A Century Of 100 Watters

From the July 1935 issue of “Tune In”.


Once again time comes for reflections over a month’s DX, and looking over the log book I am astonished to note I have been as industrious as the number of used pages suggests. Monitoring tests yielded WAML 1310; WPEN 920; KRKO 1370; WSGN 1310; KRMD 1310 and others. [How do you, get these past the Australians ?—Ed.] Again it was noticed that these stations were not keeping to the times scheduled. South Americans have been best with me about 1.30 p.m. when most of the powerful stations can be heard at a logable strength. My locality favours Chile. On the morning of June 3rd only two VK5s were heard, viz., 5MW and 5SL. I notice that Chinese frequencies are changing rapidly and calls do not always coincide with the frequencies in ‘Radio Calls.’ This accounts for supposedly weak stations coming in at great strength. Two nights ago I heard a Japanese station on 1040 kc so listened out of curiosity for his closing call, which to my surprise was JOAK1. Let’s hope these stations are not going to be ‘Jumping beans.’ Are you sure this was not a relay of JOAK; Japanese stations often relay JOAK—Ed.] Verifications have been coming to hand steadily. Some catches are HHK WNEL WEXL KSUN KIEM WBBL WAAF. As I write a special is coming in from America at R7 on 745 kc. The call has not yet been decided, the fly in the ointment being poor QSA. I will write next month who he is. In the last mail I received three 100 watt verifications which has brought my total of 100 watters up to the century. Am I first there? Congratulations to the Editors on the cherry tone of our DX journal.— ‘Domini’ (Moeraki)

Note: From other entries in “Tune In” it is likely to be RA127 who remains nameless at time of writing.

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