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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s an FSL!


Remember the good old ferrite loopstick antenna? Well, the FSL (ferrite sleeve loop) is a loopstick on steroids.  Gary DeBock is one of many hobbyists who have been experimenting with these imposing antennas, sort of the boat anchor of aerials! His interesting article appears on Colin Newall’s dxer.ca site.


Origins of DXing in New Zealand

Barry Williams wrote “The Origins of DXing in New Zealand” for the DX Times supplement in 2008, marking the DX League’s 60th anniversary.

This well-written and researched article is now posted here.

In the Market for a New “Pre-loved” Receiver?


In New Zealand, the majority of used shortwave radios are bought and sold via the on-line auction site TradeMe.

But which of them are cherries and which are lemons? There is a useful guide on the dxing.com website. The list of receivers rated appear on this list. The receivers ratings using ‘H’s instead of stars, seem to reflect general opinion as far as the tried and true experience of NZ DXers goes, with one exception. The Yaesu FRG7 receives a top-rank, however they pale in comparison to the actual performance of even some HHH rated sets.

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