Rod Barkworth – A Profile

Taken from the pages of a 1954 DX Times:

Rod Barkworth, or to give him his christened title, Rodney John, was the first president of the Auckland Branch, and again became chief officer at the July meeting instead of Ron Wilkinson, who is now secretary. Rod was born in Auckland but because of his “profession” as a “tax gatherer” had DXed in Wellington as well as the Queen city, his present address being 19 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket (or if you want to know the address of the Inland Revenue Dept, P.O. Box 9156). “Shorty” is 5ft 2 1/2in tall and every inch a DXer, weighs 10st 4lbs, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair and he is very definitely single. Rod became aware of DXing when he heard 1YZ testing in April 1949 and asking for reports. He now has 173 on BC and 218 on Shortwave, including 4GM 200W, Peking (700) YDP2 (3395) 250W, HCJB (6050) 1kW. His first verification was 1YZ on 5/5/49.  Because of his location in an industrial area, broadcast DX is very poor and its not too hot for shortwave either, but members will notice how persistence is rewarded, Rod being one of our most regular contributors over the years. His BC/SW verifications are, Australia 144/72, Oceania 7/16, Asia 3/28, Europe 0/44, North America 19/49, South America 0/5, Africa 0/4. Past receivers include d a Columbus 6v and Philips 8V, and at present a Pye 7v and Eddystone 670 7v. Rod’s ambition is to verify Australasia on BC, while a South American BC station is coveted, Rod’s sense of service goes beyond his work for the NZRDXL; he is secretary of the Epsom Division of St.John Ambulance Brigade. His age 22 3/4 years.