Cowan, C/o C. H. J. Martin, Okoroire, Waikato

RA 1074 — D. Wilson, 4 Hepburn St., Ponsonby, Auckland

RA 1075 — W. Lander, 5 Turnbull Road, Narrowneck, Auckland

RA 1076 — Mrs B. Connor, 8 Cameron St., Devonport, Auckland

RA 1077 — R. E. Sands, C/o Self-Help Co-op, Tay St., Invercargill

RA 1078 — R. Cullen, 18 Albert St., Linwood, Christchurch

RA 1079 — R. Lacey, 48 Liverpool St., Wanganui

RA 1080 — Reg R. Matthews, Ropiha St., Fitzroy, New Plymouth

RA 1081 — A. Jack Burr, Atiawa St., Fitzroy, New Plymouth

RA 1082 — Gordon T. Peek, High St., Karoro, Greymouth

RA 1083 — L. Lincoln, Paynters Ave., Fitzroy, New Plymouth

RA 1084 — M. Williams, Hamlet St., Stratford

RA 1085 — F. Grey, Princess St., Fitzroy, New Plymouth

RA 1086 — J. G. Banfield, 94 St. Martins Road, Christchurch

RA 1087 — J. D. Erwin, 48 Opawa Road, Christchurch

RA 1088 — H. F. Skelton, C/o R. Heaton, Kerone, Morrinsville

RA 1089 — Mrs Z. R. Hillman, 5 Oaklands Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland, SI

RA 1090 — H. Spencer, Hall St., Eaglehawk, Vic.

RA 109l — W, J. Robertson, Lorne St., Morrinsville

RA 1092 — A. Christensen, 24 Ashridge Rd., Napier

RA 1093 — A. R. Busing, Upper Mangerei, New Plymouth

RA 1094 — W. Whaitiri, Seamans’ Union, 157 Featherston St., Wellington

RA 1095 — J. Page, 206 Aro St., Wellington

RA1096 — O. MacArlay, Otakou, Dunedin

RA1097 — D. F. Wysaski, 101 Queen St., Dunedin

RA1098 — K. C. McLiesh, Rolleston St., Thames

RA1099 — A. W. Burge, C/o A. J. Burge, Twyberd, RD., Napier

RA1100 — J. D. Maffey, 90 Marietta Rd., North Brighton, Christchurch

RA1101 — D. J. Fitzsimens, I 3 Brussels St., Lower Hutt

RA1102 — J. N. Kreen, 945 Cumberland St., Dunedin

RA1103 — F.D. Joynt, P.O., Hamilton North

RA1104 — B. Gibbard, 18 Kerrs Lane, Christchurch

RA1105 — F. N. Bewler, Peria Road, Matamata

RA1106 — G. W. Campbell, 34 Ranfurly St.. Palinerston North

RA1107 — L. G. Donkin, Pollen St., Thames

RA1108 — W. D. McComb, 1 Merani St., Devonport

RA1109 — R. Prebble, 29 Forbes St., Sydenham, Christchurch

RA1110 — J. I. Mason, 6 Ljardet St., Vegeltown, Wellington

RA1111 — A. Richards, 1131 S. Brenson Ave., Los Angeles, California

RA1112 — P. Robinson, 224 Clifford St., Gisborne

RA1113 — W. H. Elston, 47 Shirley Road, Christchurch

RA1114 — R. L. Weber, West McHenry, Illinois

RA1115 — D. Ward, 229 Courtenay Street, New Plymouth

RA1116 — S. J. Pratt, Matai St., Manunui

RA1117 — C. Loughhead, Box 554, Wehington

RA1118 — Mrs M. S. Hefford, C/o Hotel Stonehurst, Christchurch, Cl.

RA1119 — E. Miles Samuel, Bank of N.Z., Head Office, Wellington, C. 1.

RA 1120 — E. F. Murray, 115 Mersey Street, St. Albans, Christchurch, N1

RA1121 — L. R. Higgins, Courthouse, New Plymouth

RA1122 — Geoffrey W. H. Frew, 36 Albert Street & 80 Cameron Street, Ashburton

RA1123 — A. Lester, Roa Road, Blackball

RA1124 — J. Divine, Terminus Hotel, New Plymouth

RA1125 — D. Ladbrook, 43 Lowe Street, Invercargill

RA1126 — E. Herman, North Rd., Collingwood, Invercargill

RA1127 — K. H. Trots, 64 Fitzroy Street, Rockhampton, Queensland.

RA1128 — R. E. Kensington, C/o Munro Motors, Main Street, Te Puke

RA1129 — J. A. Stapleton, 3 Hagley Street, Christchurch, WI.

RA1130 — J. L. Robb, 2 Rossdale Ày., Mt. Eden, Auckland

RA1131 — H. G. McGowan, Kaihere, Morrinsville

RA1132 — Jack (Jim) Forrest, 19 Leanington Rd., Mt. Eden, Auckland, C.3.

RA1133 — D. R. Mara, 11 Huia St., Devonport, Auckland

RA1134 — Mrs G. Humphries, Little River

RA1135 — J. R. Manson, 7 Hill St., Dunedin, C.2.

RA1136 — B. G. Piesse, 28 Bayly Rd., Gisborne

RA1137 — M. G. Lewis, 4 Corbett-Scott Av., Epsom, Auckland

RA1138 — T. Darton, Rural Mail, Matawhere, Gisborne

RA1139 — Ivan C. Randall, Hampden Street., Hokitika

RA1140 — J. Haigh, 27 St. Paul Street, Auckland, C.l.

RA1141 — H. R. I. Shaw, Private Bag, Waipawa, H.B.

RA1142 — Tony C. Tarr, C/o Fort Lewis, Washington, U.S.A.

RA1143 — Chas. W. Jemison, Tariki, Taranaki.

RA1144 — S. A. Bell. C/o Public Library, Christchurch.

RA1145 — B. Hewerdine, Electra St., Bundaberg, Queensland.

RA1146 — L. Stone, 707 Manukau Rd., Epsom, Auckland, S.E.3.

RA1147 — C. Bolton, Devon St. E., New Plymouth.

RA1148 — Miss I. Hamblin, 1 7 Park Rd., Grafton, Auckland, C.2.

RA1149 — John Anderson, 40 Rawhite Terr., Kelburn, Wellington, W1. (deceased 1940)

RA1150 — W. Thornton, 88 Main Rd., Redcliffs, Christchurch.

RA1151 — A. Pecock, 9 Stanley St.. Christchurch.

RA1152 — W. Duffey, 22 Leeds St., Footscray, WI I., Victoria.

RA1153 — K. Reid, Private Bag, Nukumaru, Wanganui.

RA1154 — J. A. Nicholl, 85 Domain Terr., Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA1155 — T. Griffen, 9 Poplar Grove, Wellington.

RA1156 — Les G. Hopkins, Kurunui & Tatuanui, Morrinsville.

RA1157 — W. Hamling, 232 Courtenay St., New Plymouth.

RA1158 — G. C. Moses, C/o Smith & Brown, Ltd., Symonds St., Auckland, C,3,

RA1159 — J. N. Stuart, “Goldspink,” Wilson St., Cambridge, Waikato.

RA1160 — J. K. Mackenzie, 7 Millais St., Grey Lynn, Auckland, W.2.

RA1161 — W. L. Ambridge, 38 Huia Rd.. Pt. Chevalier Auckland. Later 7 Cardwell St., Onehunga.

RA1162 — Miss N. Davis, 28 Glen Rd., Mornington, Dunedin, W. I.

RA1163 — H. Maunsell, C/o Ngatunui P.O., via Te Awamutu.

RA1164 — C. R. Humm, “The Downs,” Geraldine.

RA1165 — Wally G. Wright, 32 Buffon St., Christchurch, SI. 26 Harper St., Timaru.

RA1166 — Desmond F. Johnson, 61 Moorehouse Av., Christchurch.


RA1167 — G. H. Heaton, 12 Dearsley St., Linwood, Christchurch.

RA1168 — E. Keenan, 12 Avenue Rd., Timaru.

RA1169 — J. H. Peterson, Ayr St., Mosgiel, Dunedin.

RA1170 — R. Ramsay, 246 Herbert St., Invercargill,

RA1171 — R. Jacob, 35 Clarence St., Geelong W., Victoria.

RA1172 — K. H. Deare, Wallace Place, Weston, New Plymouth.

RA1173 — L. M. Mitchell, 16 Cuba St., Lower Hutt.

RA1174 — G. J. Guard, Parrs Rd., Bunnythorpe.

RA 1175 — A. McJennett, 136 Constable St., Wellington, S. 1.

RA1176 — D. R. Gordon, 58 Miller St., Melbourne, C.l.

RA1177 — L. H. Cameron, 130 Northland Rd., Wellington, W.2.

RA1178 — W. Gibbons, 7 York St., Parnell, Auckland, C.4.

RA1179 — W. Brett, Talbot St., Geraldine.

RA1180 — F. Bluett, Midhurst, Taranaki.

RA1181 — I. Macdonald, 62 Melbourne Rd., Wellington, S.2.

RA1182 — A. S. Crawford, 15 North Av., Narrow Neck, Devonport, Auckland.

RA1183 — H, J. Bathe, 10 Claude Rd., Epsom, S.E.3, Auckland.

RA1184 — A. Gaudin, No. 8 Waihinga Flats, Railway Av., Lower Hutt.

RA1185 — N. D. Zein, C/o Railway Station, Te Awamutu.

RA1186 — R. B. Knox, Nelson Quay, Cobden, Greymouth.

RA1187 — L. O’Brien, Violet St., Bendigo, Victoria.

RA1188 — P. R. Dunkerton, C/o Coulls Flats, Wanganui.

RA1189 — N. N. Glass, 813 North Rd., Belfast.

RA1190 — H. S. Rose, 86 Evans Bay Rd., Wellington, El.

RA1191 — B. H. Newport, 104 Campbell St., Karori, Wellington, W3

RA1192 — F. Barnett, 6 Alison Crescent, Dunedin, N.W. 1. (FRANK) (4ZO Dunedin)

RA1193 — E. P. Dewson, 96 Somme Parade, Aramoho, Wanganui.

RA1194 — L. H. Harris, 21 Raroa Rd., Lower Hutt.

RA1195 — Archwell T. Bower, Anatolia, Greenfield Rd., Little Sutton, Cheshire, England

RA1196 — S. G. Taylor, C/o “Radio News,” 461 Eighth Av., New York.

RA1197 — Mrs M. Mouldy, 27 Peaks Rd., St. Johns Hill, Wanganui.

RA1198 — H. J. Johns, 45 Abott St., Gonville, Wanganui. & Nelson.

RA1199 — F. Croft, 117 Franklin Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland, C.2.

RA1200 — B. Hamejrs, Parnassus

RA1201 — S. S. Sealey, 25 Breakes Bay, Seatoun, Wellington.

RA1202 — Mrs E. A. Downes, Taupo Rd., Matapuno, Taumarunui,

RA1203 — C. G. Reynish, King Edward St., Motueka

RA1204 — K. Kapu, Manunui, North Island.

RA1205 — A. D. Wylie, Telerad Radio Co., Box 290, Wellington, Cl.

RA1206 — E. Cuddy, 158 Montreal St., Christchurch..

RA1207 — Ray Curry, C/o T. M. Browne, Anakie, via Geelong.

RA1207 – Jim Marshall, later Nelson.

RA1208 — J, Baldwin, Box 42, Blenheim.

RA1209 — Jim H. Marshall, Motu Rimu, Awarua Plains.

RA1210 — W. Matchett, 81 Bissell St., S. Manchester, Conn., U.S.A.

RA1211 — R. Bruce Craig, 33 Boulton Av., Spreydon, Christchurch.


RA1212 — Mrs S. D. Pinkerton, 2 Marston Rd., Timaru. Later Invercargill.

RA12I3 — R. J. Hamilton, C/o P.O. Gore.

RAI214 — Mrs N. Stidolph, 14 Alfred St., Palmerston North.

RA1215 — A. Wansbrough, 1 7 Bell St., Wanganui.

RA1216 — K. Prentice, 242 Tweed St., Invercargill.

RA1217 — l. T. Bullin, Birdwood Av., New Plymouth.

RA1218 — S. S. Brown, Mariedevone, Titahi Bay, Wellington.

RA1219 — R. T. Beveridge, 45 Reid Rd., Dunedin, Si.

RA1220 — R. W. Gillatt. 23 Chelmsford St., Ngaio, Wellington.

RA1221 — H. R. Hamerton, Box 3, Patea.

