From the Ellesmere Guardian, Volume XLVII, Issue 3316, 23 April 1929, Page 6.

In breezy Australian language a Brisbane paper offers some advice to the wireless fraternity:—

Loud speakers were not meant to blow tiles off roofs. Do not try to.

Do not regenerate unto others because you would not like others to regenerate unto you.

Do not strike matches on your panel. The piano is much better.

After you have rendered Yes, We, etc., etc. “”It Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo,” and other classics on your detector tube, do not go round to your DX friend in the next street and ask him if he liked them, that is, unless you can run.

Soldering flux was not meant to annoint radio sets. Do not leave it smeared round yours.

Do not laugh when you are in a shop and someone comes in for a filament for a 201A or a vernier for his transformer. Remember, they used to pull your leg once.

Do not use more than three stages of A.F. unless you want your set to sound like two elephants doing eurhythmics on the tin roof of a boiler factory.

Do not get disgusted and give your set to the kids to make a billy cart of (condenser dials make excellent billy cart wheels) because the man next door tells you he pulled in a station on one tube, that you cannot get sitting on all four. You may be as good a liar as he.

Do not put everything except your shaving mug on the panel of your set. The less unnecessary junk you use the more distance you cover.

Do not test asthmatic B batteries across your valve filament. Buy a new battery—it is cheaper.

Do not drop valves on the table or the floor when you take them out of the set. Once may be alright, but 99 out of 100 times usually results in the decease of a perfectly good toob.

Do not handle your set the same way as you do the lawnmower. Treat ’em gentle—they work better.

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