Ben Copedo Collection

With grateful thanks to Cliff McCauley (Ben’s nephew), we have been sent copies of some of New Zealand DX Radio Association member, Ben Capedo’s collection of DX memorabilia.

Ben Copedo
Ben was born and raised in Waitakere shifting to Henderson in 1962 . In his late teens/early twenties he became very interested in Radio and spent many hours listening to programs. He became involved in DX Radio in his twenties and it is items he collected during that time that we are pleased to be able to share with the NZ Radio DX League. Ben was a member of the Auckland Branch. Ben had a Golden Knight Radio and a 7 Valve Columbus Model 90. This Columbus Radio held pride of place in the dining room of his Henderson house. I can remember spending a lot of time as a youngster with my uncle Ben listening to this radio. He was deeply saddened when a valve failed and he was unable to find another one. Nevertheless the radio stayed in it’s place. After Ben passed away, we found a radio enthusiast who purchased the radio along with the original operating
instruction booklet. The purchaser later called and excitedly told us that he had taken a valve from another radio he had and that Ben’s radio was now working well.

The material provided covers a period circa 1946-1950. Ben was very interested in history and was a founding member of the West Auckland Historical Society doing a heap of research and writing several books and articles on West Auckland history.

Ben worked the majority of his life for Winstone Seeds and Arthur Yates and Co.
Ben would be very happy in the knowledge that others are getting pleasure from viewing his memorabilia.

Cliff McCauley. 06 July 2020

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 2ZJ Gisborne reception report.pdf

 CBC Canada International Service.pdf

 DX Radio Record.pdf

 Voice of the Andes, Equador.pdf

Swiss Transmissions Jan and May 1946

Radio Australia and BBC Feb and July 1947

Radio Australia 1947 Transmission Schedule 2

Radio Australia  1947 Transmission Schedule 1

Postcards from L Cufflin




QSLs Australia

QSLs Assorted 1

QSLs Assorted 2

QSL Radio Canada

Letters from L  Cufflin re membership

Letters from L Cufflin 1948 1949

Letters from L Cufflin 1948

DX Radio Whatisit

Canadian Broadcasting May 1948 and Sept 1950

Canada Broadcasting 1

Canada Broadcasting 2

BBC Shortwave band chart Pacific

BBC Shortwave band chart General North America

BBC Shortwave band chart General

BBC Shortwave band chart Africa

All India Radio Broadcasting 1947

Voice of the Andes

Radio log 1945 NZ and Australia and USA

Radio log 2

Reports sent out to Radio Stations on the Broadcast Band

Reports sent out to Radio Stations Various Countries

Reports sent to Radio Stations on the Short Wave Bands

L Cufflin Meeting 14 May 1947

L Cufflin Meeting 11 Nov 1946

L C Cufflin Results 6 dec 1948