RA1222 — C. Holland, 32 Railway Cres., Maryborough, Vict., Australia.

RA1223 — Alf. H. Henson, 116 Roker St., Christchurch, SWI

RA1224 — A. Chittock, Tycho, R.M.D., Timaru.

RA1225 — R. North, Sherwood Rd., Sherwood, Brisbane, SW3, Australia.

RA1226 — . Williams, 8 Merani St., Devonport, Auckland.

RA1227 — P. Lewis, Torbay P.O., Auckland.

RA1228 — C. Blake, 106 Dominion Rd., Auckland.

RA1229 — S. Cross, C/o Mata Sawmilling Co., Mata, Whangarei.

RA1230 — V. Benfell, C/o Mrs Keising, 4 Beach Rd., Howick, Auckland.

RA1231 — B. L. Cooksley, Opiki, F.W.R.D., Palmerston North.

RA1232 — A. C. Mildenhall, Main Road, Green Island.

RA1233 — L. E. Baddiley, Commercial Hotel, Te Awamutu.

RA1234 — J. A. R. Watson, 10 Browns Road, Christchurch Nl.

RA1235 — G. Higgins, Kiwi, Nelson.

RA1236 — Ralph Ernst, 4707 1/2 9th Avenue, N.E., Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

RA1237 — W. Birrell, 160 Tinakori Road, Wellington.

RA1238 — J. Kellard, 106 Wellington Street, Auckland

RA1239 — A. Ken Brown, 732 High Street, Lower Hutt.

RA1240 — M. V. Wayne, 14 Aldred Street, Christchurch, Cl.

RA1241 — L. E. Lawrence, 343 Ettrick Street, Invercargill,

RA1242 — W. R. Turnbull, 73 Cargill Road, Dunedin, SI.

RA1243 — W. H. Smith, No. 2 Line, Durie Hill, Wanganui.

RA1244 — P. G. Graham, Waiho Gorge, South Westland.

RA1245 — W. Messenger, 100 Roker Street, Spreydon, SWI.

RA1246 — John Fourneau, ‘Rivermede,” Pakowhai, Hastings.

RA1247 — Mrs Doris Urquhart, Main Road, Otorohanga.

RA1248 — J. Brett, 144 Milton Street, Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA1249 — P. J. Henry, 141 Great North Road, Grey Lynn, W2, Auckland.

RA1250 — Stanley Fiddes, Milburn, Otago.

RA125 I — Jesus Ma. Lander Garcia, C/o The Carribean Petroleum Co., P.O. Box, 809, Caracas, Venezuela, South America.

RA1252 — N. Hopper 39 Dublin Street, Wanganui.

RA1253 — Len Boyer, 59 Venus Street, Invercargill.

RA1254 — G. H. Burgess, 12 Bangor Street, Mataura.

RA1255 — Mrs E. G. Andrews, 521 Milton Road, Toowong, Brisbane.

RA1256 — W. L. Peters, C/o P.W.D., Hollyford, Homer.

RA1257 — B. C. Lumsden, West Street, Fielding.

RA1258 — L. V. Jenkins, Rawhitiroa, Eltham, Taranaki.

RA1259 — M. C. Robinson, 304 Hills Road, St. Martins, Chrlstchurch.

RA1 260 — W. Allen, 11 Dilworth Street, Riccarton, WI, Christchurch.

RA126I — H. G. Wickens, 92 Endeavour Street, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

RA1262 — H. E. Greig, Western Hills, Lower Hutt.

RA1263 — V. J. Mildenhall, Coffs Jetty, New South Wales.

RA1264 — S. Shakespeare, 900E Avenue Road, Hastings.

RA1265 — Lloyd S. Hahn, 2810 Ellicott Driveway, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

RA1266 — J. A. C. Bryan, C/o Mrs G. A. Brookes, Main Road, Green Island,

RA1267 — H. Winstanley, 6 Bucklingham Street, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

RA1268 — D. R. Britton, 47 Carlton Avenue, Wanganui.

RA1269 — W. Cockshaw, 64 Graham Street, Woolston, Christchurch.

RA1270 — I. D. Mathias, Box 92, Rotorua.

RA1271 — Frank S. McKenzie, 184 Talbot Street, Geraldlne.

RA1272 — C. K. Macdonald, 52 Bordesley Street, Linwood, El, Christchurch.

RA1273 — Romeo C. Giacomini, W6LJV, 494-48th Street, Oakland, California.

RA1274 — Alexander Riddel, 18 Elizabeth Street, Mt. Eden, S2, Auckland.

RA1275 — Frank Welbourne, Amohau Street, Rotorua,

RA1276 — Kenneth Sparhake, Parore Street, Dargaville.

RA1277 — Harold Boyt, P.O. Box 27, Te Puke.

RA1 278 — Miss J. B. Wood, Waimangu, C/o R.M. Coy., Rotorua.

RA1279 — I. R. Cosgrave, 1 Riddlers Cr., Petone.

RA1280 — A. A. Campbell, 167 George Street, Invercargill.

RA1281 — E. James, P.O. Wakatu, Nelson.

RA1282 — Forrest W. Dodge, 3116 Ash Street, Mt. Rainer, Washington, D.C. Maryland, U.S.A.

RA1283 — A. E. Tonson, 53a Sussex Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland, W.2.

RA1284 — M. J. Creighton, 166 Lorn Street, Invercargill.

RA1285 — W. A. Tubert, 25 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington.

RA1286 — R. B. Prince, 23 Pupuke Road, Birkenhead, N.5, Auckland.

RA1287 — L. M. Durbin, R.D. Kaitaia, North Auckland.

RA1288 — R. A. Meyer, 206 Linwood Avenue, El, Christchurch.

RA1289 — Walter N. McNabb, Taylorville, Brunnerton. Later Dobson.

RA1290 — The Hon. F. Jones, Postmaster-General, Dunedin.

RA1291 — A. F. C. Cox, 82 Russell Terrace, Newtown, Wellington.

RA1292 — J. S. Clark, C/o S. F. Clark, R.M.D. Gordon, Te Aroha.

RA1293 — Joseph Fred Adams, 628 Worcester St., Linwood, El, Chrlstchurch.

RA1294 — Miss Joyce Gilbert. P.O. Box 95, Tauranga.

RA1295 — H. Feigler, Cambridge Street, Levin.

RA1296 — Bertram Roy Paul, 23 Frame Street, Dunedin, WE.1.

RA1297 — Ronald Weir, 41 lslington Street, Dunedin, N.E.I.

RA1298 — W. H. Jones, Milburn, Otago. (Bill)

RA1299 — W. J. Binsted, 12 St. Jude Street, Avondale, Auckland, S.W.3.

RA1300 — A. Barrie, 5 Boston Road, Mt. Eden, Auckland.

RA1301 — Joseph Martin Gillespie, 22 Kenwyn Terrace, Wellington.

RA1302 — A. C. Bowen, Ararine Street, Upper Hutt.

RA1303 — R. Paul, 9 East Avenue, St. Kilda, Dunedin, S.2.

RA1304 — E. R. Smith, 134 Victoria Road, St. Kilda, Dunedin, S.2.

RA1305 — J. Jamieson, 28 Grove Street, Musselburgh, Dunedin, S.2.

RA1306 — Baker Young, Box 263, Parma, Idaho, U.S.A.

RA1307 — A. N. Johnston, 10 Anzac Street, Brown’s Bay, Auckland.

RA1308 — Leo Herz, 3757 Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

RA1309 — R. H. Tong, Box 515, Wellington, Cl,

RA1310 — Reginald J. Foss, Weraroa Road, Levin,

RA1311 — R. W. Daniels, 95 Targo Street, Bundaberg, Queensland.

RA1312 — Alexander Joseph Day, 15 James Street, Timaru.

RA1313 — G. R. Hill, 74 Queen Street, Sydenham, S.1., Christchurch,

RA1314 — C. McClure, C/o “Free Lance,” Panama Street, Wellington.

RA1315 – W. Hayward, Wellington.

RA1320 – W. T. Anderson, Milburn.

RA1321 – R. W. Rogers, Urenui, Taranaki. (Bob)


RA1326 – E. G. Dell, Christchurch.


RA1340 – M. C. Esson, Picton.


RA1342 — M. R. P. Meyer, C/o R.N.Z.A.F. Station, Wigram Aerodrome.

RA1343 — Fred H. Walton, 7 Moa Place, Christchurch.

RA1344 — Ronald Murphy, 92 Surrey Crescent, Grey Lynn, Auckland.

RA1345 — John Frederick, P.O. Box 325, West L.inn, Oregon, U.S.A.

RAJ 346 — Leslie Smith, C/o G. D. Sealey, Waitoa, Thames Valley.

RA1347 — Noel Barrett, 35 Chester Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland. (later NZRDXL)

RA1348 — L. G. Davis, Le Pahu, via Frankton Junction.

RA1349 — Harry G. Pattrick, 68 New Urawarra Road, Bexley, N.S.W.

RA1350 — R. Englefield, 22 Manchester Street, Dunedin, W2.

RA1351 — Kenneth Murtagh, 45 Bangor Street, Christchurch, Cl.

RA1352 — Mrs. F. J. Neill, Lower Sturge Street, Cobden, Greymouth.

RA1353 — Cyril S. Belshaw, 2 Mt. Hobson Road, Remuera, Auckland, SE2.

RA1354 — Herbert W. Henry, 42 Victoria Road, St. Kilda, Dunedin.

RA1355 — R. W. C. Mitchell, 3 Douro Avenue, Wellington South.

RA1356 — D. R. Barron, 42 Shakespeare Street, Greymouth.

RA1357 — G. W. Moheky, C/o Norsewood P.O., North Island.

RA1358 — M. E. Haymes, 61 Serpentine Avenue. Dunedin, C2.

RA1359 — E. Black, 52 Mitchell Avenue, Dunedin, W1.

RA1360 — H. Parsons, 100 Niedpath Road, Dunedin, W1

RA1361 —A. B. Coutts, Montague Street, Ravensbourne.

RA1362 —Louie Kingsley, 209 Kingsley Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa, U.S.A.

RA1363 —Roy or Ray Kennedy, 21 Brown Street, Adelaide, Australia.

RA1364 —Gordon Rigg, No. 29 Myrtle, Crescent, Wellington, S1.

RA1365 —Alex Simpson, 46 South Crescent Road, Christchurch.

RA1366 —John Donaldson,73 Islington St., Opoho, Dunedin, WE1.

RA1367 —T. O. Perry, 11 Karamu Avenue, Palmerston North.

RA1368 —Stanley Manson, 24 Glen Road, Stanley Bay, Auckland N1.

RA1369 — Wm. Free, Tai Paku-Paku Road, Wellington, E5. & Karaka Bay, Wellington. (Ron)

RA1370 — C. C. Beswick, 17 Jervois St., New Brighton.

RA1371 — D. Cameron, 2 Kowhai Rd., Kelburn, Wellington, Wi.

RA1372 — H. Seidelin, 23 Cooper St., Mornington, Dunedin

RA1373 — L. Moult, 26 Matai Rd., Hataitai, Wellington.

RA1374 — L. E. Oborn, 53 Victoria Rd., Devonport, N1. Auckland.

RA1375 — R. F. Young, 73 Cornwall St., St Albans, Christchurch. (Bob???)

RA1376 — J. Stevenson, 77 Dundas St., Dunedin, NI

RA1377 — John Stirling, 42 Ascot Avenue, Remuera. Auckland, SE2.

RA1378 — William Maurice, 27 South Belt, Oamaru.

RA1379 — L. D. Lewis, Box 142,Marsden Rd., Greymouth.

RA1380 — R. T. Lamont, Fairlight Station, Private Bag. Invercargill.

RA1381 — C. E. Cottrell, E1 45-20th Ave. South, St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.

RA1382 — G. Smart, 55 Lawrence St., Mornington, Dunedin, W1

RA1383 — S. C. Gourley, 7 Clark St., Dunedin, C1.

RA1384 — N. Mancer, 22 Rangitikei St., Wanganui East, Wanganui.

RA1385 – R. Harlin, 44 Auckland Rd., Onehunga, SE.3

RA1386 – Thomas James Wimsett, 11 Scott St., Blenheim.

RA1387 – G. M. Harcourt, Jacob’s House, Christ’s College, Christchurch.

RA1388 – H. T. Stribling, P. O. Box 1213, Christchurch.

RA1389 – R. H. Douglas, 42 Normandy St., Musselburgh, Dunedin, S.2.

