John Stenhouse – Profile

This profile was scanned from the March 1953 DX Times:

JOHN A. STEHHOUSE: “I suggest that the man who drew up this-form should apply for a job in the Government! ” is the postscript John Stenhouse, of 20 Anderson’s Bay Road, Dunedin, C.1., hon. auditor of the League, added to the questionnaire sent-to him. I suppose it is natural? for an auditor to add a footnote to a statement of accounts and by all accounts John balances on the credit side although he has not very much time at present for DX because of studies, etc… and etc covers a multitude of things for s young man of 21, 5ft 7in in height, with blue eyes and brown hair who replies to the question “Single”? by writing “Yes; sir” John started DXing in 1947 when he read an article by Arthur Cushen in a “Lamphouse Annual” and his first verification was VL6G Melbourne in June of that year while his first call of importance verified was KZGA Salzburg Austria. Of his verifications he likes ZS6JS (20m),VE4KN, OS4DJ (80m) and figured his most interesting is VK1AA on board “Wyatt Earp” off King George V Land in the Antarctica. He uses a 6-tube pro-war “Philco” and 120ft aerial 25ft high running N.E.-S.W. Broadcast DX is impossible because of the trams and he longs for a location free from man-made interference. He Joined the League on its inception uni has been a member of the N.Z. D.X Club and I.S.W.C (London). He has held the positions of vice-president and logkeeper in the Otago branch. He was born, bred and lived all his life to date in Dunedin and is proud of it. His occupation is audit clerk for a firm of public accountants…and John we know Dunedin will be proud of you someday.