A Radio Wedding


From August 1938 issue of


The marriage of Miss Milli-Amp to Mr. Micro Farad is the talk of the Radio World. The bride belongs to the well-known Current family and the groom is also popular. The bride’s father, Mr. A. C. Current, gave his daughter away, and her sister, Miss Uni Current acted in the capacity of bridesmaid. The reception, which was held at the home of the bride’s parents, was very successful. Miss Xmitter gave an exhibition of the “Frequency Creep” and also rendered a song – “Wobulation”. This turn upset things a little and there was a rush to the busbar, where the groom became a fixed condenser. After an overload of juice, his di-electric gave way and he collapsed in a short-circuit. This unfortunate accident was the cause of the reception being damped out. The couple left on a kilocycling Tour and we extend our best wishes to the couple.

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