RA1390 – Stan K. Maurice, Lee St., Blenheim.

RA1391- C. Anderson, c/o Glen Murry, P.O. Box Tuakau.

RA1392 – J. P. White, 412 Mt. Albert St., Mt. Roskill, Auckland.

RA1393 – P. A. L. Phillips, 40 Albert St., Devonport, Auckland, N.1.

RA1394 – C. E. Burrows, S.a. Whatman Home, Masterton.

RA1395 – Andrew Hill, 14 Worthley St., Red Bank, New Jersey, U.S.A.

RA1396 – Tom Cowles, 17 Buchanan St., Timaru. 46 Woollcome St., Timaru.

RA1397 —W. J. Marsh, North Taieri Road, Abbotsford, Dunedin. (Bill)


RA1398 – C. W. Hawkins, 2 cashel St., Dunedin, S.1.

RA1399 – C. J. H. Hunt, 26A Wilson St., Wanganui. (possibly Cyril)

RA1400 – K. Muschamp, 55 Beresford St., Linwood, Christchurch.

RA1401 – Erroll R. Birnie, 881 So. 15th St., Newark, N.J., U.S.A.

RA1402 – D. B. Allen, c/o P.O. Box 43, Inglewood.

RA1403 – Douglass McGhee, 448 Worcester St., Christchurch.

RA1404 – S. Cameron, 98 Somerfield St., Christchurch, S.W.1.

RA1405 – P. J. Humphries, P.O. Box 41, Reefton, West Coast.

RA1406 – G. J. Taylor, Police Station, Westport.

RA1407 – Melville Gibson, 38 Longfellow St., Beckenham, Christchurch.

RA1408 – Alf. Griffith, P.O. Box 3, Kawa Kawa, North Auckland.

RA1409 – B. I. Forsyth, 113 Great North Rd., Grey Lynn, W.2., Auckland.

RA1410 – E. Osborne, 13 Halswell St., Wanganui. (Ted)

RA1411 – T. L. Morgan, 112 Union St., Dunedin, N.1.

RA1412 – J. Natzke, Pauhue, Te Awamutu.

RA1413 – L. Hainey, 93 Pirie St., Wellington.

RA1414 – M. Carlyon Tryon, 381 Cashel St., Christchurch, E.1. (Maurice??)

RA1415 – L. Onyon, Te Tahi, Te Awamutu.

RA1416 – H. Onyon, Te Tahi, Te Awamutu.

RA1417 – Reg. Kirk, Makirikiri, Wanganui.

RA1418 – Reginald Millar, 368 Montreal St., Christchurch, C.1.


RA1419 – C. E. Clark, 164N Roninson St., Philadelphia, Penn., U.S.A.

RA1420 – H. H. Ekins, Fort Ballance, Wellington, E.5.

RA1421 – Alex R. Smither, 8 Charles St., Christchurch.

RA1422 – J. E. Sorbell, Silkwood P.O., North Queensland, Australia. P.O. Box 206 Ayr, Nth., Qld.

RA1423 – Mrs. Maude McCutcheon, 405E Eastbourne St., Hastings, Hawkes Bay.

RA1424 – H. W. Ardern, 133 Ghuznee St., m Wellington.

RA1425 – Mrs. L. E. F. Bunker, 144 Heads Rd., Gonville, Wanganui.

RA1426 – Jim W. Robinson, 44 Stewart St., Christchurch, C.1.

RA1427 – I. B. Campbell, 75 Barnard St., Highland Park, Wellington, N.2.

RA1428 – F. Woodrow, 634 Manukau Rd., Epsom, S.E.3., Auckland.

RA1429 – Ernie Haines, 83 Hopper St., Wellington.

RA1430 – Alan Abel, 3 Percival St., Wellington.

RA1431 – John St.Helier Lander, 91 Lake Rd., Devonport, Auckland, N.1.

RA1432 – W. J. S. Eddy, Irwell, R.M.D.

RA1433 – W. Jack, 10 Raymond St., Timaru.

RA1434 – Alan M. Cardwell, 146 Rolleston St., Christchurch, E.1.

RA1435 – L. C. Holliday, c/o G.P.O. Box 211, Auckland.

RA1436 – W. McGee, 116 Aikman’s Rd., Fendalton, Christchurch.

RA1437 – R. M. Cresswell, Stratford.

RA1438 – William J. Douglas, 40 Gilfillan St., Tainui, Dunedin, E.1.

RA1439 – E. W. Ryan, 7 Dee St., Island Bay, Wellington, S.2. & 10 Cricket Ave., Kingsland, Auck.

RA1440 – Bruce Lloyd, 15 Coronation St., Christchurch, S.W.1.

RA1441 – Beda Wistrand, Dargaville, North Auckland.

RA1442 – G. W. Jensen, 91/1 State Forest, Hainguroa, Rotorua.

RA1443 – R. J. MacDonald, River St., Mataura.

RA1444 – Miles E. Hunter, c/o McWhosters Ltd., Vallee, Brisbane, Australia.

RA1445 – Ian Donaldson, De Lacey St., Maia, Ravensbourne.

RA1446 – W. Greenhalgh, 48 Driver St., St. Kilda, Dunedin, S.2.

RA1447 – V. H. Blackmore, 33 Battersea St., Sydenham, Christchurch.

RA1448 – Laurie R. J. Knighton, 19 Vogal St., Richmond, Christchurch.


RA1449 – Radio Station 6GE, Great Western Broadcasters Ltd., Geraldton, West Australia.

RA1450 – G. M. Glazebrook, Jacob’s House, Christ’s College, Christchurch.

RA1451 – Mrs. A. J. Day, 15 James St., Timaru. (Lizzie??)

RA1452 – E. H. Riley Jnr., Carrington Rd., New Plymouth.

RA1455 – Terry McCrae, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.


RA1460 – Reg. A. Nunn, Hamilton.

RA1462 – Doug. Wagstaff, 25 Collingwood St., Wanganui.

RA1471 – Cecil W. G. Wood, Waikoura, Gisborne.


RA1479 – Harvey Ernest Taylor, Opua Rd., Opunake, Taranaki.

RA1480 – Humphrey Thomas Orr, Waharoa, Rotorua Line.


RA1481- Lloyd E. Warburton, 4 Dee Street, Invercargill. (Lloyd) later NZRDXL.

RA1482 – L. E. Tipler, Mountain Rd., Eltham, Taranaki.

RA1483 – Arthur Congdon, P.O. Box 74, Blenheim.

RA1484 – Sidney L. Vinten, 4 Purnell St., Wanganui.

RA1485 – F. O’Connell, P.W.D. Milford Sound.

RA1486 – W. L. Longshaw, 86a Campbell St., Wanganui.

RA1487 – Harry A. Bruce, “Ocean View” Seafield, Ashburton.

RA1488 – L. G. Jones, 17 Wellington St., Hamilton.

RA1489 – N. Bourn, Castlecliff Hotel, Wanganui.

RA1490 – George W. Pragnell, 42 Wellington St., Lemington-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England.

RA1491 – D. W. Hale, Hopelands, Woodville.

RA1492 – Stuart Payne, 2 Ridgway Street, Wanganui.

RA1493 – E. J. O’Donoghue, 23 Arthur Street,, Timaru.

RA1494 – L. J. Hobson, Abercorn St., Waverley, Dunedin.

RA1495 – Mark Lenihan, c/o Universal Radio Co., 31 Ponsonby Rd., Ponsonby, Auckland.

RA1496 – George R. Cowles, 45 Turnbull Street, Timaru.

RA1497 – C. G. Allen, 95 Selwyn St., Somerfield, Christchurch.

RA1498 – James Hart, 39 Cambria Street, Nelson.

RA1499 – Con A. Stiglish, 42 Argyle St., Mornington, Dunedin, W.1.

RA1500 – G. R. McDonald, 54 Glen Road, Wellington, W.1.

RA1501 – Arthur Martin, 17 New Bond St., Kingsland, Auckland, S.W.1.

RA1502 – Sid C. Chittock, 4A Catherine St., Timaru.

RA1503 – A. Norman, High Street, Masterton.

RA1504 – J. Wallace, Portobello, Otago Peninsula. (possibly Joe)

RA1505 – Charles Wheatley, 14 Costley Street., Ponsonby, Auckland, W.1.

RA1506 – Roy L. Mitchell, 16 Sumner St., Christchurch, S.W.1.

RA1507 – Charles A. Low, 80 Victoria Avenue, Remuera, Auckland, S.E.2.

RA1508 – John Dick, c/o P.W.D. Taratuhi Via Parnassus.

RA1509 – Charles H. Thorpe, 25 Charles St., North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

RA1510 – Eiler Larsen, Booyal, Queensland, Australia.

RA1511 – R. N. Shaw, Box 9, Wauchope, N.S.W., Australia.

RA1512 – L. G. Fowler, 3 Chamberlain St., Mt. Eden, Auckland.

RA1513 – G. A. Couling, 350 Elles Rd., Invercargill.

RA1514 – Donald Cole, 98 Lowe S., Invercargill.

RA1515 – Kevin A. Crowley, 283 Centre RD., Bentleigh, SE14, Victoria, Australia.

RA1516 – Les J. Wright, 36 Hopkins St., Woolston, Ch. Ch.

RA1517 – Stanley Chas. Matthews, 337 College St., Palmerston North.

RA1518 – Walter Johnson, Seafield, R.D., via Ashburton.

RA1519 – Cecil Henry Brook, 58 Nairn St., Roslyn, Dunedin, N.W.2.

RA1520 – J. C. Hendren, 16 Corunna St., Dunedin, S.2.

RA1521 – Bryan Roberts, Durham Rd., Springvale, Wanganui.

RA1522 – John N. L. Searle, 25 Falkland St., Wanganui.

RA1523 – Arthur J. Moselen, 20 Lawrence St., Herne Bay, Auckland. 23 Meola Rd., Pt. Chevalier.

RA1524 – Mark H. Finch, 4th Engineer. S.S. , c/o U.S.S. Co., Wellington.

RA1525 – Louis Henry Burdett, c/o N. I. Sowry, Wakefield Chambers, Wakefield St., Wellington.

RA1526 – George Stanton, Farewell Spit Lighthouse, P.B. Nelson.

RA1527 – Dudley C. Berry, 140 Seatoun Hgts. Rd., Wellington.

RA1528 – Douglas Virtue, Main St., Oxford, North Canterbury.

RA1529 – Graham D. Hutchins, 10 Ordance Quarters, Maribynong, Victoria, Australia. Top Australian DXer Graham Hutchins is remembered as host of
Radio Australia’s DX programme “DXers Calling” until 1964.

RA1530 – William John Gwatkin, 245 Armagh St., Christchurch.

RA1531 – John Burns, 402 St. Aubryn St., East, Hastings.

RA1532 – Donald Bell, c/o “Vic” Private Hotel, 154 Cuba Street, Wellington.

RA1533 – A. Gouglas, 3 Russell St., Dunedin, C.2.

RA1534 – Alan Ward Briggs, 5 Wright St., Roslyn, Dunedin, N.W.1.

RA1535 – Fred Armytage, 222 Exhibition St., Melbourne, Aust.

RA1536 – Maurice P. O’Donoghue, 23 Arthur St., Timaru.

RA1537 – A. E. R. Joblin, 36 Milverton Ave., Palmerston Nth.

RA1538 – Archibald John Russell, 22 Tole St., Ponsonby, Auckland.

RA1539 – A. Collins, DX Session, 1ZB, Auckland.

RA1540 – Leonard Douglas Jones, Box 36, 153 Mongorei Rd., New Plymouth.

RA1541 – P. H. Taylor, c/o State Forestry, Balmoral, North Canterbury.

RA1542 – E. O. Featonby, 38 Moa Point, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

RA1543 – C. W. Rainbird, Weld St., Blenheim, Marlborough. (Possibly Charles Walter)

RA1544 – N. Dick, 503E Eastbourne St., Hastings, H.B.

RA1545 – Albert H. Eyles, Cnr. Witako & Porutu Sts., Lower Hutt, Wellington.

RA1546 – Miss E. R. Eddowes, 10 Bella Vista Rd., Herne Bay, Auck. W.

RA1547 – J. E. Morison, 80 Ross Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

RA1548 – R. T. Bailey, Private Bag, Christchurch.

RA1549 – C. A. Ranger, 326 Rattray Street, Dunedin.

RA1550 – Mrs. G. Grant, 50 Rex Street, Miramar, Wellington.

RA1551 – H. B. Lemberg, Hukanui, Manawatu.

