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Here we present a list of all known stations in the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s network. This list may be of interest to our WA DX’ers particularly, as several stations from South Africa have been logged in that State.

Best listening time for these stations in WA is from around midnight till about 5.30 am WA time, and In the Eastern States, listen around 5.00 am AEST.

560 kc., Grahamstown, No. 1.

600 kc., Capetown No. 1.

620 kc., Bloemfontein. No. 2.

645 kc., Johannesburg, No. 1.

668 kc., Pretoria, No. 1.

697.7 kc., Pietermaritzburg. No. 1.

749.6 kc., Durban, No. l.

780 kc., Johannesburg, No. 2.

808.6 kc., Bloemfontetin. No. 1.

880 kc., Capetown, No. 2,

952.38 kc., Pretoria, No. 2.

1359 kc., Kimberley, No. 1.

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