DX Slice Recipe

Extract from Southland DX Digest August 1956

RECIPE FOR DX SLICE or Good slice of DX

INGREDIENTS: 6 or 7 valves, 1 9” speaker, 1 well Calibrated dial, 1 log book and pencil and 1 pinch of slight Static (to suit your taste!)

METHOD OF MIXING: Stir the whole lot together making sure that the static is well at the bottom, & shake vigorously. (This will ensure that everything is working properly.)

COOKING: Place the mixture in a hot place around 1400 and allow it to simmer slowly. During this part of the procedure it would be as well to listen intently in case some of the small U.S. raisins come to the top!

RESULTS: After cooking for about 3 hours, write to the Engineer of 2YX, Wellington. He will pass your Recipe on to the Manager of 2YA (who is a cousin to the half brother of Aunt Daisy) Within three weeks your mess will turn into 1 crisp verification. Scim the verification off the top, then throw out the other five ingredients mentioned above.

(After only cooking 2YX, your temper should enable you to buy a new set, as you find that you had cooked your Goose, having baked 2YX some months before.

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