RA1552 – Fred Ching Ting, Box 173, Te Aro, P.O., Wellington C.2.

RA1553 – Jim A. Sharps, 59/11 Camp, State Forest Service, Kaingaroa Plains, Rotorua.

RA1554 – I. Tyerman, Box 284, Gisborne.

RA1555 – F. G. Matthews, 20 Pirie St., Palmerston North.

RA1556 – Martin J. Louw, 18 Park Rd., Walmer Estate, Capetown, South Africa.

RA1557 – H. Sharples, Orchard Rd., Browns Bay, Auckland.

RA1558 – E. Roberts, 2308 Roosevelt Av., Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A.

RA1559 – B. Brownrigg, 9 Norton St., North Beach, Christchurch.

RA1560 – A. J. Bailey, c/o Post Office, Arapuni, Waikato.

RA1561 – F. L. Williams, 502 Moorehouse Av., Christchurch.

RA1562 – K. C. Whitley, Dirrawan Gardens, Reid, Canberra, ACT., Australia.

RA1563 – G. A. Bennett, Gate Pa Store, Tauranga.

RA1564 – Mrs. N. C. Harbott, 63 Thackeray St., Christchurch, S.1.

RA1565 – J. Cruickshank, Dawsons Rd., Templeton, Christchurch.

RA1566 – O. Montgomery, 50 Riddel Rd., St. Heliers Bay, Auck.

RA1567 – A. L. Collins, 54 Rayner St., Temuka.

RA1568 – Colin Brittenden, 153 Otipua Rd., Timaru.

RA1569 – L. E. Haynes, 59 Belvue Ave., Papanui, ChCh.

RA1570 – H. V. Burdon, 15 Edward Street, Timaru. (Happy)

RA1571 – A. E. Simpson, Flat 1, 69 View Rd., <t. Eden, Auck.

RA1572 – L. L. Worsnop, 609 Ormond Rd., Gisborne.

RA1573 – E. Leece, 577 Mt. Albert Road, Mt. Roskill, SE3, Auckland.

RA1574 – B. Parsons, Denlair P.O., Wanganui.

RA1575 – R. B. Jones, Little River, Canterbury.

RA1576 – Mrs. V. Blanchard, 83 Hopper St., Wellington.

RA1577 – W. J. Pattison, 24 Randolph St., Christchurch.

RA1578 – J. Anderson Jack, 827 Colombo St., Christchurch.

RA1579 – K. Saunders, Dist. Engineer, P. & t. Dept., Stout Street, Wellington.

RA1580 – M. C. Burgess, P. O. Box 12, Ongarue.

RA1581 – Mrs. V. L. Geddes, 91 Townsend Rd., Miramar, Wellington.

RA1582 – J. Simmonds, 44 Roberts Ave., Upper Aranoho, Wanganui.

RA1583 – R. J. Jenkins, 116 Kenmure Rd., Mornington, Dunedin.

RA1584 – K. Winchester, c/o Mr. Wooderson, Easport Rd., Waihou, Te Aroha.

RA 1585 – R. W. Hall, Bridge Street, South New Brighton, Christchurch.

RA1586 – H. S. Scrivener, 68 Estuary Rd., New Brighton, Christchurch.

RA1587 – A. M. L. Armstrong, Titirangi, North Island.

RA1588 – F. E. Hogg, Y.M.C.A., Willis Street, Wellington.

RA1589 – A. W. G. Thompson, 41 Yarrow Street, Invercargill.

RA1590 – R. Sneddon, 35 Craigleith St., Dunedin, N.E.1.

RA1591 – J. W. List, 117 Church St., Timaru.

RA1592 – Les. W. Sutherland, 23 Milton St., Hamilton.

RA1593 – G. H. Durbin, R.D.III, Kaitaia, Nth., Auckland.

RA1594 – Mrs. V. Jack, 827 Colombo St., Christchurch.

RA1595 – R. J. Inglis, c/o F. Smith, “Glenora Park”, Valley Road, Takanini, Auckland.

RA1596 – W. F. Farley, Oxford St., Martinborough. (Bill)

RA1597 – D. H. Hill?? 12 Lambeth Rd., Mt. Eden, Auckland.

RA1598 – A. H. Jago, 9 Ranfurly St., Hornby W.2, Christchurch.

RA1599 – S. R. Foster, Kawiu Rd., Levin.

RA1600 – H. R. Weir, 19 Brown St., Timaru.

RA1601 – Gavin J. Halliburton, 178 Peterborough St., Christchurch.

RA1602 – R. R. Philpott, 169 Mays Rd., Christchurch.

RA1603 – M. M. Ryder, 8 Cuba St., Palmerston North.

RA1604 – J. S. Melville, 18 Rocklands Ave., Mt. Eden, Auckland.

RA1605 – H. O. Cross, 7 Willis St., Mary Hill, Dunedin.

RA1606 – L. Wilkinson, c/o Radio Warehouse, 223 Manchester St., Christchurch.

RA1607 – A. C. McCarthy, 95 Rintoul St., Wellington S.1.

RA1608 – W. R. Dobbs, 64 Tirangi Rd., Rongotai, Wellington.

RA1609 – Cyril R. Taylor, 29 Myrtle Crescent, Wellington.

RA1610 – R. S. Smith, 9 Loftus St., Papanui, Christchurch.

RA1611 – L. J. Grant, 10 Hunt St., Timaru.

RA1612 – H. B. Mundt, 50 Eliot St., New Plymouth.

RA1613 – E. J. Seymour, 143 Crawford St., St. Albans, ChCh.

RA1614 – H. C. Warren, 94 Maces Road, Bromley, Christchurch.

RA1615 – Edgar Lander, Ashley St., Rangiora, North Canterbury.

RA1616 – Allan Ealam, 38 Bligh St., New Brighton, Christchurch.

RA1617 – Miss J. McKenzie, Takihiwai, via Ruakaka, Whangerei.

RA1618 – J. Stewart, 6 Second Avenue, Whangerei.

RA1619 – D. Saies, c/o A.F.F. Coy. Moerewa, Nth. Auckland.

RA1620 – J. Hodall, Kauika Road, Whangerei.

RA1621 – H. W. McKenzie, 53 Fourth Avenue, Whangerei.

RA1622 – H. M. McKenzie, 53 Fourth Avenue, Whangerei.

RA1623 – Jim A. Langridge, Kauika Road, Whangerei.

RA1624 – L. Drake, c/o J. Langridge, Kauika Road, Whangerei.

RA1625 – J. N. Knowles, 363 Tuam St., Linwood, Christchurch.

RA1626 – C. H. Glover, 77 Rockfield Rd., Ellerslie, Auckland.

RA1627 – W. G. Broadbent, Box 23, Kaeo, Nth. Auckland.

RA1628 – R. N. Summerell, 191 Leith St., Dunedin.

RA1629 – I. Foster-Watkin, 14 Palm Grove, Wellington.

RA1630 – Edward W. Williams, Coronation Hospital, Cashmere, ChCh. (deceased 1940)

RA1631 – N. Thomas, Coronation Hospital, Cashmere, ChCh.

RA1632 – Jack B. Stacey, c/o Span Farm, Glen Eden, Auckland.

RA1633 – H. A. Sinclair, Glenhope, Nelson.

RA1634 – J. Cossgrove, 7 Torquay Tce., Wellington.

RA1635 – F. C. Powell, 12 Kilbirnie Crescent, Wgtn. E.3.

RA1636 – Donald C. Duff, 16 Glasgow St., Dunedin.

RA1637 – Jas. T. Legros, Paritu, Nuhaka. (Jim)

RA1638 – J. R. Edwards, 17 Fortunatius St., Brooklyn, Wgtn.

RA1639 – W. McLeod, 90 Canongate, Dunedin.

RA1640 – E. R. Scandrett, c/o Box 51, Pahiatua.

RA1641 – N. H. Crozier, c/o Fire Station, Fielding.

RA1642 – Stephen P. Heath, 41 Kingsway Avenue, Sandringham, Auckland.

RA1643 – N. W. Clover, 5 Albury Avenue, Epsom, Auckland.

RA1644 – Mrs. H. T. Orr, P.O. Box 4, Waharoa, Rotorua Line.

RA1645 – Earl T. Cooley, 247 Marion St., Rochester, New York.

RA1646 – S. L. Ruddell, 18 Second Avenue, Whangarei.

RA1647 – N. Whittaker, 171 Ruahine St., Palmerston North.

RA1648 – Harold Jack Searle, c/o G.P.O., Haumoana, Hawkes Bay. (Bro.) (Jack – later NZRDXL)

RA1649 – H. J. Savage, 443 Wilsons Road, Christchurch.


RA1656 – J. A. Stewart, Hawera.


RA1660 – J. R. Keoghan, Orawaiti Road, Westport.

RA1661 – J. Ashcroft, Whangarei.

RA1662 – H. Ashcroft, Whangarei.

RA1663 – J. H. W. Jurgens, Marton.

RA1664 – J. H. Cooper, Westport.

RA1665 – J. Stewart, Hawera.

RA1666 – N. H. Banfield, Christchurch.

RA1667 – Carson C. Murray, Manakau.

RA1668 – Miss G. Roycroft, Whangarei.

RA1669 – G. Lees, New Plymouth.

RA1670 – J. W. Lawrence, Greytown.

RA1671 – Mac. Rowe, New Plymouth.

RA1672 – Chas. A. John, Fiji.

RA1673 – H. T. Norrie, Wanganui.

RA1674 – L. Madden, Whangarei.

RA1675 – C. R. Moody, St. Albans, Christchurch.

RA1676 – R. Butler, Wanganui.


RA1680 – A. Warren, McFaddens Rd., St. Albans, Christchurch.

RA1681 – D. R. Bissett, N.Z.R. Kaikohe, North Auckland.

RA1682 – S. G. Watkins, 32 Mains Avenue, Whangarei.

RA1683 – J. Zuccani, 20 Huntley Avenue, Grafton, Auckland.

RA1684 – A. D. Hall, 2 Gordon Grove, South Yarra, Melbourne, Vic. Australia.

RA1685 – F. C. Jamieson, c/o District Council, Gumeracha, South Australia.

RA1686 – G. Campbell, 33 Douglas St., St. Kilda, Dunedin.

RA1687 – R. S. Brown, Koputaroa Store, Koputaroa.

RA1688 – Eric C. Murphy, 44 Tennyson St., Beckenham, ChCh.

RA1689 – H. Monty Garrick Jnr., 4B Centaurus Rd., Christchurch.

RA1690 – H. Tyler, 20 Templor St., Richmond, ChCh.

RA1691 – D. Webster, 27 Seddon St., Timaru.

RA1692 – J. E. Home, c/o Railway Hotel, Timaru.

RA1693 – A. D. Crane, 7 Waripori St., Wellington.

RA1694 – D. W. Allom, 17 Serjeants St., Wanganui.

RA1695 – C. R. Hadler, 28 Cardwell St., Onehunga S.E.5. Ak.

RA1696 – N. D. Thompson, 154 Port Hills Rd., Heathcote Valley, Christchurch.

RA1697 – D. H. Gascoyne, Maraekakaho, Hastings.

RA1698 – J. McConnell, 370 Devon St. East, New Plymouth.

RA1699 – A. E. Tew, c/o O.P.H., Otipua Rd., Timaru.

RA1700 – Mrs. L. Kelly, Athens St., Wellington.

RA1701 – A. D. Robertson, c/o Salisburys Ltd., Upper Hutt.

RA1702 – H. Tarpley, 143 Aro Street, Wellington.

RA1703 – H. E. Mullins, 14 Hawkestone St., Wellington.

RA1704 – F. H. Ramm, c/o Box 50, Palmerston North.

RA1705 – Mr. Bryenton, 169 Coutts St., Wellington.

RA1706 – Mr. Ray Kemsley, c/o Town Hall, Wellington.

RA1707 – Mr. Trevor McFadden, George Street, Wellington.

RA1708 – MrNorm. E. Buchannon-Baillie, Trent St., Wellington Sth.

RA1709 – C. Linwood, 146 Anzac Parade, Wanganui.

RA1710 – Dave GO. Rowatt, c/o U.S.S.Co. Head Office, Wellington.

RA1711 – J. Cross, 123 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

RA1712 – C. M. Russell, Cuba Street, Palmerston North.

RA1713 – U. P. Calcinai, 72 Kauri Street, Wellington.

RA1714 – Mr. G. W. Miles, c/o Land & Income Tax Dept., Wgtn.

RA1715 – C. A. Daly, 50 Herald St., Wellington.

