Broadcast Band Log from 1931


From the New Zealand Herald, Volume LXVIII, Issue 20938, 30 July 1931, Page 15.


With reference to DX loggings Mr. S. Beard, of 239, Great North Road, Grey Lynn, writes as follows:-

I was particularly interested in the radio notes published on July 16, especially the log submitted by Mr. A. Satchell, of Northcote, which he states was received on an eight-valve set. My aerial is 80ft. in length and 40ft. high. I am using a locally-built four-valve battery set (no screen grid) and my log for four months comprises the following American stations:— “KGO, KFI, KPO, KNX, KFAR, California; WTAM, WLW, Ohio; KMOX, St. Louis, Missouri; WABC, New York City; KVCO, Tulsa, Oklahoma; WHDH, Boston, Massachusetts; WFAA, WOAI, Texas, WENR, Chicago, Illinois; KJR, Seattle, Washington; and KZRM, Manila, Philippine Islands.

Other loggings are:—JFAK, JODK, JOCK, JOGK, JOAK, JQAK, JOFK, JOIK, all Japanese; XOL, Tientsin, China; and HSPI, Bangkok, Siam.

In addition to the New Zealand stations and the principal Australian stations the following transtasman B stations were logged:— 2GB, 2ME, 2UE, 2KY, Sydney; 2AY, Albury; 2MO, Gunnedah; 2NG, Newcastle; 3UZ, 3BO, 3DB, 3BY, 3EF, 3KU, 3GC, 3AR, 3KZ, 3GL, Victoria; 4BC, 4RK, Queensland; 5KA, 5AD, 5CL, Adelaide; 6WF, Perth; 7ZL, Hobart; and 7LA, Launceston, Tasmania.

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