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China Radio’s Tamil Service Marks Golden Anniversary


In these days when we’re faced with shortwave stations closing down, it is refreshing to know that some international broadcasters continue to defy the pundits. And so it is that the Chinese international broadcaster (Radio Peking, Radio Beijing, China Radio International) is now celebrating its 50th year of broadcasting in Tamil.

Here is the whole story from the IBN Live website.

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In the Market for a New “Pre-loved” Receiver?


In New Zealand, the majority of used shortwave radios are bought and sold via the on-line auction site TradeMe.

But which of them are cherries and which are lemons? There is a useful guide on the dxing.com website. The list of receivers rated appear on this list. The receivers ratings using ‘H’s instead of stars, seem to reflect general opinion as far as the tried and true experience of NZ DXers goes, with one exception. The Yaesu FRG7 receives a top-rank, however they pale in comparison to the actual performance of even some HHH rated sets.

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WLW Cincinatti 500,000 Watts



That’s not a mis-print… WLW had a 500kW transmitter on the MW band in 1934.

For many of us, WLW was the first Ohio station we ever heard. Here, thanks to K7AGE, is a Youtube presentation on the history of this iconic US broadcaster.

The following comment comes Barry W9UCW from the Topband reflector: