American Expeditionary Broadcast Band Stations 1946


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AES Stations on the Broadcast Band in 1946.


Foreign to the soldiers of World War 1., but well known and much appreciated by our troops today, are the numerous radio stations installed at centres throughout the “fighting” world, wherever reasonably large numbers of Allied men and women may be stationed. Many such stations in the Pacific war zone have been heard in Australia, as well as others in Europe; nor do we forget the various United Nations’ radio stations on the short-waves.

DX’ers will be interested in the information we are able to supply about some of these stations.

Wireless telegraphist Geoff Woods sends us the following list of AEF transmitters, as an official list seen recently.

The following stations are at present operating in the New Guinea area, controlled by the Information and Education section of the U.S. Army, Far East Headquarters, Los Angeles, Calif., U.S.A. The transmitters employ a power of 50 watts. Reports addressed to the controlling office referred to above, or the stations themselves (station addresses are shown when know) may be verified:—

WVTA, 1323ko., APO, 322, Aitape; WVTB, 1480kc.; WVTC, 1480kc., Milne Bay; WVTD, 1400kc., Admiralty Islands; WVTE, 1400kc,; WVTF, on 1400kc., also: WVTG, 1480kc., according to Mr. Woods’ list, whilst Mr. GiIlespie hears WVTG on 1450kc., APO, 920; WVTH, 1420kc,. Lae; WVTI, 670kc., Bougainville; WVTJ, 1250kc.

In a recent issue we listed for you the stations in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. We repeat this here to make the information on this page as comprehensive as possible. Watch for; WXLE, 1320kc., Eniwetok, APO, 771; WXLG, 1430kc., Kwajelein, in the Marshalls. In the Gilberts, WXLH, 1400kc., Makin; and WXLF, 1340kc., Tarawa. Listen for Munda on 1250kc.

The ABC station at Moresby, 9PA, is reported by Mr. Doug Sanders to be running 500 watts, not 250 as a short time ago. 9PA is operating still on 1250kc., the proposed change to 1210kc. not yet having taken place. RAAF Radio, 1130kc. is operating now from Madang, says Mr. Woods, having moved from its original location at Milne Bay. This station was one year old on Anniversary Day, 1945, by the way. An interesting station, listed by Mr. Woods, is the Australian Army station, at Lae, on 1340kc. Nothing more is known about this unit.

It will be noticed that, in several cases, we find more than one AEF station operating on the same channel. It may be a little difficult to identify the station to which one is listening, when the receiver is tuned to channels such as 1400kc., 1340kc., &c.

Perhaps the strongest AEF station heard in Australia is the Noumea unit, on 965kc. Heard well at night, around 7 to 9 pm, and in the mornings, from opening at 5 o’clock. The stations at Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, 1045kc., at Guadalcanal, 730kc., and at Auckland, New Zealand, 1250kc., may also be heard around 5 am, and at night. Reports to Noumea are usually acknowledged.

The AEF station of the British Broadcasting Corporation on 583kc., has also been heard in this country, reaching fair strength around 6 am. Listen preferably on Sunday, when 3WV, Horsham, 580kc. is off the air.

 PS: After reading Mr Cushen’s notes to a recent copy of the “NZ Radiogram,” we gather that the American authorities have handed back to the NZ National Broadcasting Service the Auckland station which they have been using for the entertainment of the armed forces in the area. This station 1ZM operates on a frequency of 1250kc.

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