An International Log from a NZ DXer.

From; THE AUSTRALIAN RADIO WORD, Page 46, September 1, 1937.

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An International Log

Bill Marsh (Snr.)

A few words about dxing in New Zealand. VK’s on 20 metres have been coming in well for the last three months, and very seldom were signals less than Q5, R8-9. A few of the best were VK’s 4JU, 2XU, 2ADE, 2HF 2MH, 3AL, 2IQ, 3ZL, 5GM, 5AW and a few others, the best tone for  music being VK5GM and 3AL. VK2XU and 4JU have the best all-round transmitters. My set does not go down to 10 metres, but I can receive VK2GU, 3WB and a few others on harmonics. There are a few ZL’s on 10 and 5 metres, but have not beard any yet.

I am building a 5-10 metre receiver, so I will be looking for VK stations. “W” hams on 10 m come in at good volume over here. During the past two months I have logged and reported to 130 W’s 5XE’s, 6CE’s, 120 VK’s, 4 ON’s, 8 K6’s, 18 VE’s, 8 J’s, 10 F’s, 2 ZE’s, 8 KA1’s, 4 CT’s, 5 TI’s, 4 VP9’s, 6 PK’s, 6 PAOs, 15 LU’s, 3 ZP’s, 4 K7’s, 8 K4’s, 2 ON’s, 2 CX’s, 6 CO’s, 3 XU’s, 6 PY’s and 3 HA’s. All were received on speaker of eight-valve Patterson. My aerial is 200 feet long with lead-in in the centre, direction, n,w.-s,e. — W. Marsh, Otago, New Zealand.

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