Andrew Sunde

Andrew Sunde lives in Ohai and is currently the Leagues youngest member. I began listening to HCJB in 1998 on an older model transistor radio. This was the only tation I listened to, until I startsed to look around other parts of the shortwave band. I was surprised at all the stations I could hear. Via HCJB, I got in touch with some other DXers, including Mr. Jamieson. They got me started with my interest in DXing. I continued to use the same radio until last year, when, with Mr. Jamieson’s help, I was able to purchase a Sony ICF-2001. The antenna I have erected here in Ohai is a 5 MHz dipole with a balun given to me by Mr Ormandy. This aerial has performed very well.

My other interests include model shipbuilding, radio-controlled boats, and astronomy. I have made several scale models of ships from the InterIsland Line. I have also built a radio-controlled boat using parts from a toy radio-controlled car. We use a 4-inch telescope for astronomy. There are excellent astronomy conditions in Ohai.