RA1716 – N. Hughes, Canon St., Wallaroo, Sth. Australia.

RA1717 – Mrs. N. C. Manchester, 98 McFaddens Rd., Christchurch.

RA1718 – Mrs. E. Niven, 14 High St., St. Kilda, Dunedin.

RA1719 – George Bell, 3 Largo Avenue, Dunedin.

RA1720 – Ivor Edwards, Grant St., Alexandria, Vic. Australia.

RA1721 – Ian McRae, c/o H. W. McKenzie, Kamo, Northland.

RA1722 – Cliff Tavinor, Rosenberg, Texas, U.S.A.

RA1723 – Bernard Hopkins, 296 Carrington Rd., New Plymouth.

RA1724 – Miss L. McCutcheon, 403E Eastbourne St., Hastings.

RA1725 – E. A. Witheford, Wharekine, Wellsford.

RA1726 – Geo. Luff, 126 Owen Street, Wellington.

RA1727 – R. W. Smith, 3 Sydney Street, Dunedin.

RA1728 – W. McEloy, Tariki, Taranaki.

RA1729 – F. Rout, Whakaronga R.D., Palmerston North.

RA1730 – C. A. Smith, 932 Dominion Rd., Mt. Roskill, Auckland.

RA1731 – Ted Tinning, 7 Weir St., Melbourne, Vic. Australia.

RA1732 – Master Dennis Billings, 9 Laings Rd., Lower Hutt.

RA1733 – Master C. Billings, 9 Laings Rd., Lower Hutt.

RA1734 – Master C. Kindell, 119 Mornington Rd., Wellington.

RA1735 – Mrs. M. Seymour, 55 Coronation St., Spreydon, ChCh.

RA1736 – Miss J. Manchester, 88 McFaddens Rd., Christchurch.

RA1737 – D. Summerfield, 63 Rockwood Ave., Nth. Beach, ChCh.

RA1738 – J. B. R. Johnson, N.Z.R., Windermere, via Hinds.

RA1739 – Mrs. I. G. Johnson, 61 Moorehouse Ave., Christchurch.

RA1740 – Master Graeme Johnson, 61 Moorehouse Ave., Christchurch.

RA1741 – R. Tyler, c/o Billings Radio Co., Cornhill St., Wgtn.

RA1742 – G. W. Little, 62 Forbury Cres., St. Kilda, Dunedin.

RA1743 – M. J. Ching, 59 Cleueland St., Brooklyn, Wellington.

RA1744 – R. W. Penlington, Tenfoot Rd., Taupiri.

RA1745 – R. Dick Millar, 66 Wakeman Rd., Pahiatua.

RA1746 – Ivan C. Hanford, 77 Wakeman Rd., Pahiatua.

RA1747 – Master N. Cromie, 9 Mersey St., Island Bay, Wgtn.

RA1748 – Mr. P. Campbell, 18 Kamo Rd., Whangarei.

RA1749 – I. K. MacKay, c/o 2ZB, Wellington.

RA1750 – S. Murray, c/o 1ZB, Auckland.

RA1751 – Mrs. C. L. Pattison, 1 Pope St., Lower Riccarton, Christchurch.

RA1752 – Mrs. J. Stewart, No.6, 3rd Avenue, Whangarei.

RA1753 – Mrs. I. M. A. Knighton, 245 Armagh St., Christchurch.

RA1754 – A. H. Howard, c/o P.W.Dept., Military Camp, Waiouru.

RA1755 – A. S. Fraser, 22 Tennyson St., Beckenham, Christchurch.

RA1756 – D. Fenton, 155 Darlington Rd., Miramar, Wgtn.

RA1757 – R. Williams, 20 Tainui Rd., Dunedin.

RA1758 — M. A. Lamont, 57 Council St., St. Kilda, Dunedin. (Possibly Murray later NZRDXL)

RA1759 – K. A. Mackey, 841 Cumberland St., Dunedin. (Possibly Ken later NZRDXL)

RA1760 – Mrs R. Weir, 10 Latter St., Timaru.

RA1761 – R. J. Jamieson, 9 Dawson Street, Wellington.

RA1762 – R. Hallett, 36 Baker Street, Enfield, Sydney.

RA1763 – K. Highley, 112 Arthur Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

RA1808 – Des. J. White, Christchurch.

RA1862 – Rex G. Gillett, Sth. Australia.

RA1892 – Mr. Lew Andrews, C/- Gresham Hotel, Lower Rattray St., Dunedin.

RA1911 – Ron. W. Gray, 7 Roseberry St., Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA1920 – E. Zinsli, Taihape.

RA1990 – Darcy C. Stace, Blenheim.

RA2019 – Hec Lawson, 236 Blenheim Rd., Riccarton, Christchurch.

RA2042 – H. Morris, Christchurch.

RA2080 – Basil Coombe, Palmerston North.

RA2142 – Merv Hurring, No. 1 R.D. Purakanui, via Port Chalmers. Later Sawyers Bay.

RA2148 – Ray Amer, 32 Knowles St., Palmerston North.

RA2200 – W. S. Milne, (Bill) Wingatui later Invercargill.

RA2214 – G. Brownlie, Christchurch.

RA2224 – Vic Gawler, 8 Pukeko Street, Frankton.

RA2226 – Percy G. Hurley, Japan & Auckland.

RA2285 – Don Cameron, 252 Riverlaw Terrace, St Martins, Christchurch.


RA2316 – G. Lange, Christchurch.

RA2325 – R. Jameson,

RA2350 – K. Gray, Canterbury.

RA2352 – Ian Hardwick, Thames Line. (or RA2325)

RA2359 – K. Gray, Christchurch.

RA2369 – Les Chapman, Christchurch.

RA2389 –  Edward Manning, 77 Omata Rd., New Plymouth. (Ted)

RA2390 – Mike O’Sullivan, Co., Durham, England.

RA2392 – L. Mac Anderson, 34 Davies Rd., New Plymouth.

RA2393 – Max. Fry, Christchurch.

RA2397 – R. Abrahams, England.

RA2043 – Mr. Huia Morris, Christchurch.

RA2415 – Alf West, 127 Waghorn St., Port Ahuriri, Napier.

RA2419 – Ron Worthington, 92 Office Road, Merrivale, Christchurch.

RA2423 – David Giblin, 7 Ranui Road, Stoke, Nelson.

RA2425 – Dermie Bowler, Waitoa.

RA2426 – L. Gade-Jorgensen, Denmark.

RA2432 – Harry J. Putland, 1 Torokina Place, Penrose, Auckland.

RA2436 – Stan MacFarlane, Wellington.

RA2437 –R.Smyth, 48 Ward St., Addington, Christchurch.

RA2438 – Ian Pryke, 1 Broadway Avenue, Vogeltown, New Plymouth.

RA2439 – A. C. Riordan, c/o P.O. RNZAF Station, Ohakea.

RA2440 – A. Redshaw, Sicklefield St., Alderly, Brisbane, Qld., Aust.

RA2441 – S. Bowman, 64 Lake Rd., Devonport, Auckland.

RA2442 – Barry Williams, 5 Norana Ave., Remuera, Auckland.

RA2443 – Fritz Buettner, 14a Goppingen/Wurtt, Bluemenster 42, Germany.

RA2444 – Ake Johannson, Korsorvagen 22a, Malmo, Sweden.

RA2445 – Ian McKenzie, 32 Hutcheson St., Blenheim.

RA2446 – Bob Morse, 282 Church St., Onehunga, Auckland.

RA2447 – Des Frampton, 26 Dyson St., Invercargill. (Also NZDXL)

RA2448 – Brian Webb, Awarua. also 50 James St., Rotorua & later Upper Hutt.

RA2449 – A. J. Allen, 133 Bourke St., Invercargill.

RA2450 – Jack Corbett, Craddock St., Holland Park, Brisbane, Aust.

RA2451 – G. C. Roberts, Flat 241, Linton Camp, Palmerston North.

RA2452 – Robin Chambers, Te Namu Rd., Opunaki.

RA2453 – J. Henderson, c/o P.O. Box 886, Dunedin.

RA2454 – D. W. Ruby, c/o Anderson Railway Station, Victoria, Australia.

RA2455 – M. Russell, 22 Jersey St., Mt. Albert SW2, Auckland.

RA2456 – I. G. Scoble, 17 Rutherford St., Te Awamutu.

RA2456 – Ross McIntyre, New Plymouth.

RA2457 – Peter Webb, Humphries St., Inglewood, Taranaki.

RA2458 – Ron Raperly, (Rapley) 1 Richmond St., Fitzroy, New Plymouth.

RA2459 – Don Scott, 6 Parris St., New Plymouth.

RA2460 – P. H. Hofacher, 59 Devon St., East, New Plymouth.

RA2461 – T. L. Trinker, 22 Domett Avenue, Epsom, Auckland.

RA2462 – T. W. McKain, P.O. Box 9008, Newmarket, Auckland.

RA2463 – Mr. Worthington, 249 Titirangi Rd., Via New Lynn, Auckland.

RA2464 – Ron. Wilkinson, 479 Pt. Chevalier Rd., Pt. Chevalier, Auckland.

RA2465/2456 – Ross McIntyre, Eliot Rd., Westown, New Plymouth.

RA2466 – M. McMahon, 14 Baring Terrace, Strandon, New Plymouth.

RA2467  – Norm M. Hurring, c/o N.Z. Railway Station, Parera via Hindon, Central Otago.

RA2468 – P. W. Taylor, 11 Tingey Avenue, Fielding.

RA2469 – Ross McCallum, 25 Karaka St., Riccarton, Christchurch.

RA2470 – Jim Carmeni, c/o Railway Outward Goods, New Plymouth.

RA2471 – H. J. McNaught, Menin Rd., Raumati South, Wellington.

RA2472 – Phil A. Jellyman, 121 Maxwell Rd., Blenheim.

RA2473 – Mrs. A. C. Knight, 42 New St., Ponsonby, Auckland.

RA2474 – Mr. B. Bowler, c/o V. Gawler, 8 Pukeko St., Frankton, Waikato.

RA2475 – Mr. Jim Shand, 18 Galloway St., Dunedin.

RA2476 – Mr. Tom S. G. Bently, 63 Jeffreys Rd., Fendalton, NW1, Christchurch.

RA2477 – L. J. Nuttall, 49 Wychbury St., Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA2478 – John E. Major, 169 Spey St., Invercargill. Later Palmerston North.

RA2479 – Dave A. Shackleton, Student Hostel, Lincoln College, Canterbury.

RA2480 – David L. F. Wheller, 71 Lorna St., New Plymouth.

RA2481 – M. N. Simpson, 18 Balmoral St., Oamaru.

RA2482 – Eric R. Hignett, 13 Hamilton Avenue, Fedalton, Christchurch.

RA2483 – Colin J. Shackleton, 51 Hawthorne Avenue, Mornington, Dunedin.

RA2484 – I. McKenzie, 52 Molesworth St., North Melbourne, Vic, Aust.

RA2485 – Ian J. Stanley, 28 Park Rd., Glen Iris SE6, Vict. Aust.

RA2486 – Mr. I. H. Wells, Starkeys Rd., No 1 R.D., Morrinsville.

RA2487 – Mr. John A. Campbell, 35 Devonshire St., North Walkerville, South Australia.

RA2488 – Mr. E. McIntosh, 240 George St., Invercargill. (Possibly Eric NZRDXL)

RA2489 – Mr. B. D. Smith, 3 Nelson St., Waitara, Taranaki.

RA2490 – George Francis, Victoria, Australia. or 

Mr. W. G. Frankia, Fishing Craft Radio Service, Woolammi Rd., Dalyston, Victoria, Australia.

RA2491 – Mr. T. J. E. Vernon, 2 Ruru Rd., Taihape.

RA2492 – Mr. R. Homewood, c/o Ramarama P.O., Ramarama, Auckland. (Bob?)

RA2493 – Charlie (Chas.) (Bullfighter) Lilley, 372 Mangorei Road, New Plymouth. or Mr. C. H. W. Lilley, 256 Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington.

RA2494 – Mr. P. George, 9 Edge Hill, C4., Wellington.

RA2495 – Mr. W. A. Rooke, 18 Avon St., Parnell, C4., Auckland.

RA2496 – Mr. R. H. Hovey, 20 Sixth St., Parkdale, Victoria, Australia.

RA2497 – Mr. T. Cave, 63 Station Rd., Seddon, Melbourne, Australia.

RA2498 – Mr. L. R. Whittington, P&T Hostel, Trentham, Wellington.

