New Clandestine Station On Air

There is a new clandestine targeting Ethiopia on the bands, DimTsachin Yisema. Their political motivation is to support Ethiopian Muslims. An item on the ECADF Forum explains something of political situation regarding Muslims in Ethiopia.

You can hear and announcement in Amharic with identification and frequencies on this audio page.

Here is their sked via SW DX Bulgaria.

New clandestine station via BRB (former TDP)
BELGIUM(non) Some changes of BRB (former TDP) stations:
Dimtsachin Yisema, new station
1930-2000 on 15165 “secret transmitter” to EaAf Amharic from 15150 to 15180
Different frequencies, in different days and different weeks as ESAT Radio:
Dimtsachin Yisema: ESAT Radio 1700-1800
Thu July 18 on 15155 Thu July 18 on 15390
Fri July 19 on 15165 Fri July 19 on 15375
Sat July 20 on 15175 Sat July 20 on 15360
Sun July 21 on 15150 Sun July 21 on 15380
Mon July 22 on 15160 Mon July 22 on 15365
Tue July 23 on 15180 Tue July 23 on 15385
Wed July 24 on 15170 Wed July 24 on 15370
Transmissions are jammed by Ethiopia with broadband DRM-like white noise.

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