Navtex DX

David Headland of Maheno (near Oamaru) has been dabbling in receiving Navtex signals. So, what are are they?

Navtex stations exist to provide shipping with weather and navigational information. They operate on 490kHz and 518kHz. Its a digital mode transmission and you’ll need some software. David recommends a program called “YAND” – Yet Another Navtex Decoder.

You’ll also need a receiver capable of picking up 490 & 518kHz and a cable from your receiver’s Line Out or headphone jack plugged into your PC’s sound card.

To find out even more, like stations, schedules etc Mark Hattam has an excellent site at DXRadio. There are more software decoders and all you need to know really.  

David has provided this Navtex Guide and a couple of samples below of Navtex signals to whet your appetite!  He comments that we’re pretty lucky in this part of the World because neither Australia or New Zealand have Navtex stations.

Navtex New Orleans

Navtex Puerto Rico

If you succeed in hearing and decoding a Navtex signal, please let us know in the Comments box below.

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