RA2499 – Mr. L. Tite, P.O. Box 1828, Christchurch.

RA2500 – Mr. R. J. Milne, 57 Herbert St., Gisborne.

RA2501 – Eddie Salisbury, 15 Drake St., New Plymouth.

RA2502 – Mr. W. N. Walls, c/o Sergeants Mess, Lauthala Bay, Fiji.

RA2503 – Mr. D. J. Askine, 1601 Sunnyvale Ave., Walnut Creek, California.

RA2504 – Mr. J. Kolarik, 17 Mason Ave., Elwood, Victoria, Australia.

RA2505 – Mr. A. A. Watson, 3 Dryden St., Sumner, Christchurch.

RA2506 – Mr. Les Hall, 42 Dillon St., Blenheim.

RA2507 – Mr. N. W. Clover, 5 Grotto St., Onehunga, Auckland. (RA1643??)

RA2508 – Leo Neal, P.O. Staff, 112 Orlando St., Stratford.

RA2509 – John McKinnon, 18 Sinclair St., Upper Hutt.

RA2510 – Mr. G. H. Cantwell, Stork Hotel, 504 Elizabeth St., Melbourne C1, Australia.

RA2511 – Mr. Caleb G. Cooper, P.O. Box 89, Inglewood, Taranaki.

RA2512 – Mr. R. Legget, 28 Kiwi St., Lower Hutt, Wellington.

RA2513 – Mr. P. Van Loo, P.O. Box 2724, Auckland.

RA2514 – Mr. Charles Sheppard, 43 East Comer, St. Johns, Worcester, England.

RA2515 – Mr. D. Hockley, 9 Green Rd., Woodville, South Australia.

RA2516 – Mr. L. Potroz, Box 83, Inglewood, Taranaki.

RA2517 – Mr. L. Oben, 14 Fingall St., South Dunedin.

RA2518 – Mr. A. Wright, Springston Hotel, No. 9 R.D., Canterbury.

RA2519 – Mr. F. H. Price, 10 Dunedin St., Mt. Hawthorne, W. Australia.

RA2520 – Mr. A. G. Lyttle, P.O. Box 2043, Wellington.

RA2521 – Mr. Ivan Todd, 9 Whitby St., Mornington, Dunedin.

RA2522 – Mr. H. George Trotman, 28 Sturt St., Townsville, North Queensland.

RA2523 – Mrs. N. A. McDonald, 31 Anzac Rd., Whangarei.

RA2524 – Wally S. Reid, 158 Vigor Brown St., Napier.

RA2525 – Mr. R. J. Jameson, 89 Puriri St., Riccarton, Christchurch.

RA2526 – Mr. R. D. Knox, Peachgrove Rd., Hamilton.

RA2527 – Mr. N. Martin, 15 Sydney St., Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA2528 – Mr. J. Chapman, c/o Col. J. Chapman, 1810A, HQ 315 Air Division APO 704, San Francisco, U.S.A.

RA2529 – Mr. G. Phillips, c/o Mr. R. Murphy, 11 Alba Rd., Epsom, Auckland.

RA2530 – Mr. M. Stevenson, 16 Pasadena Avenue, Pt. Chevalier, Auckland.

RA2531 – Mr. B. M. G. White, 86 Hobson St., Wellington.


RA2535 – Mr. A. Parges, “Portofino”, 17 King St., Ivanhoe, East Victoria, Australia.

RA2536 – John Watson, Waipawa.

RA 2540 – Vince Kelly, c/o 3 Wholley St., Bayswater, West Australia.

RA2541 – Mr. I. Preddy, 3 Telecommunications, RAAF Pearce, West Australia.

RA2542 – Sgt. P. L. Barton, Sergeants Mess, RNZAF Station Shelly Bay, Wellington.

RA2543 – Mr. G. D. Williams, 50 Skipton St., Shirley, Christchurch.

RA2544 – Mr. R. Murry Cowles, 352 Manchester St., Christchurch.

RA2545 – Mr. H. R. Pick, Sunfruit Orchards, Hamilton.

RA2546 – Mr. D. Shand, c/o Post Office, Eltham.

RA2547 – Ron F. Killick, Signals Office, RNZAF Station Woodbourne, Blenheim. Later 67 Dunbars Road, Christchurch 8003.

RA2549 – Bernard Brown, 196 Abby St., Derby England.

RA2550 – Don Colbert, Te Tawa R.D., Inglewood.

RA2552 – Mr. E. Burnham, 291 Queen St., Levin, Wellington.

RA2551 – H. J. Wilkinson Jr., 6620 Beeman Av., Nth. Hollywood, California, U.S.A

RA2552 – Hank J. Wilkinson, 6620 Beeman Av., Nth. Hollywood, California, U.S.A. (Henry)

RA2553 – Mr. J. Lockwood, c/o N.Z.R., Waitati.RA2556 – Ray E. Pritchard, Auckland.

RA2553 – Mr. Graeme Neville Lynd Young, Box 47, Hamilton.

RA2554 – Dave E. Brame, Palm Beach, Waiheke Island, Auckland.

RA2554 – Mr. Heinrich Philipp Landsgutasse, 41/19 Vienna 10, Austria.

RA2555 – Mr. Ian G. Dunn, 30 Glengyle St., Dunedin.

RA2556 – Mr. Ross Glenville Biggar, 9 Palfrey St., Upper Hutt, Wellington.

RA2562 – Graeme Claridge, Christchurch.

RA2563 – Mr. N. D. de Castro, Dawson Falls, Hostel, Box 29, Kaponga.

RA2564 – Mr. Gordon S. Dean, Box 33, Pio Pio.

RA2565 – Mr. P. J. Tighe, Eastern Hostel, Yallhourn, E. Victoria, Aust.

RA2566 – W. Noel Brown, 22 Churchill Street, Dunedin S.2.Dunedin.

RA2567 – Mr. Ray. H. Pritchard, 21 Kowhai Ave., Beach Haven, Auckland.

RA2568 – Mr. Ed. J. Ivory, 1 Kenny Ave., Ahuriri, Napier.

RA2569 – Mr. Des. J. Burrows, 168 Waghorne, St., Ahuriri.

RA2570 – Mr. Roy Forsyth, 93 Mill Rd., Whangarei.

RA2571 – Mr. Wim Pastoor, Forest Service Camp 8, Karioi, M.T.L.

RA2572 – Mr. B. V. Slade, c/o Geo-Thermal Investigations, Taupo.

RA2573 – Mr Bill Woller, Longfellow Rd., Opunake, Taranaki.

RA2574 – Mr. B. J. Cumming, 159 Esplanade, Brighton, Adelaide, S. Australia.

RA2575 – Mr. R. John Waugh, Mt View Place, New Plymouth.

RA2576 – Mr. B. W. Scott, 5 Mills St., Eltham, Taranaki.

RA2577 – Mr. R. Cadness, 11 Tiri Rd., Milford, Auckland.

RA2578 – Mr. A. G. Jones, 64 Jutland Rd., Takapuna, Auckland.

RA2579 – Mr. W. H. Deverall, c/o Radio Section Engineer-In-Chief’s Office, G.P.O. Wellington.

RA2580 – Mr. N. M. Bieleski, 35 Ngaiwi St., Orakei, Auckland.

RA2581 – Mr. M. Richard, Carlyle St., Te Aroha.

RA2581 – Murray Dick, 9 Carlyle Street, Te Aroha and Wellington.

RA2582 – Mr. Ivor Benoy, 26 Leo St., Kenilworth, Johannesburg, S. Africa.

RA2583 – Mr. W. J. Burns, 10 Russell St., Upper Hutt.

RA2584 – Mr. Barrie Boyce, 146 Abbott St., Sandringham, Victoria, Aust.

RA2585 – Mr. F. E. James, 45 Nelson St., Auckland City.

RA2586 – Mr. R. J. Newstead, Flat 4, 8 Ethel St, Eastwood, Sydney, Aust.

RA2592 – Des Davies, Te Kuiti.

RA2596 – Graeme F. Sheffield, c/o Lane and Horton, 405 Avenue Rd., E. Hastings.

RA2597 – M. H. Limbrick, Kenilworth St., Waipawa, Hawkes Bay.

RA2598 – W. F. Flynn, 964 “The Almeda”, Berkely 7, California, U.S.A.

RA2599 – Thomas Johnston, 24a Fraser Rd., Devonport, Auckland.

RA2600 – W. D. Sutherland, 153 Ravensbourne, Dunedin. (Bill)

RA2601 – Peter? A. Gatehouse, Princess Highway, Milton C6, N.S.W., Aust.

RA2602 – T. J. Spackman, 109 East St., Fielding, N. Z.

RA2603 – J. A. Beavon, Govt House, Melbourne, Vic., Aust.

RA2604 – Ian J. Smith, Eltham Rd., Opunake.

RA2605 – A. J. Peters, 8 Rienzi Flats, West Espl., Manly, N.S.W., Aust.

RA2606 – Mr. Roi Goss, Marine Parade, Paraparumu Beach.

RA2607 – Mr. V. Gabriel, Amari, Papua New Guinea.

RA2608 – Mr. Allan W. Hasler, 43 Gonville Ave., Wanganui.

RA2609 – Mr. J. M. McCulloch, No. 2 R.D., Morrinsville.

RA2610 – Mr. Giunio Lioncini, Maui Road, Pt. Lonsdale, Vic. Aust.

RA2611 – Mr. Robert Henry Keay, 48a Victoria St., Onehunga, Auck.

RA2612 – Mr. Robert Henry Elston, 27 Chichester St., Radly, Chch.

RA2613 – Mr. John Burt, 19 James St., Dandenong, Vic., Aust.

RA2614 – Mr. Ken Robertson, Box 9, Port Albert, Sth. Gippsland, Vic., Aust.

RA2615 – 78310 B/E Howell, G.P, “C” Flight, BES, Woodbourne RNZAF.

RA2616 – Mr. Keith Wells, P.O. Box 15, Waitara, Taranaki.

RA2617 – Mr. Barry L. Marx, c/- R. H. Marx, No. 6 R.D., Otoranga.

RA2618 – Mr. M. H. Harrison, 28 Nelson St., Hawera, Taranaki.

RA2619 – Mr. Robin R. Elsmore, 8 Glenpark St., Nth. Mackay, Qsld., Aust.

RA2620 – Mr. Jim D. Maindonald, 126 Conway Road, Eltham, Taranaki.

RA2621 – Mr. I. Jungwirth, The Avenue, Lr. Ferntree Gully, Melbourne.

RA2622 – Mr. M. J. Swinden, 12 The Glen, Lr. Ferntree Gully, Melbourne.

RA2623 – Mr. Graeme Nasmith, P.O. Box 217, New Plymouth.

RA2624 – Mr. Lindsay Boys, 34 Titoki St., Stoke, Nelson.

RA2625 – Mr. D. L. Edgar, “C” Flight, BES, RNZAF Woodbourne.

RA2626 – Mr K. G. Brown, c/- 126 catherine St., Invercargill.

RA2627 – W. J. Jarvis, 40 Grey St., N.E.V., Dunedin.

RA2628 – D. Oliver, 15A Strange St., Waitara.

RA2629 – Mr. Ronald Hamilton, 413 High St., Dunedin.

RA2630 – Mr. Walter E. Richards, 179 Gillies Ave., Epsom, Auckland.

RA2631 – Mr. John Wray, 42 Seddon St., Naenae, Lower Hutt.

RA2632 – Mr. John K. Marsh, 351 Main South Rd., Oakura, New Plymouth.

RA2633 – Mr. Desmond Moir, 5 Harpham St., Taradale, Hawkes Bay.

RA2634 to RA2646 September 1956 Issue. (missing)

RA2641 – Barry Sefton, Broadway St., Stratford.

RA2644 – Eric McKechnie, 21 Ascot St., Dunedin.

RA2644 Cert

RA2647 – Mr. H. E. Bennet, 35 King St., Timaru.

RA2648 – Mr A. W. Chorlton, Morris Rd., Manurewa, Auckland.

RA2649 – J/Tel Rex A. Handcock, NZ154700 B5. Dorm., H.M.N.Z.S. Philomel, c/- G.P.O. Auckland.

RA2650 – Mr. D. Synnott, NZ15544, B5. Dorm., H.M.N.Z.S. Philomel, Ak.

RA2651 – Mr. M. G. Smith, Tudor Tea Rooms, Te-Aroha.

RA2652 – Mr. J. B. Ashby, 82 White swan Rd., Mt. Roskill, Auckland.

