Solomon Islands New Frequency

From Martin Hadlow:

My Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation contacts advise me that the SIBC has been testing a new (Japanese supplied) transmitter on 6080 kHz. This is part of a plan to provide better national radio coverage in the event of a natural disaster, such as a tsunami. The SIBC has been testing in October and more recently in November. There have already been YouTube stories about the new frequency:
The SIBC is keen to hear from listeners as to whether the signal is getting out widely so please e-mail them if you hear the new frequency. No doubt there will be problems given that Radio Australia is also on 6080 kHz…not to mention several other stations.
Feedback fron Bryan Clark, Mangawhai: Yes Martin, have been monitoring over recent weeks to establish the sign-on time, given that 9545 usually closes abruptly at 0501 UTC.
One night they appeared on 6080 about 0607 UTC, another night they were there at 0525 check.
Understand they should change to 6080 immediately after 9545 closure but yet to confirm that’s definite.
They usually override the co-channel Brazilian.
Very good signal by 0800 and then at 0900 they are clobbered by RA’s Papua New Guinea Service – though still audible underneath, parallel to 5019.88kHz.

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