Ever Wondered What Radio Kiribati Sounds Like?


Radio Kiribati QSL card

Then click on this link on Paul Walker’s On Air DJ website.

In a posting to the MW DX user-group, Paul comments:

‘For your listening pleasure, another aircheck/recording of Radio Kiribati AM 1440. Operating with 10,000 Watts from about 1000 miles south of Hawaii.

I got another aircheck on CD via regular mail today and thought I’d share it with others.
Here’s the link to the 50 minute recording:
http://www.onairdj.com/RadioKiribati_1440Khz_August2013.mp3Radio Kiribati only does one hour of english programming each night at 6pm.

A few notes of interest from my point of view…..To a person like me who isn’t up on languages, it sounds as if the Kiribati language has some hints of some Asian language like Japanese/Chinese almost.

When they go from Kiribati language programming, there isn’t any kind of large break to break it up a bit.. they separate the two by just a quick bit of bed music. The bed music almost sounds like something from the “Titanic” movie.

When they do english programming, Radio Kiribati plays just almost entirely country music. Of all american music.. country, pop, rock and roll or contemporary pop, it seems that country seems is the most popular. At least that’s what I gather from my contact with stations in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean areas. Station Managers in Nauru, Federated States Of Micronesia & Saint Helena have all told me country music is HUGE there.


Paul Walker”

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