KVTK Bites the ah.. Grass

Listeners to KVTK-AM of Yankton, South Dakota,
were recently without the station for a few
days. This is because an accident caused the
stations broadcast tower to fall to the ground.

The tower, which was 309 feet tall, was situated
in the middle of what was described as a small,
grassy field located about five miles west of the
town of Vermillion. Reportedly, a man cutting
the grass Monday afternoon June 10th clipped one
of the tower’s guy-wires, causing it to collapse
shortly after 4 p.m. local time.

Engineers and other staffers of Five Star
Communications, which also owns KVHT-FM,
reportedly worked quickly to find the best way to
begin broadcasting again after their tower
collapsed. According to press reports the
station was back in operation from a temporary site on
Friday, June 14th.

A small building located a short distance from
the tower’s base was not damaged, as the
collapsing metal snaked its way around the
structure without striking it. Thankfully, no
one was injured in the mishap.

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