From the Evening Post, Volume CXVIII, Issue 118, 15 November 1934, Page 23

In “Radio News and the Short Wave,” an American publication appeared, in a recent number, a paragraph expressing warm appreciation of the New Zealand DX Radio Association:—

“The New Zealand DX Radio Association is an up and coming club with a rapidly-growing membership. Organised to further the interest of New Zealand DX’ers, it nevertheless should be of interest to DX fans throughout the world if for no other reason than to keep up to date on information concerning the stations ‘down under’ through the medium of the fortnightly organ which this association publishes. This little paper, called “Tune-in,” contains a variety of information concerning stations all over the world but of special interest to American DX’ers is the information concerning the Australasian stations – hot off the grid, and authentic. For fans who expect to shoot for these stations when the season rolls around again, such information will be decidedly helpful. There are other service features offered also. For instance, members may submit letters requesting verifications from Chinese stations to the club and there have them properly addressed in Chinese and forwarded to the desired stations.

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