RA2653 – Mr. M. Woon, 1039 Dominion Rd., Mt. Roskill, Auckland.

RA2654 – Mr. Robert E. J. Price, 108 Landsdowne Rd., South Perth, West Aust.

RA2655 – Mr. Neil Bowman, c/- Post Office, Seacliff.

RA2656 – Mr. J. C. Redman, c/- Police Station, Georgetown Rd., Waratah, N.S.W., Aust.

RA2657 – Mr. Cyril J. Anderson, 56 Fairfield St., Mt. Hawthorn, West Aust.

RA2658 – Mr. F. Kluth, Flat 9, RAAF Camp, Wembly, West Aust.

RA2659 – Mr. David R. Nairn, 30 ApukaSt., Drooklyn, Wellington.

RA2660 – Mr. R. Daw, c/- Post Office, Bunnythorpe.

RA2661 – Mr. Ferg. O. Strange, 15 Cameron St., Hawera.

RA2662 – Maurice Beyer, 871 Dominion Rd., Flat 3, Auckland.

RA2663 – Darrel G. Bramley, 99 Margaret St., Mayfield East, Newcastle, N.S.W., Aust.

RA2664 – Eric G. Simpson, 30 Marine Pde., Dunedin.

RA2665 – J. Crawford, 28 Lake View St., Speers Pt., N.S.W., Aust.

RA2666 – G. A. K. Francis, 11 Russell St., Lower Hutt.

RA2667 – P. Quinlan, 48 Sentinel St., Herne Bay, Auckland.

RA2668 – 647851 L/cpl W. Walker, RNZ Signals Depot, Papakura.

RA2669 – Neil Lithgow, 5 Moerangi St., Palmerston North.

RA2670 – D. R. Meinsma, C/o Postmaster, Shoal Bay, N.S.W., Aust.

RA2671 – D. Clarke, 41 Shackleton St., New Brighton, Ch-Ch.

RA2672 – K. Branch, 54 Bega St., Bega, N.S.W. Australia.

RA2673 – F. L. Stewart, 51 Kent St., Kew, E4 Vict., Australia.

RA2674 – Allan G. Jamieson, 13 Station St., Hamilton, Vict., Aust.

RA2675 – Bryce Eastwood, Box 29, Terang, Victoria, Australia.

RA2676 – F. P. Flynn, Private Bag No. 6, Apsley, Vict. Aust.

RA2677 – David Wadman, 191 Estuary Rd., Sth. Brighton, Ch-Ch.

RA2678 – Howard Buxton, 228 Estuary Rd., Sth. Brighton, Ch-Ch.

RA2679 – D. Quarterman, 937 Spearman Ave., Farrell, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

RA2680 – C. Croy, Sth. Bridge R.D.?, Christchurch.

RA2681 – B. Kenah, 197 Carlyle St., Napier.

RA2682 – B. Longbottom, C/o P.O. Gloucester, N.S.W., Australia.

RA2683 – J. Winch, Box 110, Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia.

RA2684 – J. W. Isbister, 24 Stewart Rd., Mt. Albert, Auckland.

RA2685 – J. F. Selby, Wesley College, Paerata, Auckland.

RA2686 – T. G. Wilkin, Box 147, Crystal Brook, Sth. Australia.

RA2687 – J. Brown, 271 Riverside Drive, Lower Hutt.

RA2688 – M.C.L. Lawton, 57 Gwelo St., West-Footscray, Melbourne, Vict. Australia.

RA2689 – R. Thatcher, No-Ray-Al, Sandels Rd., Tacoma, Vict. Australia.

RA2690 – Mrs. J. Forrest, 5 Onslow Rd., Kingsland, Auckland.

RA2691 – Mrs. P. Cufflin, 3 Portage Rd., Via New Lynn, Green Bay, Ak.

RA2692 – Owen J. Gager, 23 Fairleigh Ave., Mt. Albert, Auckland.

RA2693 – L. Snowball, Woodsmans Hostel, Kaingaroa.

RA2694 – 689111, Anderson, W.P., Radio Servicing Flight, RNZAF, Ohakea.

RA2694 – Noel Vietmeyer.

RA2695 – Mr. P. Downey, 155 Thompson St., Drummoyne, N.S.W., Australia.

RA2696 – Mr. N. Vietmeyer, 1 Corbett St., Green Island, Dunedin.

RA2697 – Mr. S. S. Wakefield, 46 grendon St., Maori Hill, Dunedin.

RA2698 – Mr. R. Brain, 70 Norwich St., Christchurch.

RA2699 – Mr. Brian Prosser, 364 Lord St., E. Perth, West Australia.

RA2700 – Mr. B. Royston, 214 Illawarra Rd., Marrickville, Sydney, Aust.

RA2701 – Mr. Roger Dunn, c/- H. H. Boniface, 22 Blackmore, St., New Plymouth.

RA2702 – Mr. Graeme Henry, Duthie Rd., Hawera.

RA2703 – Mr. Les Pauling, Okau Dairy Co., Ahititi.

RA2704 – Mr. K. F. Warren, Walwa Bakery, Walwa, Vict. Australia.

RA2705 – Mr. Colin K. Ashton, Air Radio Section, Ohakea.

RA2706 – Mr. F. L. A. Stap. Verl, Oosterwegi 126, Groningen, Netherlands.

RA2707 – Mr. A. Martin, Titoki Rd., Mangere, Auckland.

RA2708 – Mr. Rod. J. Barkworth, P.O. Box 3654, Auckland.

RA2709 – Mr. F. L. Hardwick, 28 Streatley Rd., Riversdale, West Aust.

RA2710 – Mr. R. Brown, 20 Tyrwhitt Ave., N.S.W., Australia.

RA2711 – Mr. Cyril Hibbert, 216 Powderham St., New Plymouth.

RA2712 – l. S. DAY, C/- Post Office, Orewa.

RA2713 – Norman Dalziel, Box 1580 V, G.P.O. Brisbane, Aust.

RA2714 – W. R. Francis, Box 162, Victor Harbour, South Australia.

RA2715 – John Staddon, 3 Strange St., Waitara.

RA2716 – H. Smit, 316 Manchester St., Christchurch.

RA2717 – Godfrey W. Gray, 119 Molesworth St., Taita, Lower Hutt.

RA2718 – K. W. Black, Mount St., Waikouaiti.

RA2719 – Braddon Smellie, 45 Bellamy Ave., South Brighton, Christchurch.

RA2720 – Antonio Novales, Humbert 1, 3438, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

RA2721 – B. Tozer, Kiokio Rd4, Otorohanga.

RA2722 – B. Stuart, 612 Featherston St., Palmerston North.

RA2723 – Errol Thomas, 54 Clyde Cres., Palmerston North.

RA2724 – D. Sieverts, 47 James St., Palmerston North.

RA2725 – R. Dobson, 15 Frederick St., Palmerston North.

RA2726 – Gus A. Hansen, Elko Farm, Valley Rd., Takaninni.

RA2727 – M. V. White, 2 T.T.S. Wigram, Christchurch.

RA2728 – W. G. D. Gordon, Students Hostel, Lincoln College.

RA2729 – R. P. England, 9 Lynton St., Vogeltown, New Plymouth.

RA2730 – Ian Rookes, Barrett Rd., New Plymouth.

RA2731 – Stan Abrahams, Koru Rd., Omata, New Plymouth.

RA2732 – Don. Steer, 205 Courtenay St., New Plymouth.

RA2733 – D. Ladyman, 9 Williams St., Palmerston North.

RA2734 – Graeme Kingswell, 158 Ruahine St., Palmerston North.

RA2735 – M. G. Mackay, 10 Clarance Rd., Northcote, Auckland.

RA2736 – K. Kirkby, 5 Lesney St., Dunedin W1.

RA2737 – M. Davis, 91 Great South Rd., Papakura.

RA2738 – M. A. Clark, 8 Holdsworth St., Ascot Vale, W2, Vict., Aust.

RA2739 – J. Ofsoski, c/o Parker, Dalefeild, Carterton.

RA2740 – Mrs. R. S. Hardwick, 28 Streatley Rd., Riversdale, Perth, W. A.

RA2741 – F. R. Sontay, Mukinbudin, Western Australia.

RA2742 – G. A. Fox, c/o 370 High St., Preston, Melbourne, Aust.

RA2743 – R. B. Bosma, 13 Godfrey Place, Kohimarama, Auckland.

RA2744 – 2/7104 Cpl. F. K. Frost, T Comd. Intercom, TP. Brighton Camp, Tas., Aust. (Roy)

RA2745 – E. Duncan, 18 Thompson St., Wellington.

RA2746 – M. Harwood, 4 R.D. Springston, Christchurch.

RA2747 – Jeff B. Holder, 184 Travis RD., New Brighton, Christchurch.

RA2748 – R. P. Cross, c/- Hostel, Karapiro Hydro.

RA2749 – Barry Laurent, Henwood Rd., Bell Block, new Plymouth.

RA2750 – Ben Deibler, 178 Main St., Wellsburg, New York, USA.

RA2751 – J. C. Kautz, No 8 R.D. Drummond, Invercargill.

RA2752 – G. Phillis, 40 nelson St., Risoon Park, Port Pirie, Sth Aust.

RA2753 – Keith Knapman, Mangorei Road, New Plymouth.

RA2754 – Alex. Chang, 10 Prince Albert Road, Dunedin S2.

RA2755 – T. Craig Lukeman, 30 Somerville St., Dunedin E.1.

RA2756 – John L. Edwards, 27 Heath St., Dunedin E.1.

RA2757 – J. Milton, C/- Mr. West (Private Bag) Gundowring Roadside, Via Wodnga, Vic., Aust.

RA2758 – David B. Brown, 32 Eskvale St., Dunedin, S.2.

RA2759 – Ronald Pearson, P.O. Box 95, Parramatta, N.S.W., Australia.

RA2760 – G. Roberts, 10 Worthing St., Wynnum, Central, Brisbane, Aust.

RA2761 – John Fredricks, 314 South 13th Ave., Yakima, Washington, USA.

RA2762 – B. Russell, 22 Jersey Ave., Mt. Albert, Auckland.

RA2763 – Lindsay Amies, 53 Ascot St., Dunedin.  (Les)

RA2764 – P. M. Keane, 3 O’Neill St., Ponsonby, Auckland.

RA2765 – J. Young, 15 Athelston St., Spreydon, Christchurch.

RA2766 – Ted Metcalfe, Box 88, Inglewood, Taranaki.

RA2767 – Warren Powis, 111 Seabrook Ave., New Lynn, Auckland.

RA2768 – Russel A. N. Boon, 80 Manchester St., Christchurch.

RA2769 – Roger Hamilton, 136 Blacks Rd., Opoho, Dunedin.

RA2770 – Ronald A. Trainor, Station House, Sawyers Bay, Dunedin.

RA2771 – Commander Roger A. Bisbee, F.P.O. 3080, San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A.

RA2771 – Cyril Hibbert.

RA2772 – Roger Simms, 11 Pahiatua St., Palmerston North.

RA2773 – R. Rivers, Troup Rd., R.D. Woodville.

RA2774 – Colin Schwamm, 210 Ferguson St., Palmerston North.

RA2775 – Gozi Shudian, Peking, China.

RA2776 – B. Whitmore, St. Johns House, Kings College, Otahuhu, Auckland.

RA2777 – L. R. Martinson, 35 Church St., Otahuhu, Auckland.

RA2778 – A. Collins, Milson Line, 8 RD Palmerston North.

RA2779 – Nicholas Phillips, 123 Kermode St., Ashburton.

RA2780 – J. F. Crandle, Gordon St., Dargaville, Nth. Auckland.

RA2781 – Frederick J. Somerville, 7A Tiri Rd., Milford, Auckland.

RA2782 – Ian Ross, 96 Stafford St., Dunedin.

RA2783 – Ricky Miles, 80 Vogel St., Palmerston North.

RA2784 – Gerald Lockett, 536 Albert St., Palmerston North.

RA2785 – Ian Macandrew, 22 Heath St., Andersons Bay, Dunedin.

RA2786 – P. Montgomery, 9 Bellevue St., Dunedin.

RA2787 – E. Hodges, 63 Plymouth Road, Omata, New Plymouth.

RA2788 – K. J. Wright, 5 Swanston St., Hobart, Tasmania.

RA2789 – L. A. Harraway, 37 Skibo St., Dunedin.

RA2790 – Morry G. Foster, Brighton Camp, Tasmania.

RA2791 – J. R. Foster, Brighton Camp, Tasmania.

