On Air – A History of BBC Transmission

bbcqslA book titled On Air – A History of BBC Transmission is now available for
free download from the BBC Engineering website.

On Air celebrates a lifetime of achievement in the world of broadcast
transmission engineering and includes many anecdotes from the lives of people
involved. The idea for On Air came about back in 1997 when BBC Transmission
was privatized. Prior to that happening BBC Transmission delivered programs
to listeners and viewers for 75 years using a vast network of engineering

On Air – A History of BBC Transmission is both the human and technical story
of how these shows reached the BBC audience. It was also the end of an era
and a natural point for reflection on past achievements. As such it resulted
in a book of some 80,000 words, edited by Norman Shacklady and Martin Ellen
that is available in pdf format at tinyurl.com/the-bbc-book

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