RA2792 – J. Williams, 131 Chester St., Christchurch.

RA2793 – George Walker, C/- Army Dept., Ham St., Palmerston North.

RA2793 – (Re-alloted) D. S. Pratt, 91 Paget St., Hilton Park, Sth. Freemantle, W. Aust.

RA2794 – Ian Barnes, 631 Featherston St., Palmerston North.

RA2795 – R. J. Southgate, Flat 74, 281 Riccarton Rd., Ch-Ch.

RA2796 – W. A. Langford, 181 Te Awe St., Palmerston North.

RA2797 – John H. Cadness, 11 Tiri Rd., Milford, Auckland N2.

RA2798 – S. Griffiths, Sunset Ave., Taupo.

RA2799 – Colin Kennedy, 11 Loom St., Kaikorai, Dunedin.

RA2800 – K. J. Mussen, 86 colombo Ave., Dunedin SW2.

RA2801 – James A. Evans, 231 Ferguson St., Palmerston North.

RA2802 – Warwick Tidswell, 10 Swinburn St., Dannevirke.

RA2803 – Paul K. Johnstone, 34 Islington St., N.E.V. Dunedin NE1.

RA2804 – Douglas Johns, 19 Somerfield St., Christchurch.

RA2805 – R. Britton, 7 Glassbrook Rd., Rushden, Northants, England.

RA2806 – Frank E. Burdett, 33 Sangr Circle, Taiping, Perak, Malaya.

RA2807 – A. H. Petrie, Flat 8, Lawrence Courts, Manor Place, Dunedin C2.

RA2808 – C. J. S. Archer, Doctors Point, Waitati, Otago.

RA2809 – P. T. Graham, Grahams Rd., No. 1 R.D. Puketaha, Hamilton.

RA2810 – Thomas R. Homewood, Rama Rama, Auckland.

RA2811 – John G. Stephens, 64 Stuart St., Invercargill.

RA2812 – I. M. Trewartha, 18 Willerton Ave., New Lynn, Auckland SW4.

RA2813 – N. E. Archer, 65 Moana Ave., Onehunga, Auckland SE5.

RA2814 – W. G. Patterson, 9 Dynnyrne Rd., Hobart, Tasmania.

RA2815 – Lloyd Davies, 14 York St., Dannevirke.

RA2820 – Barry Hartley, Mairangi Bay.

RA2950 – Michael P. Hardie, 27 Cardiff Street, Palmerston North.


RA3038 – Ivan McEwen, Christchurch.

RA3102 – Lewis W. Thompson, 36 Allenby Ave., Pine Hill, Dunedin.


RA3139 – Roger I. Pryde, 392 Pine Hill Road, Dunedin.

RA3289 – Chris Hattan – Hamilton.

RA3309 – Greg Trotter, Christchurch.

RA3366 – John Davies, Brisbane.

RA3388 – Roger Park, Lower Hutt.

RA3436 – Ali MacArthur, Long Beach.

RA3530 – Andy McQueen, Trentham.


A number of RA members used to write to the various radio magazines of the times and used pseudonyms, and it is apparent these were used within the bulletin also.

Reading through these notes there is discussion on what is appropriate for a pseudonym. Some consider the town the member lives in and others consider a family or object name. It seems it was left to the individual.

Afgan” – Christchurch RA578

Akina” – Hastings, RA491

All Wave” – South Dunedin

Amazon” – Otahuhu

Arvakr” – Christchurch

Aztec” – Hamilton

Chingford” – Christchurch, RA4

Digger” – RA190

Domini” – Moeraki later S. Leonards

Dalmore” – Dunedin, RA16

Dial Twirler” – Rotorua. (male)

Eaglet” – Lower Hutt

Eve” – Belfast, Christchurch, RA248

Hardatit” – Hastings

Hutch”, Mosgiel.

Ikanui” – Hastings

Insomnia” – Christchurch

Jonah” – Wellington.

Kangarooster” – Bendigo, Victoria, RA 384

Kennedy” – Seacliff, Mr Walter Singleton, RA484.

Kiwi” – Christchurch

Lone Star” – Christchurch RA4

Majestic” – Hastings

Marae-kakaho” – Hastings

Marama” – Invercargill

Mavis” – Hastings, RA109


Mercury” – Auckland

Miramar” – RA311

Miromiro” – Hastings
”Nala” – Dunedin

Night-Owl” – Christchurch

Notnats” – St. Leonards, Dunedin.

Oreti” – Invercargill

Purakanui” – Dunedin

Radex” Dunedin – RA16

Rajah” – Dannevirke also Wellington

Ranganui” – RA31

Roger” – Invercargill

Sparks” – Dunedin, RA739

Single Editor” – RA9

Stella” –RA1061, Auckland

Teych” – Invercargill, RA286 also RA219

The Southlander” – Merv Branks, RA62

Titanic” – South Dunedin

Waitiri” – Dunedin

WOB” – Christchurch, RA809

Viking” – Christchurch, RA810

Waimana” – Dunedin

Wharanui”, Mrs. C. A. Keeling, Motueka

Zeannette” New Brighton.

nzdxra6 nzdxra7

Names to be Associated with RA Numbers

M. Anderson, Napier

Frank Andrews,

Mr. Armitage, Napier

H. F. Banfield, Christchurch

J. Bain, Dunedin

S. Barrett, Invercargill

Bas. Beauchamp, Wellington (one of Wellington’s oldest members)

W. J. Bloxham, Dunedin

G. Bott, Hastings

Chas. Brown, Wellington

F. D. Carter, Payneham, South Australia

S. H. Churley, Christchurch

Mr. W. Coppen, Timaru. (deceased April 1939)

Mr. Coates, Hastings

R. O. Cotterall, Whangarei

G. T. Coutts, Dunedin

H. Christensen, Taumaranui

W. F. Crooks, South Dunedin.

F. Crasado, Invercargill or F. Crosado, Invercargill

Maurice Dickie, Wanganui.

J. C. A. Donaldson, Otahuhu

Mr. Douglas, Waikouaiti, South Dunedin branch. Possibly RA335.

Mr. Downes, Southland

Bert Duncan, 42 Rex St., Mirimar, Wellington

Mr. Fairey, Napier

R. Fulljames, Whangarei.

H. Garratt, Lower Hutt.

T. Ghent, Wanganui

R. J. Gillingham, Auckland

Mr. M. C. Goldstone, Auckland

K. Graham, Gisborne

Mr. Greaney, Napier

J. Hill-Scully, Moeraki (James??)

J. Hodsell, Whangarei.

J. Holden, Hastings.

Stanley Holloway, Christchurch

L. Holtz, Hawera

Alan Hutchison, Dunedin. “Hutch”.

Cyril Jackson, Southland. Joined 1939.

N. E. Jones, Christchurch.

R. Kirkby, Dunedin

P. T. Kite, Auckland

L. Knapp, Motueka

Mrs. C. A. Keeling, High St. South, Motueka. “Wharanui”.

J. E. Larsen, Manawatu branch

G. H. Law, Te Puke

A. H. Lenson, Christchurch.

H. Lethaby, South Dunedin

Mr. F. R. Lorrigan, Tauranga

Miss F. Mavis Lys, Hastings ((married RA member John Turich in Auckland)

Mr. R. A. Macintosh, Auckland

J. McGaughey, Whangarei

A. McGregor, Brogo, NSW

Jack McKenzie, Southland

Norm. C. Manchester, Christchurch (Secretary)

Raymond Martin, Matamata.

W. G. Martin, Christchurch

Mr. F. Melhuish, Christchurch

Reg Miller, Christchurch.

W. N. Mulgrave, Hastings

L. K. Neil, Dunedin

D. E. Neilson, South Dunedin

Jack Neilson, Southland.

I. Newrick, Hastings

Eddie Nolan, Hastings

W. J. Pattinson, Christchurch (Jim??)

Mr. B. A. Peachey, Auckland

W. D. Pearston, Christchurch

E. C. M. Philpott, 127 Westminster St., Christchurch N.1. (Eric??)

Mr. A. Piper, Wellington

H. Pithie, Dunedin

Ron Proctor, South Dunedin

R. P. Reid, Timaru

G. Sadler, Christchurch

Joe Saunders, Wellington

Mr. A. Scott, Napier

J. R. Sharp, Dunedin

Mr. R. H. Shepherd, Christchurch

Gordon M. Simes, Palmerston North. (later NZRDXL)

W. E. Smith, Christchurch

G. Stapleton, Hokitika

J. C. Stapleton (President)

Len Stewart, Dunedin.

J. T. Strother, 2 Ashbridge Rd., Napier

S. J. Sneddon, c/o L. McWatt, P.O., Maramarua

Mr. G. L. Teychenne, Southland

Alf Tossman, Wellington

Mr John Turich, Hastings later Wellington

Mr. R. Walker, Hastings

F. R. Waters, Christchurch

R. Wilkie, South Dunedin

Jas. Williamson, Nevis, Central Otago

Percey Withers, Wellington

Names To Be Assoctiated: (Part II)

Lindsay Aimes, Dunedin.

Bob Armishaw, Dunedin.

Ian Bailey,

Ivan Bailey, P.O. Box 703, Palmerston North.

Rod Barkworth, Auckland.

Mr. H. Barr, Auckland.

C. D. Bathurst, Auckland.

Maurice Beyer, Auckland.

N. Bieliski, Auckland.

I. Black, Canterbury.

Dave? Bramley, Christchurch.

G. H. Brookes, Stoke. (deceased 1956 – Early RA member)

John Brown, Private Bag, Oparau.

Ron Cameron, Bunnythorpe.

Colin Campbell, Sth. Auckland.also Hamilton.

John Campbell, Brookland Park, South Australia.

Lloyd Claydon, Auckland.

Don Colbert, Inglewood.

Don Colbucket, Inglewood.

Norman Dalzel, Brisbane, Aust.

Desmond Davey, Te Kuiti.

Robin Dawe, Manawatu.

B. Eastwood, Terang, Vic., Aust.

Roddy Farrow, 21 Gordon St., Masterton.

Mr. J. Forrest, 5 Onslow St., Kingsland, Auckland.

Selwyn Forrest, Auckland.

Jock Geddes, (Old Timer passed away 1958)

Rex Handcock, Auckland.

Jim Hewes, Hawera.

G. Howell, Napier.

Neil Howman, Seacliff.

Percy Hurly,

Tom Johnson, 14 Berkley Don Colbert, Taranaki.

Mr. E. Kay, Canterbury.

Henry J. Keen, 37 Dickson Cres., Sockburn, Christchurch.

Stewart Lister, Lake Rd., No, 1 R.D., Taupiri.

Stewart Macfarlane, Wellington.

Mike McMahon, 63 Glenfield Rd., Birkenhead, Auckland.St., Masterton.

Reg. Mace, Omata, New Plymouth.

P. Mahan, Canterbury.

Edwardos Manningos, (Ted), Taranaki.

John Miller, Wellington.

Ernie Mosen, New Plymouth.

Carl Newman, Bronx, New York.

Ivan Priddy Pearce, Western Australia.

Milton Pick, Sth. Auckland.

Keith Robinson – Kapuka.

Dave Shackleton, Dunedin.Later Hastings.

Ross Shakes, Maungaturoto.

Ed. Simpson, Dunedin.

Barrie Smith, 36 Pembroke Rd., Stratford. Later Auckland.

Ian Smith, Opunake.

Michael Smith, Te Aroha.

and Stewart, Dunedin.

Ron Stewart, Dunedin.

Sandy Sweeney, Palmerston Nth.

Steve Thomas, 35 Lee Street, Blenheim.

Terry Trenkner, Auckland.

Herbert Updike, State Hospital No.1, Fulton, Mo, U.S.A.

Bill Weir, Auckland.

Fred West, 127 Waghorne St., Ahuriri, Napier.

Mr. I. Wells, South Auckland.

Roddy Yarrow, Masterton.

Names To Be Assoctiated: (Part III)

Trevor Brightling, Dunedin.

Ken Brownless, York, England.

Jim Carmine, New Plymouth.

Russell G. Dickson, 88 Cockerell St., Brockville, Dunedin.

Dave Dow, Chatham Islands.

Roger Jamieson, Christchurch.

Jack Jennings, Wellington.

Pat O’Grady, Wellington.

Jack Rogers, Melbourne.

Joe Saunders, Add 20 Marion St., Wellington. Later 54 Pipitea St.

Neil Skeet, Masterton.

George Studd, Napier.

John Watson, Woodbourne, Blenheim.

Peter Wood, Inglewood.